1. Hi Brad, like you I stumbled on the AC website some years ago and it blew my mind. A lifetime (now in my late 60’s, a retired chemist) of searching and pondering the question “What is it all about?” via all the usual avenues had led to the proverbial life of quiet desperation. Until the writings of the authors on AC started the unfolding process. I had started a new romance with mathematics some 7 years ago when my son needed tutoring in mathematics as he was undertaking an Electronics Engineering degree without having much formal background and being a mature age student. My rusty calculus got a brushing up but when his course work moved on to things Fourier I was floundering. A bit of research and I intuitively felt that Fourier transforms had a lot more to say about reality than appeared in standard texts. I guess that was how Google sent me to the AC site. I devoured the many articles and the robust style of writing and total rationality soon overcame any reservations I had on the many topics they dealt with.
    The intimations of foul play and the eventual closure of the site was a massive blow. Meanwhile I deviated off into the empty waste lands of scientific materialism again …But Monsieur Fourier kept crooking his finger at me and I searched once more for the Illuminati writings. And so to Amazon, kindle and the eBooks which I am devouring. By the way, I have resonated with all your of responses and Aha! moments that you have documented along the way.
    Your reviews have been more than helpful and illuminating (OK,OK) and, as with your posts here, have filled in the gaps about what transpired with the attacks on AC and its authors, etc.
    So, thank you Brad for being a reliable compass in a treacherous sea of misinformation.

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment Richard, it made my day. I’m happy that my reviews for these profound books were able to help you out a bit. Your chemistry and mathematics expertise has to be a big help for understanding the Hyperrationalism of Pythagoreanism. I neglected my mathematics studies for too many years while I was competing in MMA, but am now thrilled to be studying again; Khan Academy has helped me out tremendously in this regard. I’m currently studying exponential and logarithmic functions and am loving it!

      I will continue working on this site, always with the goal in mind of helping other Rationalists (like you) find the works of Pythagoreanism/Ontological Mathematics. As you know, this world is in desperate need of healing and Rationalists are the only ones who can provide the remedy.

      I look forward to talking with you again Richard and thank you one more time for the positive comment, like I said, it made my day 🙂


  2. Any idea where I can buy “The Dunciads” by Brother Malus? It looks like amazon has banned the book apparently… also I wonder where one must find the newest ebooks published since the original 3 authors Hockney/Weishaupt/Faust are retired

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    1. “The Dunciad” isn’t available for purchase anymore and the Pythagorean Illuminati are no longer publishing books. I wish that I could help you out a bit more but I don’t have any information beyond this.

      It’s okay though. The over eighty books that they published prior to being attacked by idiotic right wing trolls provide the general public with more than enough information concerning ontological mathematics. These eighty books contain a lifetime’s worth of study and knowledge. I learn more and more everyday simply by reading them.

      Anyway, good luck with your studies and thank you for taking a bit of time to check out this blog 🙂


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