1. Hi Brad, I look forward to reading “Mind and Life, Form and Content”.
    Your general comments on the impact of the God Series literally took the words right out of my mouth! This is the fourth time I have attempted to post a reply and every time I have found myself simply being an echo chamber. So, all I can say is “Well said!”

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  2. Yes it really feels that way now. Other books seem to have nothing to offer me with that “aha!” moment anymore. They’re more like mere footnotes now, or at most no more than supplementary booklets rather than a complete book. If there is such things as “taste” in books, and since all forms writings are the “food for thought”, once you study these books intently; they make other books taste bland by comparison (and some books taste more like poison, take the Abrahamic books for example).

    As you said, since now there’s no more than a handful of books, it’s really up to us now, the next generation that sprouts from of their effort to sow the seeds, to carry on with the writings. What they wrote is to be the golden standard, to which we can refer back to from time to time.

    If only there is a time-frame to refer to the moment before and after these books… Let that be year 1. Aleister Crowley had been trying to introduce a new calendar to refer to tbe time before and after his revelation of AL. So does the French Revolutionary Government many years before him. We too should refer the moment after these books as our first year, as well.

    A new year, a new beginning.

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