1. Thanks for writing and maintaining this blog Brad. It is an indispensable resource. The sole issue I have with the God Series is that I am at this time insufficiently educated to be able to properly comprehend the message, particularly when it delves into maths. I find that your blog retells the same material in somewhat closer to layman’s terms. I have begun to learn basic maths recently so that in future I might be able to build up the mathematical education necessary to understand the God Series.

    Keep up the good work!

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  2. Thank you very much Vijay. As you know, the books written by Mike Hockney, Adam Weishaupt, and Michael Faust are much better understood if you are able to study and comprehend the mathematics that these amazing authors write about.

    When I began studying Pythagoreanism, I was coming off of almost two decades of professional Mixed Martial Arts competition with absolutely no mathematics study for that entire duration of time. Needless to say, I was far from an intellectual. The incredible Armageddon Conspiracy website lit a fire under my ass to study math and become a better person like nothing else could, so I began to look for ways to learn math on my own.

    Luckily, after a bit of searching, I was able to find the absolutely free, completely amazing, and world changing educational website called Khan Academy. If you want to study mathematics on your own, there is NO better place to go than Khan Academy. If you aren’t already studying on it, you should check it out when you get a chance Vijay, I think you’ll like it a lot.

    Here’s a link to Khan Academy: https://www.khanacademy.org/


    1. Thanks again, Brad. I knew about Khan Academy. I’m just not sure where I should begin, and what the pathway is to go from knowing basic maths to learning calculus etc. I fell off maths in 8th grade learning Pythagoras’ Theorem. I figure I should pick up where I left off. When you begun to learn maths, how did you go about it? Do you think it’s something you can do on the side, balance it out with other commitments in life, or do you think the best way is to give 100% focus on maths? Unfortunately as a young man I can’t give 100% to learning maths right now, other commitments are very important in setting myself up for financial security and becoming an independent adult, as well as achieving a healthy body shape.

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  3. Vijay: You can for sure balance out your math study with everything else in life. In fact, the study of math will be the exact activity that helps you properly balance out all of the other aspects of your life. Remember: Ontological Mathematics IS life. Studying math will allow you to think clearly about your life in particular and all life in general. Math shows you what Truly matters in life and it allows you to discard that which does not.

    Don’t be intimidated by math. Your mathematics study should be the joy of your day. Mathematics study is to a Pythagorean what praying or meditation is to followers of insane religions. Mathematics is the most pure form of mental exercise that you can do, and even if you can only sit down to study once in a while, it will allow you to think clearer and understand the universe better.

    When I started my mathematics study on Khan Academy, I began at the earliest math I could, even if I thought I knew it already. From there I just began to watch every video and do every exercise in order. I’m still doing this today. Sal Khan teaches math better and more in depth than any teacher I have ever seen. Even in the Kindergarten section, I learned math techniques from Sal that I had never learned before.

    I study on Khan Academy every day but that’s because math is something that I really want to focus on, so I made the time to do it. As I said though, any amount of math study is better than none, so just do what you can. Perhaps three days a week at one hour a day would be a good way to start. From there you can see if you want to add more study time or take some out.

    On a side note: I really enjoy beginning the day with my math study whenever possible. I find that the math helps to clear my mind of irrational nonsense for the day, and it helps me to think more rationally about any problems that might arise during the course of that day.

    Okay, I’ve babbled enough. I hope this helps out Vijay! Let me know how your study goes 🙂


    1. Thanks again for your words of advice and encouragement. When you put it like that, I have to make learning maths a very high priority. Plato wrote, “Geometry will draw the soul towards truth; geometry existed before creation”. I need to get myself in that mindset where instead of learning maths to better understand the God Series, I am learning maths in order to better understand myself.

      I’m on the winter break from uni for two months starting from Monday, that gives me plenty of time to make a start.

      It’s interesting that you suggest I should start right from the bottom. I actually used to be very good at maths right through primary school, it was only in eight grade that I became terrible at it. So even if I’m looking at material I already know at least it will be a nice morale booster to sail through kindergarten to seventh grade maths on Khan Academy.

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