1. This is superb, Brad. I am currently reading Moses and Monotheism by Freud, it’s a fantastic critical analysis of the Abrahamic tale of exodus.

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  2. Awesome! If you haven’t read “High Priests of Hell” by Adam Weishaupt yet, you definitely should, especially since you are currently reading “Moses and Monotheism”. In “High Priests of Hell”, the authors answer the questions that Freud wasn’t sure about, such as the true identity of Moses (his name was Thothmose), and what truly transpired at Mt. Sinai. Great stuff 🙂


  3. After all this time of writing, also of watching all of the members of the FB group TG300, reading whatever great amount you guys had written, then comparing it all with mine, I always feel myself short, inadequate. Yes, I admit that I saw a lack in myself.

    You can just look at my posts there in my blog, and you will saw how I often slip back to less and less clarity. The truth is, I can’t but compare myself to the character Ignorance from John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, however Abrahamic the underlying principle behind that story is… the fact is that, figuratively, I just don’t know any better… I don’t know how I will ever hope to go near that same quality… I’ll just be honest here, by the merit of my writings, I am not going to be that great, at all.

    … and that is the problem. I don’t know if I should ask for help, because I don’t want to trouble you guys right there… I always thought about clicking that “join” button, but then again, I sense huge doubt whenever I think of clicking it. I don’t want to disappoint if I can ever gain entry, but at the same time, with the way I am, inadequate as it is now… I lack any way to justify myself, might as well never thought of it, at all.

    So I need to know, and maybe, by a clear message, a direct and blunt “yes” or “no” to this question, so that it doesn’t preoccupy the consciousness would-be joiners like me, in the future. If I had been found wanting and inadequate, then I shall excuse myself and never trouble everyone again anymore.

    Maybe I should just get on with life first before thinking of this… There’s so much thing I need to put into order first before I can ever hope to help contribute… Still, t think of this as an flare signal from me, I desperately need help.

    Lastly, as always, my gratitude goes to the enlightened Writers. If I should ever had slighted them in the past, direct or otherwise, I consider it both my greatest shame and the grandest of irony that I came to acknowledge them as the only people within the last decade to have anything worthy to say.

    … if I could hope to communicate with each other in the future, I will put my email here, it’s at raysusilo.4.gi@gmail.com.


    1. Hey Ray,

      I played no part in what transpired between all of the people on Facebook concerning the profound work of the Pythagorean Illuminati. I have never been a member of the ridiculous “Illuminati Pub” where all of the idiocy began. I don’t care about groups, FB or otherwise. I only care about ending right wing insanity by bringing about left wing meritocracy. That’s it. If a group has this same goal, then I’ll work with it. TG300 holds this goal, so I work with them. I don’t NEED them though. I would be working to promote and advocate the cause of reason and sanity if I was the last rational person left on the planet. This is not about us, or our feelings, or what groups we do or don’t want to belong to. No. This is about crusading for the Truth. It about fighting for objective reality and the creation of a better world for ALL of humanity. It’s about making humanity DIVINE.

      You have been working towards this goal via your writing and your blog. I do not know of your history with the AC/GS authors nor with the members of TG300, but I do know that the only thing that either group cares about is whether or not a person is willing to fight for the cause of reason. You have shown that you are willing to champion reason, hence, whatever you did or didn’t do in the past doesn’t matter. These people are rationalists. They won’t hold a grudge against you if you’ve had past issues with them, as long as you are now honestly fighting for the cause of rationalism. I have nothing to do with the administration of TG300, but if you want to be a part of the group, just ask to join up. I know that they are always looking for new members. Niall Caldwell and Timothy O’Neill are the administrators of TG300 and they are both rational, cool guys. I think Niall is the one in charge of new member adding.


      1. Brad,

        I share the stance on being able to decide for oneself, on how to keep the flames of the Revolution burning and alive.

        It is unfortunate, but to be able to properly serve this cause, I see that I need to upgrade myself to 2.0, or even 3.0, first and foremost. Change within me is a must to bring about the change without.

        As much as I want to bring down that next great Revolution, if I can’t do that yet, out of my own lackings, then it is inevitable that I will eventually stumble and haven’t been able to make that much progress.

        I know it might be too much to ask people at TG300 to teach me anything at all, especially since learning something should not necessarily came from another’s teachings. But then again, people who help others grow to be better people should be sought.

        Having a united front, with a cause, banding together, that is having a plan, it speeds up things towards the direction of certain goals.

        I can’t promise much, but I will make an effort to always try my best. All this time it’s not always my A-game, all this time, I admit. I do promise that I shall not be a liability to the organization. Anything else than that, I am to make myself able to intuit Perfect Reason and Ontological Mathematics more.

        It is within these notions, that I see what the group TG300, as it stands, what I have in mind that made me think about joining.


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