Reason = The Savior Of The World

Reason.  The power that is signified by this word is the only thing that can save us (i.e. humanity) from self destruction.  There is one glaring problem though: contemporary humanity, in general, has almost no idea of what reason actually is, much less of how to cure our collective insanity with it.  Another way to put this is that most members of our species wouldn’t know reason if it came up and kicked them in the teeth.  This inability to properly comprehend reason has made the confused and bewildered herd of humanity highly vulnerable to a variety of pernicious propaganda; none more so than the propaganda of our modern day scientists.

Scientists are a strange subset of humanity that is obsessed with their senses.  They run around purporting to be highly rational people even though the senses have absolutely nothing to do with reason; if scientists ever bothered to read a book on basic philosophy, they would understand this.  In truth, our modern day scientists are nothing more than simple empiricists and materialists who use reason only to justify their dubious philosophical beliefs.  When reason contradicts their philosophy (which it always does) they simply perform an intellectual vivisection of reason (not unlike the kind they so enjoy performing on imprisoned non-humans) and force reason to fit with their dogmatic materialist/empiricist beliefs.

Scientists want the world to believe that they are clear thinking intellectuals who know how the universe works, when, in fact, they know nothing.  Scientists can’t tell humanity a single thing about the True workings of the universe precisely because they aren’t rational; they don’t understand the first thing about the philosophy of rationalism, namely, rationalism is the study of reason, and reason isn’t abstract, it is REAL.   You see, reason is an actual existent in the universe, in fact, once you begin to understand the Truth behind the word reason, you soon realize that reason is the ONLY existent in the universe; in other words: The universe is 100% reason.

So, I have just made the claim that the universe = reason and reason is the only True existent in the universe.  I also said that humanity, in general, has at best no understanding of reason, and at worst (in the case of our contemporary scientists), thinks it understands reason when in fact it only understands reasons eternal arch nemesis: the philosophy of empiricism.  Given all of this, it should become blindingly apparent that humanity must understand the Truth of reason if it wishes to not become extinct.  But how does humanity learn the Truth of reason?  That is where this book, “Science’s War On Reason”, and all of the books written by Mike Hockney, Adam Weishaupt, and Michael Faust come in to play.

“Science’s War On Reason” is the 31st book in the reality revealing book series known as “The God Series”. “The God Series” is a book series written by the Pythagorean Illuminati (who write under the pseudonyms of Adam Weishaupt, Michael Faust, and Mike Hockney).  As the name implies, the Pythagorean Illuminati’s origins go all the way back to the mathematical and egalitarian commune created by the great polymath and genius Pythagoras.  Pythagoras taught that all things come from numbers–i.e. that mathematics is literally all that exists–and his community revolved around this profound Truth.  This makes Pythagoras the world’s first True mathematician and the most important soul to incarnate on this planet.

Pythagoras hated the inequity, greed, selfishness, debauchery, cruelty, and corruption that was so prevalent in the world outside of his rational society, so, like any warrior would, he and his rational society fought back.  Because of this, Pythagoras and his commune were targeted for destruction by the kings of irrationality and corruption.  Carrying out the bidding of their decrepit masters, the pigs of Pythagoras’ day attacked his rational society and destroyed it.  The pigs then captured Pythagoras and murdered him.  Unfortunately this sad story is a common one among rational revolutionaries such as Pythagoras, but there is a silver lining, namely, some of Pythagoras’ students managed to escape and keep the torch of Truth burning.  The authors of “The God Series” are the successors of Pythagoras and his rational society, and they have taken the living mathematical philosophy of Pythagoras to its omega point and, ipso facto, have discovered the Truth of existence.

This brings me back to the True identity of reason, and how humanity must discover this Truth if we wish to bring an end to our collective insanity.  Reason exists ontologically as mathematics.  So, saying that reason is the only True existent is equivalent to saying that mathematics is the only True existent.  This philosophy is known as ontological mathematics (alternatively: transcendental mathematics, monadic mathematics, Leibnizian Science, psychophysics, hyperrationalism, and my favorite: Pythagorean Illuminism).

