1. I know, this is a shameful question, considering that I am not really a newcomer at this, but still, how can I contribute?

    Knowing the chronology of the Pub, one must truly consider it as having no future. Even though I staggered and doubted about what had unfolded for some time, and starting to consider the impossibility of any real changes could emerge, it is impossible not to be inspired by the current group’s dynamism, given the stark difference of setting a limitation to time in order to be able to measure activity, and then comparing the gap between my current ability and the current group’s, makes me uneasy. How can I just stand still while people are going beyond further and further? There has to be some change within me if I am to close the difference. That is what I had in mind now.

    Further shaming myself, is the fact that I had not been able to be the bigger player in effecting changes until now. I know for sure now one must be unbending in determination while staying open to engage with different maneuvers immediately as necessary. I had been doing the opposite so far, and I should change that now.

    As of now, I am remembering the math skills I learned from school, so as to have a thorough and internalized understanding of Ontological Mathematics. I also am going far away from my hometown later in the year, to give birth to the seed within me, in an environment unfamiliar, so as to stay away and not engaging further with the overly-familiar.

    I know that promising anything at all is worthless, so I don’t do that, but delivery is still the most important thing. Nothing works without being put into execution, and that is the only way the best of plans are made to happen.

    As for me, it’s a situation of burning bridges and succeed-or-die-trying. It can’t be further emphasized that I need to change beyond the recognition of my old self.

    In the end, only the fruits of one’s labors can make sure that one stays relevant in a meritocracy. Whether a gathering of meritorious individuals within a council, such as described in the books by the Illuminated, exists… that is trivial, compared to the implications of one’s life’s work. If they don’t really exist, then only through the towering achievements of one’s work in their lifetimes can one be considered truly lived a meritorious ideals.

    In short, one must go beyond hope and fear at all, to ever be acknowledged as a person of note.

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    1. Thank you for the comment. It is of vital importance to get the message of Pythagoreanism out to the general public, and your contribution in this regard is crucial (as is the contribution of all rational people).

      As you know, the world is in dire straits and only True reason can remedy it. There is a problem though. At the present moment, there is almost no one on the planet who understands what the definition of reason even is.

      Humanity’s extreme lack of knowledge concerning the Truth of reason is why our world is the way it is. In other words, if humanity Truly understood reason and what it entails, then this world would no longer be the hell hole that it currently is.

      This means that it depends on those of us who have read the books by Mike Hockney, Adam Weishaupt, and Michael Faust, i.e. those of us who understand the Truth of reason, to do whatever we can to help pull humanity out of the cesspool of irrationality and insanity that it has sunk into.

      So, if you’re honest in your desire to contribute to this sacred cause, then spreading Pythagoreanism’s beautiful message of reason any and everywhere that you can, and in any and every way that your mind can think of, must become your main objective. A corresponding objective to sharing Pythagoreanism with other human beings is to learn as much about it as you possibly can. This way, not only will you get to strengthen your understanding of Pytahgoreanism, but you’ll simultaneously become much more adept at explaining Pythagoreanism/ontological mathematics to other rational people.

      Studying mathematics and reading the books written by Mike Hockney, Adam Weishaupt, and Michael Faust are the most effective way to rationally educate yourself. So study, study, and study some more, and, at the same time, work on ways to share what you learn with the world.

      Here are just a few ideas that you can work on to help spread reason to the world: write book reviews for the books of Pythagoreanism; write blogs about Pythagoreanism; write e-books; create music; create educational videos; share your knowledge of Pythagoreanism with your friends and family in reality as well as your internet friends, i.e. your Facebook friends, twitter followers, etc.; create Pythagoreanist artwork; set up local meet up groups for Pytahgroeanism; go to protests that are against free market capitalism and the rich psychopathic elite who 100% control it and our world; meet like minded activists and work with them; introduce other rational activists to Pythagoreanism; our activism is only limited by our imaginations. Whatever you choose to work on, keep in mind two things: 1) Focus on projects that excite you and 2) always stay true to reason. With these two criteria in mind, you’ll be unable to go wrong with your contributions to Pythagoreanism.

      Let reason guide you and if there is ever anything concerning Pythagoreanism that I can assist you with, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help out 🙂

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  2. I’m going to start following your blog Ray, it looks amazing so far.

    There really isn’t much else that rationalists can do yet other than to create things like your blog. We need MANY more rationalists to become active with Pythagoreanism before we can get a True movement that is capable of revaluing all values up and running.

    Your effort will help. It already has. People are waking up slowly but surely. It’s up to people like us to continue assisting others with their rational awakening process.

    Thank you for sharing your blog, I look forward to reading your posts and journeying towards Gnosticism with you 🙂

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  3. Hi Brad. I just found your site today while discovering some of latest information on Pythagorean Illuminism. When the AC Site went down, I missed it very much, but stayed informed with my collection of books (Hockney, Weishaupt, and Faust). I do recall seeing some of your excellent reviews of those books on Amazon. When the new, excellent page came back, I was very interested in the three videos from Uni Verse. Seems like these videos are related to Mister Morgue’s work (never heard of him before) so in checking out his TheOrderOfOne.org site I somehow found Joe Dixon, then Jack Tanner and then your site. I can’t express how relieved I am to find kindred souls again. I too am very concerned with the fascist coup of The Donald and his gang of extreme right-wing troublemakers. True Revolution Now seems like the most important initiative. I don’t know how to contribute, but I am very interested in how to contribute to this Sacred Cause.

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    1. Thank you for reading and thank you for the comment Jim! Sorry for the delay in responding.

