Psychophysics = The Physics of the Future

This is a book review I wrote for the Pythagorean Illuminati’s amazing book titled: “Psychophysics”.  If you would like to read this profound book for yourself, please click on this link:

Without further ado, here is the review:

I was recently flipping through some television channels while house sitting when I ran across a science show called “Hacking the Universe”. The show was hosted by scientific materialist extremist Brian Cox and the show’s title even further betrayed its scientific materialist bias. The title “Hacking the Universe” implies that this vast, profound, living, mental, transcendental mathematical organism that we all inhabit and refer to as “the universe” is nothing more than a machine that can be “hacked” into for knowledge. Even though I vehemently disagree with the philosophy/religion of scientific materialism, I decided to watch the show anyway. This was a big mistake on my part.

Not even five minutes into the show, Brian Cox was sitting outside pontificating to the camera about the origins of consciousness in the universe. I watched Cox give his audience one of the most irrational “explanations” that I have ever heard as to how consciousness came into the universe. His “explanation” is the same one that all scientific materialists use and it goes something like this: mind, life, and consciousness arose in the universe randomly, from the way that random collections of mindless, lifeless, machine atoms randomly run into each other. In other words, Cox and his materialist ilk invoke randomness to explain the universe and everything in it. There is one problem though, randomness doesn’t explain anything at all, it is a total non-explanation. I have no idea what nonsense Cox spouted throughout the rest of the show because, after his absurd comments on consciousness, I turned the television off.

The truly frightening thing is that this show, and many other scientific materialist shows just like it, spew out an unending flow of this scientific materialist diarrhea of the mind and a huge number of people, unthinkingly and unquestioningly, lap it right up. Just like all other religious believers, these people uncritically absorb whatever their scientific materialist high priests ( i.e. Brian Cox, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, etc.) tell them to. This has to stop. Scientific materialism–like all other religions, ideologies, philosophies, theories, creeds, morals, ethics, etc.–must be exposed to the light of reason.

If you aren’t already enthrall to scientific materialism or some other type of religion, then you have a critical question to ask yourself. Not only must you ask yourself this question but you must answer it for yourself as well. Nobody else can answer this question for you. In fact, when you think about this question and your answer to it, it would be best if you forgot anything and everything you might have heard during your life concerning this question. The crucial question that must be asked and answered by you is this: Does matter originate from mind or does mind originate from matter? Absolutely everything hinges on this single question, so you must think long and hard about it. Think about it as rationally as you can. Think about a solution to this question that avoids as many contradictions and inconsistencies as you possibly can. If, after a lot of deep, clear thinking, you come to the conclusion that mind originates matter, then you might be receptive to the future oriented, hyperrational, scientific idealist philosophy of ontological mathematics, also known as Pythagorean Illuminism.

If you aren’t familiar with who the Pythagorean Illuminati are, what they stand for, and what they’re working to accomplish, then you need to begin reading the books by the preeminent authors: Adam Weishaupt, Michael Faust, and Mike Hockney as soon as possible. You could also check out the Pythagorean Illuminati’s huge website (also entirely written by these same three amazing authors) at: In a nutshell though, the Pythagorean Illuminati are working tirelessly to bring about a New World Order based, 100%, on the sole thing that no sane person could, or would, ever argue with, namely reason; i.e. hyperrational ontological/transcendental/monadic mathematics. If you are honestly interested in the Truth of your soul and, by extension, the Truth of the universe, then you need to begin your studies in Pythagorean Illuminism/Ontological Mathematics today by picking up your first Illuminist book on Amazon.

If you’ve been reading the Illuminati’s books up to this point, then you already know that this newest book–“Psychophysics”–is essential reading for us neophyte Illuminists. In this book, the Illuminati show us the need for a brand new type of physics; a physics predicated on the necessary mind rather than on contingent “matter”. This new type of physics is titled psychophysics, and it will completely revolutionize humanities understanding of itself and the universe in which it finds itself. Psychophysics rectifies ALL of the myriad irrationalities strewn about conventional physics by placing an eternal, non-sensory, 100% mathematical Singularity at the exact center of the spacetime universe. This Singularity is none other than the Cosmic Mind, and it’s this very mind which gives the universe an exact, objective framework (unlike the relative framework scientific materialism conveys) in which we–autonomous single minds–can run around in, and cause all of the mischief that we so enjoy causing.

The first half of “Psychophysics” deals with scientific materialism in general and Einstein’s special theory of relativity in particular. Via hypperrational ontological mathematics we, as readers, get to enjoy witnessing the Pythagorean Illuminati’s complete intellectual deconstruction and refutation of Einstein’s special theory of relativity, the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, and all of the other irrational and insane “theories” of science. The Illuminati refute and disprove all of these scientific materialist theories so rigorously, elegantly, and efficiently that you will be left wondering how anybody in the world could be silly enough to have ever taken them seriously.

The second half of “Psychophysics” takes us on a journey through the the beautiful intellectual universe of philosophical idealism and panpsychism. Historically, panpsychism and idealism provided a necessary challenge to scientific materialism and, with a proper mathematical makeover, these amazing philosophies could pose a real threat to the control that the scientific materialist establishment has over the intellectual future of humanity in the present day.

Not only do we get to learn much more about the amazing philosophical systems of the three great German idealist philosophers Fichte, Schelling and Hegel, but we also get introduced to some lesser known (but still great) philosophers such as Ernst Haeckel, Eduard von Hartmann, Johann Friedrich Herbart (compare his philosophy of “reals” with the sinusoidal waves of Illuminism), Friedrich Ernst Daniel Schleiermacher, Gustav Theodor Fechner, and many others. All of these philosophers were much closer to the ontological mathematical Truth of existence than any autistic scientific materialist, and they should all be remembered for their contributions to discovering the Truth of existence.

I enjoyed “Psychophysics” tremendously. This book, along with all of the books by the Pythagorean Illuminati, will change the world. Make no mistake, these books are the future. There are no other books like them. The bottom line is this: If you want to be part of humanities grand, hyperrational, ILLUMINATED future, then you MUST read and study these books; if, on the other hand, you’d prefer to adhere to any one of the many failed religions, philosophies, or ideologies of our botched past and to go extinct like the dinosaurs, then please, ignore these books and go on about your business. And to those of you who choose not to read these books, don’t worry, when the time inevitably comes that you realize your extreme mistake, the current cycle of the universe will be at its appointed end and you will be able to restart your journey towards Illuminism all over again; hopefully you’ll be a bit more rational the next time around.


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