1. Hello Brad ,Great post,Brutal,Audacious,Awsome!

    I did get a little confused at one point,human words and interpretation,never the less i think i worked out my conundrm…..so, to confirm…..

    Consider the 6D universe r > =0,both r=0 domain and r>0 contained within it.Nothing enters nothing leaves”hotel infinity”,there is nothing ‘outside’ of it.So,would it be more precise to say mind r=0,H-freq creates matter r>0,L-freq to produce the r>=0 6d arena ‘loop’ rather than enter it?,or we could say r=0 builds the r>0 domain and enters that, we then have a a coupled r>=0 6d universe?


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    1. Thank you very much for the message, I’m glad that you liked the blog post.

      I am just now entering into pre-calculus/algebra 3 on Khan Academy, and hence am not yet at the required mathematical skill to properly understand Riemannian Geometry, Fourier Mathematics and Holography, the mathematics that create space and time. Because of this mathematical deficiency (which I’m diligently working to rectify), some of the stuff I write about on this blog concerning ontological mathematics will still be stuck in the territory of philosophy. Philosophy, no matter how beautiful, is still just human made words, and hence will always tend to obfuscate True ontological mathematical reality. As you said, human words and interpretations. Also, because of where I’m at in my mathematics studies, there is a good chance that I will make mistakes in my writings about ontological mathematics and Pythagoreanism. I fully expect this, and I will work to make sure that I correct any mistakes that I make. I will also work to make sure that I don’t make those same errors again in the future.

      As I mentioned, I’m working hard to improve my skills and understanding in mathematics. As I improve my general mathematics, I think I’ll simultaneously be able to improve in my ability to write about Pythgoreanism. I was shocked at how my understanding of “The God Series” improved once I finally made it to the basic trigonometric math lessons on the standard unit circle on Khan Academy. I know that once I learn calculus, Fourier mathematics, etc., my understanding of (as well as my ability to write about) “The God Series” will exponentially improve.

      So, my goal for this blog at this point in time is to use it to help get people aware of, excited about, and interested in Pythagoreanism, ontological mathematics, hyperreason, 100% inheritance tax, social capitalism, and the hyperrational meritocratic revolution. If my writing can help get people interested in the books by Mike Hockney, Adam Weishaupt, and Michael Faust, then I will be happy.

      Having said all the above, it can be fun and beneficial to think deeply about the Cosmos. I would say that both of your interpretations of the ontological mathematical universe are correct, if you keep in mind a couple of things.

      First, the 6D universe is the spacetime domain (i.e. r>0), it is not the overall ontological mathematical cosmos (i.e. r>=0). All of the complex-numbered mathematical information for the spacetime hologram is contained within the collective frequency Singularity of mind (i.e. r=0). It is the 6D spacetime hologram that is coupled with its creating frequency Singularity. Both the frequency domain and its coupled spacetime domain are contained within the unit circle, i.e. they are contained within zero/infinity mathematics. It is ontological mathematics itself that equates to the r>=0 domain. So, r=0 (mind) is coupled with r>0 (matter) within r>=0 (mathematics).

      Second, high frequency doesn’t actually create low frequency. All frequencies are eternal. What happens is that the mathematical monads release their internal low frequency sine and cosine waves out into their created domain of dimensionality. It is these low frequency sine and cosine waves, all matched together non-orthogonally to each other within the dimensional domain, that create the holographic effect of matter. The monadic high frequencies are unable to be released by the monads. The high frequency sine and cosine waves are all orthogonal to each other within a monad, and they create that monad’s internal thoughts. The high frequencies form the immaterial and dimensionless mind of the monad, and they allow the monad to interact flawlessly with the low frequency waves of the dimensional domain. All of the monadic low frequency sinusoids will be reabsorbed by their originating monads at the end of a cosmic age. The dimensional spacetime domain of matter is, in actuality, an enormous, 100% mathematical hologram projected from eternal, 100% mathematical minds.

