Sam Harris or The Pythagorean Illuminati: Make Your Choice

A link to “The Sam Harris Delusion (The God Series Book 22)”, one of the most important, rational, and profound books ever written:

I used to own a mixed martial arts academy in Denver Colorado. The majority of the classes taught at the academy took place in the evening, so I wouldn’t get out of the gym until late at night and then I would drive home. My house was about an hour west of Denver, in the mountains of Colorado, so it was always a quiet, beautiful ride home. As the lights of the city receded, and all that was left was the amazingly clear Colorado night sky, I would begin to find my eyes wandering up to stare in awe at the moon and the stars (instead of on the road where they should have been). Every night I would find myself wondering about, thinking about, and asking that age old question: What does it all mean?

I never had any expectations of answering that question during my lifetime, but I would alway fantasize to myself that maybe I would find out the answer to that most profound of questions after death. I knew that if I could just answer that one question, I would be satisfied; even if the answer were to come after my time on this planet was done. As I said, this was all fantasizing on my drive home from work; I didn’t think anybody on this planet “knew what it all meant”, I sure as hell didn’t, so I resigned myself to continue with my everyday routine, and tried not to think too much about what was going on in the Universe, but every night my eyes would begin to wander to the stars again, and shortly after, the questions would start.

Little did I know, that not too far into the future, I would stumble onto an obscure website titled This website was unlike anything I had ever read before, and as soon as the first sentence of the homepage went into my mind, I knew my life would never be the same again.

You see, this website did something that, at the time, I thought was impossible: it answered not only the question of “What does it all mean?”, but it answered EVERY question I had pertaining to life and the Universe, and it answered innumerable questions that I never even thought to ask. The authors of this website answered everything, and they did so using mathematics, the only subject that can’t be argued with, the only subject whose answers are adamantine and 100% True.

Soon after I finished the last article on the website, the authors of the site began to release e-books that continued to open and blow my mind. The authors of that website are the same people who wrote this book, “The Sam Harris Delusion”, and nothing has changed; they continue to blow my mind and answer, or give me the tools to answer, every single question that pops into my head. I’m telling you all of this for a very simple reason, namely, I hope that other like minded people will see this review and begin reading the works of these three amazing teachers so that one day, we, as rational people, can all be on the same page in our thinking about society; at that point we can finally tear down this sham of a “world” and begin constructing a much better one (and by “better” I mean rational).

So, if you are a rational person (and by rational, I mean a person who places hyperrational ontological mathematics above ALL, and ALL most definitely includes the extremely dubious endeavor known as scientific materialism) who is serious about discovering the answer/answers to life, mind, existence, and everything, then you need to read the books written by The Pythagorean Illuminati as soon as possible. All you need to do to begin your amazing journey into hyperreason is purchase one of the books written by the authors Adam Weishaupt, Michael Faust, or Mike Hockney; you could also visit the remarkable website I was writing about earlier – If you’re like me, once you begin reading any of the works by these preeminent authors/teachers, you’ll be unable to stop.

Now, onto book number 22 of “The God Series”. This book is titled “The Sam Harris Delusion” and that title couldn’t have been more fitting. I was first introduced to the diseased thoughts of this guy, Sam Harris, through some of the other works by the Pythagorean Illuminati. One of their recent books that delves quite deeply into the autistic and nihilistic ideology of scientific materialism in general, and Sam Harris in particular, is book number 17 of “The God Series” titled “Free Will and Will to Power”. If you read “Free Will and Will to Power”, and enjoyed it, then you will be very happy to read “The Sam Harris Delusion”. If you’re like me, and are relatively new to the philosophy and the art of clear thinking (otherwise known as hyperrational ontological mathematics = Pythagorean Illuminism) then this book–“The Sam Harris Delusion”–and all of the other books written by these authors, will help you out immensely. If, on the other hand, your brain is infected by the pernicious religion of scientific materialism, then it would probably be best if you avoided any of the books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati. You (the scientific materialist) will NEVER understand these books (they’re FAR too rational for you); reading them will just ruin your day and cause you to post irrational, inane, and insane nonsense concerning the Pythagorean Illuminati’s books in your quest to keep other people from discovering them, reading them, and learning the profound knowledge contained within them for themselves.

In many of the books by the Pythagorean Illuminati, the authors will give the reader a quote from a philosopher, psychologist, mathematician, scientist, etc. After the quote, the authors will clarify what the quote actually means and then show what, if anything, was rational about that particular quote and what was irrational (a.k.a. garbage) about it. This helps me in two ways: 1) Before reading the Illuminati’s clarification of the quote, I try to see if I can discover what is rational and irrational about the quote, once I finish thinking about the quote, I then read the Illuminati’s clarification to see how close I got to picking out the irrationalities, this thought activity helps me to develop my reasoning abilities; 2) When a highly irrational thinker (such as Sam Harris) is being quoted, the Illuminati will clarify the insane quote, deconstruct it, and then refute it; reading their brilliant, superb, rigorous, and mathematical deconstruction/refutation gives me great practice at getting better at “understanding” irrational thinkers, it also helps me to see how intellectual masters in the art of clear thinking (hyperrationalism), such as these authors, handle those types of thinkers. In “The Sam Harris Delusion”, the authors give us a variety of Sam Harris quotes and “arguments” and then they effortlessly deconstruct, refute, and destroy every single one of them, and they do it all using the only thing that no rational person could argue with, namely Ontological Mathematics.

If you’re unfamiliar with Sam Harris and his ideas don’t worry, you’re not missing anything. He’s just another scientific/materialist/empiricist who denies that free will exists. You will learn all that you need to know about him and his ilk by reading “Free Will and Will to Power”, “The Sam Harris Delusion”, and all of the rest of the books in “The God Series”. Once you grasp and begin to understand the sophistry of Harris and scientists like him, you will quickly become immune to their insidious propaganda. “The God Series” will greatly assist you in that endeavor.

I often write about how witty and humorous these authors are. Well, if you’ve been reading and absorbing the works of these writers up to this point, then I think you will find “The Sam Harris Delusion” quite funny. When the ideas of somebody as irrational as Sam Harris collide with the hyperrational ontological mathematicians of the Pythagorean Illuminati, you know that someone is intellectually going down, and it’s not going to be the Illuminati. I found myself constantly reading the most bizarre quotes, ideas and arguments from Sam Harris throughout this book, and then laughing out loud when the Illuminati–in obvious shock about the sheer number of extreme irrationalities spewing from the mind of someone so seemingly educated–rationally and rigorously destroyed said argument. The book was a treat for me from beginning to end.

So, bottom line: “The Sam Harris Delusion”, along with all of the books by the Pythagorean Illuminati, needs to be read by all rational people on this planet. If you’re aware of these books and agree with them, then please start working to spread the word about them. The quicker we can get all rational meritocrats reading the works of the Pythagorean Illuminati, the quicker we can revalue all values and turn this repugnant old world order of irrationality into a beautiful, Illuminated, New World Order of reason and hyperrationalism.


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