1. As the popular misquotation of Thoreau so aptly puts it: “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” Such has been my lot as I searched in vain for an understanding of ‘life, the universe and everything’ over the past 50 odd years since jettisoning Christianity (was raised a serious Catholic) in my early twenties. Strangely enough, it was Abraham being prepared to kill his son on orders from his God that tipped me out of the cart…Anyway, over the years I have amassed a modest library of nearly 2,000 books attesting to my search. Religion, psychology, mysticism, Eastern philosophies, New Thought, Mental Science, New Age, philosophy of science, and of course, as a scientist by training, many texts on mainstream and fringe science. In the latter category, quantum mechanics, relativity, neurosciences, consciousness studies and, of course, mathematics figure prominently. I devoured the TV/DVD documentaries by the likes of Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene, Brian Cox and their ilk. Increasingly, I found it was necessary to suspend rationality at some point in accepting the theses advanced by these authors and presenters. Unquestioned assumptions abounded, baseless ideologies were pushed, propaganda and spin doctoring were too often the name of the game. The ‘answers’ turned to proverbial ashes in the mouth.
    Along come a series of eBooks by the Pythagorean Illuminati authored (under pen names) by Mike Hockney, et al. The response of my rational, analytical mind has been a resounding YES. Finally, a basis for everything – ontological mathematics. Where have you been hiding?? As I have mentioned before, other factors drew me to a renewed association with mathematics in the past few years. A few Coursera online math courses, and of course the splendid Khan Academy, have generously provided free tuition. However, it is the ontological approach that provides the ultimate key and this is only offered by the Pythagorean Illuminati series. A Google search for ontological mathematics turns up next to nothing.
    The writing style of these books is lively. Every page seems to contain an ‘Aha!’ moment with insights and perspectives that shed light – in fact, illuminate – fundamental truths that are based on logic and rationality. There is so much food for thought that I have to put the text down every so often and digest the contents. It can literally be mind-blowing. My lifetime collection of books now look like toys in the intellectual sand pit. My whole library could be replaced by the eBooks by the Illuminati authors. So much so, that I recently purchased a tablet device to store and read these texts. I never thought I would go down that technology path at this stage of my life!
    As per your recommendation, I have gone back to the start of the God series and will work my way through them systematically rather than just picking random titles (the explicitly mathematical titles). It’s funny to think that I sought for years to understand the notion of a fourth (or higher) dimension for the repository of transcendent/soul phenomena when all the time it was zero dimension, or the dimensionless domain. Thanks to ontological mathematics.
    Thank you Brad and keep fighting the good fight.

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  2. Amazing post Richard. I don’t want to “should you” but I will anyway: Richard, you should start your own blog concerning Pythagoreanism and/or write some reviews for “The God Series” and the related books by Adam Weishaupt and Michael Faust. You’re an amazing writer, and your extensive education and intellectual background, as well as the HUGE fact that you were an actual scientist, gives you a perspective on Pythagoreanism that needs to be heard by other rational people. I really think that you would be highly effective at drawing other rational scientists to the banner of Pythagoreanism, and these are exactly the type of people we need if we want to create a movement of reason capable of changing this world.


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