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An essay I wrote after finishing “The War of the Ghosts and Machines” by Mike Hockney.  If you would like to read this profound book for yourself then click here:

Join The War Against The Machines:

If you haven’t been reading the books written by Mike Hockney, Adam Weishaupt, or Michael Faust, then you may be asking yourself how, exactly, you ended up here on Amazon looking at this curious book called: “The War of the Ghosts and the Machines”. Perhaps you arrived here because of the books subtly provocative name, or maybe it was the amazing artwork on the cover that spiked your curiosity. Whatever the case may be, you’re probably wondering what this book is all about. My goal, in writing this short essay, is to provide you with an inkling of what you’re in store for when you begin reading these amazing books.

The first thing you’ll notice is that this book is but a single component of a vast (28 book and counting) book series titled: “The God Series”. The core, fundamental premise laid out in this book series is that the universe, and absolutely everything in it, is 100% math. This is the exact reason why our contemporary mainstream scientific materialists use mathematics ALL of the time in their many failed attempts to describe the universe to us.

There is a simple reason why the scientific materialists of our day have been unable to provide the public with a Grand Unified Theory of Everything, and that reason is the second core premise of “The God Series”. The second profound premise is that mathematics (i.e. the universe and everything in it) is inextricably linked with a precise way of thinking; a precise way of understanding what it is that all of the equations, functions, and numbers of mathematics are Truly telling us about reality. This precise way of thinking, this philosophy of mathematics, was known throughout history as rationalism/idealism, but an even more powerful, modern name for mathematical thinking is given to us by the authors of “The God Series”; this name is hyperrationalism.

Hyperrationalism takes all of the previous thoughts, concepts, and systems of traditional rationalistic/idealistic philosophy and winnows away all of the inconsistencies and contradictions within them, leaving behind pure mathematical reason; pure Truth. Hypperationalism is exactly why scientific materialists can’t figure out what is going on in the universe, they’re simply using the wrong way of thinking, the wrong philosophy to understand the mathematical universe. Our contemporary scientists use the philosophy of materialism/empiricism to understand the universe. Materialism and empiricism are emphatically not the way to understand the Truth of mathematics and hence the Truth of the universe. Until scientists embrace hyperrationalism and the Truth of mathematics, they will forever flounder in the foggy, murky thinking of materialism and empiricism. But I digress.

Combining the first premise (all is math) with the second premise (mathematics has only one philosophy in which to understand it: hyperrationalism) brings us to what “The God Series” is truly all about: Ontological Mathematics. Ontological mathematics is the study of the ontology and epistemology of True mathematics, i.e. the study of how mathematics manifests itself as reality. Ontological mathematics is the True science of the universe and it is the only way for us humans to understand the universe and our place within it; this is what “The God Series” is all about.

First, “The God Series” shows us the ontological mathematical Truth of the cosmos, then it shows us how to redesign our society so that it perfectly reflects this cosmic ontological mathematical Truth. This is why “The God Series” spans many titles; these books are showing us how to revalue every single value of our world in terms of hyperrationalism and, if that value is found wanting, these books show us how to demolish it and reconstruct it in a hyperrational manner.

So, you can see that, in the end, these books are written for radicals with two burning desires: 1) the desire to once and for all understand the Truth of the universe and our place within it, and 2) the desire to change our section of the universe (i.e. Earth) into a perfect reflection of this universal Truth so that everyone can live in harmony. In other words, these books are written for serious people with serious desires and serious plans to effectuate those desires. If you aren’t a serious person then you should move along, these books aren’t for you. If, on the other hand, you do consider yourself a serious person who would like to contribute to the sacred cause of creating a better world for all, then “The God Series” might just be the books for you. Just understand that if these are the books for you, then your life will never be the same again.

If what I wrote above spikes your interest at all, then you should pick up your first book in “The God Series” today. You could very well start with any of them. The authors of these books are masters of ontological mathematics/hyperrationalism, and they do an excellent job in each and every book of catching the reader up to speed with the information taught in previous books. In my opinion though, I think you would be best served if you were to begin with the first book in “The God Series” titled “The God Game”. After “The God Game”, simply proceed by reading each subsequent book in the series. I think that reading the books in this manner will give you the best chance at being able to get a grasp on the entirely unique material presented in each book.

To supplement your understanding of “The God Series”, you should also give very high consideration to reading the works by Adam Weishaupt and Michael Faust. These books are written by the same authors as “The God Series” and they are all profound. Each and every book in the various book series written by Weishaupt and Faust will help you with your understanding of “The God Series”. Another avenue to supplement your studies of “The God Series” would be to check out the website: .  This site is also entirely written by the authors of “The God Series” and it will expand your mind in ways you never thought possible. These are all ways a serious person could get started with their studies in ontological mathematics.

As you read and absorb these books I can guarantee that you’re going to want to reignite your study of mathematics. You could go about your mathematics studies any way you see fit but to me, there is no better way for an autodidact to continue their mathematics studies than to check out the website: . This site is a completely free educational site and I could (and should) write a whole essay on how amazingly cool it is. Khan Academy needs to have the support of all rational people and it will repay that support with some of the best mathematics lectures I have ever seen. These lectures, and the exercises related to them, will take you all the way from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus.

As you can see, these books are entirely unique, you won’t find the information contained within them anywhere else. The bottom line is that this world is running out of time. Human irrationality has gotten completely out of control–the inmates truly are running the asylum. Rational people everywhere need to wake up, get angry, and join in the fight against irrationality. To begin, they need to read “The God Series”. “The God Series” is the hyperrationalist’s blueprint for changing the world. It puts all rational people on the same page as to what our main objectives are. So, if you’re a rational and serious person, pick up your first book in “The God Series” today, become a Pythagorean Illuminist, and join the only war that matters: The war against the machines.


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