Mathematics/reason isn’t an empty abstraction as we’re all taught in prison, oops, I meant to type school.  Mathematics is the farthest you can get from an empty abstraction, it is quite literally the most Real thing you can get.  The universe is built by mathematics/reason.  Mathematics, True mathematics, exists ontologically as an infinity of sinusoidal (sine and cosine) energy waves.  Each of these waves corresponds to a number and each number brings with it something that a mind can experience.  The Pythagorean Illuminati often use the analogy of music (sound waves) to illustrate this point, and this analogy helped me get an idea of what is going on in the universe.  Just as all sound waves can be broken down to their constituent numbers, every single thing we can experience (our emotions, our intuitions, our thoughts, what we see, hear, taste, touch, smell, etc.) likewise exist as ontological numbers.

Mathematics exists in two domains.  Its primary (hence necessary) domain is a purely mental, dimensionless domain of absolute reason outside of space and time.  From this mental domain, a low energy aspect of mathematics ventures forth to create the holographic spacetime domain of “matter” (matter should more accurately be called collective thought).  From this spacetime domain, mathematics is eventually able to create vehicles (bodies) with which to explore the spacetime domain.  Via these bodies, mathematics gradually becomes self conscious and realizes itself for what it Truly is: an eternal, self solving, mathematical information system; a.k.a. a soul.

You read that correctly.  Mathematics is none other than the soul that religions so like to talk about.  But there is nothing mysterious or unknowable about the soul as so many religions would like you to believe.  The soul is 100% knowable because it’s 100% mathematics, the only subject that is 100% knowable, the only subject that constitutes True knowledge, and the only subject, if taught properly,  that is capable of saving this fallen and endarkened species known as humanity.

“Love” won’t save us.  “Tolerance” won’t save us.  Pacifism, non-violence, and “turning the other cheek” won’t save us.  Protesting won’t save us.  Activism won’t save us.  Scientific experiments won’t save us.  “Karma” won’t save us.  Some undefined, mystical “infinite oneness” won’t save us. Religion won’t save us.  A racist, sexist, homophobic, tyrannical torture god that orders fathers to murder their sons and daughters, and his legions of retarded worshipers certainly won’t save us.  Political parties and their respective, idiotic politicians won’t save us.  Celebrities won’t save us.  The parasites that greedily steal and hoard all of the world’s wealth and resources for themselves (a.k.a. rich people) won’t save us.  None of these has any chance of saving the world because each and every one of them is a product of sub-par human thinking; i.e., they are all a product of humanity’s inefficient and insufficient reasoning abilities, i.e. human irrationality.  No, only reason/mathematics can save us, which–seeing that mathematics/reason IS us–means that only we can save ourselves.

So, forget everything except reason.  Stop listening to charlatans (religious, scientific, political, or any other type), and listen to yourself.  We’ve all had a false consciousness installed inside of our mind by the powers that be.  We can call this false consciousness our irrational consciousness, or simply irrationality, and it’s our task to recognize this false consciousness and dismantle it so that our True consciousness can arise.  Once that True consciousness begins to stir from its long slumber on a collective level, humanity will finally realize that rational cooperation among all of humanity is the only True way forward.  Once this level is achieved, there will be no stopping reason from constructing heaven on earth, a True and hyperrational paradise where we can all live in harmony without fear.

This is why those of you out there who are still holding onto you reason must study the hyperrational philosophy of ontological mathematics/Pythagorean Illuminsm.  These books are the only books on this planet that reveal the Truth of mathematics = reason = existence.  They are the only books with the answers to all of humanity’s problems.  But, before the knowledge contained within them can be effectuated on large scale, many more people must become aware of them and begin studying them.  This can only happen if those of us who know about these books spread the word of them far and wide.

So, the bottom line is this: If you consider yourself a rational person who places mathematics above ALL and is disgusted by the inequity seemingly omnipresent on this planet, then you must study the work of the Pythagorean Illuminati (a.k.a. Adam Weishaupt, Michael Faust, and Mike Hockney).  Read, study, do your math, and let’s all become hyperrational warriors.  Let’s bring the fight right back to all of the irrational lunatics and let them know that their time on this planet has hit its expiration date.


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