Transcendental Mathematics VS. Transcendental Empiricism

Here is a link to the profound book–“Transcendental Mathematics”– by Mike Hockney, followed by some thoughts I had about this amazing book:

Transcendental Mathematics VS. Transcendental Empiricism

Would you like to become a more intelligent person? If your answer is yes, then the books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati (i.e. the authors: Mike Hockney, Michael Faust, and Adam Weishaupt) are the books for you. I’m dead serious when I say that I’ve learned more from reading these books for just a few short years than I did during the entirety of my life prior to finding these amazing books. You see, within these books are contained all of THE ANSWERS to life’s deepest and most profound questions. I wrote “the answers” in caps because I want to emphasize that these books contain the actual, definitive, precise, analytic, a priori, eternal, rational, Ontological Mathematical answers to existence; this means that these books contain the True answers to existence, i.e., the ONLY answers to existence. I’m using the word “answers” to show that ALL of life’s most profound question are answered in these books but, as you read and study these books for yourself, you will soon discover that the word I should be using is the word “answer” in its singular form, not its plural form. There is only ONE answer to life, mind and everything and that answer is known as The God Equation, i.e. Ontological Mathematics, i.e. ILLUMINISM.

This book – “Transcendental Mathematics” – is the newest addition to the most profound series of books EVER to be written. This book series is titled “The God Series” and it’s written by the Pythagorean Illuminati. If you’re unfamiliar with who the Illuminati are, what they stand for, and what they’re striving to accomplish, then you must read these books as soon as you can. You can also check out the Illuminati’s vast website at: This site is absolutely packed with True Knowledge and it will also teach you about the history of this enigmatic secret society. In a nutshell though, the Illuminati are working to bring about the advent of a new world predicated on Hyperreason. What is Hyperreason? Hyperreason is all about knowing the True workings of the Universe and using that profound Knowledge to design and build a human society that reflects, 100%, these True Universal workings. We truly can build a heaven on Earth that perfectly reflects the modus operandi of the Universe; in fact the Illuminati have already designed this type of a society, it’s called Meritocracy and it’s now our collective task as rational people to effectuate the design.

If you haven’t read any of “The God Series” I wouldn’t start with this book. This is the 25th title in “The God Series” and – even though the authors do an excellent job at recapitulating the key aspects of Ontological Mathematics in each and every book in the series – I personally think you should begin with book 1 of “The God Series”, titled “The God Game”, and then proceed by reading the books in the order the authors intended. Reading the books in this manner will help you understand the entirely unique information contained within them.

Once you begin studying these books you will quickly come to the realization that these are the only books that you truly need. These books take every single ideology humanity has ever invented and exposes them all to the light of Hyperreason. Hyperreason destroys ideologies that contain too many irrationalities and it rectifies ideologies that contain enough rational aspects to be salvaged. Hyperreason fixes everything. This is why these are truly the only books (along with books on mathematics of course) that we as rational people need. The authors of these books are saving us all from a tremendous amount of work by winnowing away and correcting every single irrationality contained within every single ideology and showing us the only True, Hyperrational ideology of Illuminism/Ontological Mathematics. As I said above, Illuminism is the only True ideology because it’s the ONLY ideology that reflects Hyperreason, i.e. the only ideology that reflects the True workings of the Universe.

This leads me into this newest book by the Pythagorean Illuminati – “Transcendental Mathematics”. Transcendental Mathematics is synonymous with Ontological Mathematics, Hyperrationalism, and Illuminism. Transcendental Mathematics is also a play on the name Immanuel Kant gave to his philosophy which he called Transcendental Idealism; as will be proven to you in this book, Kant should have termed his philosophy Transcendental Empiricism.

In “Transcendental Mathematics”, the Illuminati take the towering philosophical genius Immanuel Kant’s philosophy and they expose it to the light of Hyperreason. Once this is done, the Illuminati rectify all of the irrationalities contained within Kant’s system. With his irrationalities fixed up we find that his system, like all salvageable systems exposed to the light of Hyperreason, conforms to the system of Ontological Mathematics. This is because Ontological Mathematics is pure, unadulterated reason, and when all of the irrationalities are ironed out of any system it will ipso facto become Ontological Mathematics; this is as true of the beautiful systems of the philosophical geniuses of the past as it is for any system of thought.

I enjoyed this book immensely. Not only did it allow me to learn even more about Ontological Mathematics but I learned more about the philosophy of Immanuel Kant than I ever have previously. I enjoy reading and learning about the great philosophers of the past and Kant was definitely one of them. He was able to get close to Ontological Mathematics and, as the Illuminati show, his philosophy can be turned into Ontological Mathematics with a few mathematical adjustments. Like almost everyone else, Kant just didn’t fully understand the True, Ontological Mathematical nature of existence. Luckily for us humans living on contemporary Earth, the Illuminati have supplied us with this exact, Ontological Mathematical Truth of the Universe, and there should be no more confusion once all rational people discover, and begin studying, the material contained within these books. Once this scenario comes to fruition, humanity can finally begin its collective journey towards enlightenment.

The author’s of these books writing is better than ever in this book (and that’s saying a lot because their writing is ALWAYS preeminent). These three authors write at an unbelievable pace and at an unbelievable level of excellence, and we should all be striving to emulate their work ethic. They are truly the epitome of Meritocrats and teachers and I am grateful everyday for the work that they do and that I was able to discover their work. Everything you’ve come to love about these books continues in “Transcendental Mathematics” so, the bottom line is, if you’ve been reading these books up to this point then you’ve got to read “Transcendental Mathematics”, it will help you move one step closer to solving your own Transcendental Mathematical Equation and, ipso facto, it will move you one step closer to attaining Gnosis. If you haven’t been reading these books but are interested in them then simply purchase your first book in “The God Series” today and begin your journey to Ontological Mathematical Divinity; these books are that powerful.


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