1. It’s amazing, in a bad way, that someone like Shkreli, used to be from the working class, once he made his own luck, turned traitor to his own class. It’s amazing, still in a bad way, that such good charming fake smiles and likeable attitude could do much to help him escape whatever nooze waiting for him, either literal or metaphorical. It’s also amazing, still in a very bad way, that he tried to approach and fund a Presidential Candidate who is projected to install many Socialist policies if he is to be elected.

    I myself am not trained in facial expression recognition, but seeing photos of him, it’s repulsive enough to be doing so…!

    These people should taste their own medicine for good!

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  2. Hails Jacobin Brother.

    I am Adam W.Eishaupt.
    1st grade Illuminatus.
    I was in cantact with the original “M” Group back in the day on AC Site, i created some book-covers and the phoenix illuminati Symbol. So you know a Little about me now.

    It is time to connect us all !!!

    I have 3 new Blogs, and i want to link to yours – if okay.
    From my site one can navigate to other sites.


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    1. I think this is a great idea A.W.E.! If it’s okay with you, I will also link to your excellent sites from my site. Look forward to talking with you soon 🙂


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