      As far as how to contribute to bringing about the advent of a New World Order based on reason, intelligence, wisdom, altruism, and maximizing the potential of every single human being goes, anything and everything can help. We need many more people supporting the cause of Pythagoreanism before we will be able to bring about rational change within society; how to gain this support is the main problem facing all of us.

      This means that our first goal is to spread the principles of Pythagoreanism/Jacobinism/ontological mathematics far and wide. There are many ways to do this, and they are only limited by our imagination.

      So, if you want to contribute, think about what you are skilled at and see if you can use your skill sets to get people interested in the Truth of the universe. Create blogs, websites, YouTube videos, Twitter accounts, etc. that will lead people to the Truth. Review each of the books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati. Go out into your community and talk to people about Pythagoreanism. Pass out flyers. Go to protests against the 1% and champion 100% inheritance tax, social capitalism, and Jacobinism (i.e. left wing/Pythagorean Meritocracy) so that others on the left can become aware of us and our objectives. I could go on, but the bottom line is that we need many more people to wake up to the Truth of reason, so do whatever you can think of to facilitate this.

      I hope this response helped you out a little bit. I know that it can be frustrating. You see what needs to be done to change the world into a beacon of Light, but you can’t bring about this change because 99.9% of people are stuck in the darkness, and they will fight you to the death so that they can stay in the darkness; they don’t want a world of Light. We must continue fighting though. Robespierre and Saint Just fought to the death against the tremendous power of the elite…and they succeeded in changing the world. We must have the same will as the Jacobins of the French Revolution. Their revolution wasn’t able to be completed. It is now our job to complete what they started. We must end the selfish insanity that has infected our entire species.

      So keep working Jim. Study Pythagoreanism and spread it’s message to the world. Let’s end the insanity together.


  4. Hi Brad,
    I am totally a rationalist and have been crazy about truth. Some two/three years ago, while searching some illuminati material I reached the website armageddonconspiracy.co.uk. It was a new experience I was really really derived by it. In pursuit of Illuminati and their activities I became Freemason but I never got satisfied there due to finding it superficial. I do not claim to understand Illuminati properly but I try my best to do so because I find it to be a truth. I want to be involved in activities of Illuminati. What can I do? Other thing is I have many worries about the future of my family as I have three children. They also have reverence toward Illuminati. I live in India and born to a Muslim family but never found truth in Islam and other religions. I have thoroughly studied Quran and never got satisfied by it. I do not find anybody around me I can share my worries with, about my life and future of my family. I am a creative person and now a days writing a book keeping the theory of Illuminati in my mind. Soon I am going to start a youtube channel on Enneagram and MBTI in Indian language. I wanted to start an anti-religion blog but in fact it is discouraged here in India. I find my self threatened. Please suggest me some thing constructive for me. Thanks for floating this blog. Looking forward.

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    1. Hey Aslam, thank you for reading.

      I’m happy to hear that you are a rationalist who was able to discover armageddonconspiracy.co.uk and ontological mathematics. The realization that mathematics defines the universe is the most important realization a rationalist can make, and, as you know, it completely changes the way you live your life.

      It is awesome that you respect the work of the Pythagorean Illuminati and want to help bring about a New World of reason, intelligence, wisdom, merit, and equal opportunity for all. Unfortunately, you are in a country that is VERY dangerous to speak out religiously in. I don’t need to tell you that free thinking bloggers and writers in and around India (Bangladesh pops into my mind here) are murdered frequently and brutally by religious extremists. Your first concern is the safety of your children.

      Being that there are so many murderous religious lunatics in your neck of the woods, with almost carte blanche to do violence, I think you should avoid anything that has to do with anti-religion. Instead, work on making ontological mathematics known to the intellectual community of India. A YouTube channel, blog, book, or something similar on ontological mathematics, that is directed towards the sane eyes of intellectuals, and away from the insane eyes of the extremists, would be a better option for you. Put the focus on the actual mathematics of Pythagoreanism as opposed to its devastating critique of all crazy Mythos religions (such as the religions of Abraham). Work to get other intelligent people on board with the reality of the Cosmos. Once we have all of the world’s most rational, clear thinking, sane, intelligent, logical, wise, and meritorious on our side, there will be no stopping us.

      And of course continue sharing the beauty of ontological mathematics with your kids. We are in a long fight here, and we will need a new generation of rationalists to continue the struggle in the future. As I said before, just try to steer your activism away, as much as possible, from anything that would stir up the psychopaths and endanger your children.

      The followers of Mythos religion and the right wing are evil and insane, and they have no interest in being cured of their insanity via a good dose of rationality. I get threatened on occasion from right wing internet trolls for this blog, but I live in America so the threats don’t carry anywhere near as much weight as they do for a rationalist blogger attacking the right wing and Mythos religions in a place such as India, so just be very careful and purposeful in whatever you decide to do.

      I understand that there aren’t many people in your real life to talk to about all of this stuff, but there are people on the internet who would be glad to converse and give you support. Anytime you need, shoot me a message. I love talking about all of this. We live in a totally fucked up world, and those of us who are working to become unfucked (people like you and me) need to be there for each other as much as possible.

      You might also be interested in working with a group of like minded people. Here is a link to a group of people who respect Pythagoreanism, ontological mathematics, and the work of the Illuminati: http://themeritocracyparty.net/ . This is a small but growing group of writers, who are all working to make ontological mathematics known to the world. These people are good/rational people. They will have more ideas for what you can do to help spread ontological mathematics in a dangerously religious country, and they can also be another source of support and inspiration for you. There is a contact section on their page. Just send them a message like the one you sent me and they will get you going.

      Well Aslam, I hope this helped you out a bit. Keep studying, learning, and becoming your True self. As I said, feel free to contact me anytime you need my comrade in reason 🙂


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