      So, r>0 is the 6D spacetime domain of matter, r=0 is the 0D domain of mind, and r>=0 is the overall domain of pure ontological mathematics which contains both the r=0 and r>0 domains inside of it. I think of the r=0 domain as the mathematical creation of the r>=0 domain (i.e. the domain of pure mathematics), and I think of the r>0 domain as the mathematical creation of the r=0 domain. I think of the r=0 domain as being within the r>=0 domain, and the r>0 domain being within the r=0 domain, therefore both the r=0 and the r>0 domains exist within the overall r>=0 mathematical cosmos. I think of the r=0 domain being coupled with, or linked to its r>0 spacetime creation, and I think of these two coupled domains of mind and matter existing together within the overall framework of necessary and eternal ontological mathematics. The cover of “Transcendental Mathematics: The God Series Number 25” shows a beautiful depiction of the frequency Singularity coupled to its spacetime creation.

      In a biology lesson on Khan Academy, Sal Khan shows that biology is built on top of chemistry, chemistry is built on top of physics, and physics in built on top of mathematics. I think that this is a perfect example of how the universe works. It shows how everything is built on top of mathematics. As long as we keep in mind that mathematics is alive, metal and eternal, and nothing exists outside of mathematics because mathematics is existence itself, then Sal’s description is perfect for showing how the universe and all of the things in it are produced.

      So, first we have pure mathematics. Pure mathematics is the universe in its fundamental state. Pure mathematics is that which nothing enters and nothing leaves. Pure mathematics is existence itself, it is creation itself. Pure mathematics is “Hotel Infinity”.

      There is nothing outside of pure mathematics. Pure mathematics is primary. Pure mathematics is alive, mental and eternal. It exists as a dimensionless mental Singularity. This mathematical Singularity contains an infinity of sinusoidal frequency waves. Each of these infinite sine and cosine waves corresponds to an actual, ontological number. This frequency Singularity is mathematics, and from the eternal flow of mathematics we get life, mind, existence and creation itself. In other words, mathematics is life, mind, existence and creation in its fundamental state. This frequency Singularity can’t not be alive, it can’t not think, it can’t not exist, and it can’t not create.

      Within this living frequency Singularity, the infinite numbers of mathematics come bundled together in complete and consistent sets or packages of mathematics. There are as infinity of these math packages, and they all have the capacity to become autonomous individuals. Like the collective Singularity that contains them, each of these infinite individual math packages is also a perfect mathematical singularity.

      Each of these infinite and autonomous packages of math contains a set of perfect, eternal, complete and consistent numbers, i.e. sinusoidal waves. Each individual math package contains within it infinite positive real numbers, infinite negative real numbers, infinite positive imaginary numbers, and infinite negative imaginary numbers. Picture a unit circle drawn on a Cartesian complex number coordinate plane, and you will be picturing the mathematical diagram of these cosmic singularities.

      All of the infinite numbers (i.e. the infinite sine and cosine waves) that comprise each math package are perfectly matched with each other, and at perfect ninety degree angles (or equivalently, perfect 1/2 pi radian angles) to each other, within the individual math packages. When sine and cosine waves are perfectly arranged in this way, they create photons, i.e. they create light. So, these math packages can be equivalently thought of as light packages. These math/light singularities are minds, they are how minds ontologically exist. So, we can say that mathematics creates minds of pure light.

      Now, these math/light minds are all initially in a state of 100% unconscious mathematical potential. The unconscious goal of all of these minds is to become conscious. To become conscious, the minds must individuate, i.e. they must break out of their state of unconscious mathematical equivalence. To become conscious, the minds must become individuals, they must each begin to actualize their infinite mathematical potential in interesting and unique ways. To individuate and become conscious, the minds must have a dimensional domain. So they go about creating the 6D spacetime arena out of themselves. This 100% mathematical creation process is what our contemporary scientific materialists call “The Big Bang”.

      To create this arena, all of the universal minds first take on specific complex number mathematical coordinates. Taking these coordinates creates the framework for the holographic 6d spacetime domain. It is this framework that will eventually contain all of the material objects of the universe, including all of our individual biological bodies.

      Simultaneous to taking on specific coordinates, the minds also release their internal low frequency sine and cosine waves out into the framework of this material container. These low frequency sine and cosine waves can then be used by minds to build all of the material things that the container will eventually contain. This container grows and grows as it is filled with an infinity of low frequency sinusoidal waves. It eventually grows to become the 6D complex number holographic spacetime arena. This arena can then be used by all of the mind in the universe to individuate, and eventually develop consciousness.

      This 6D arena is constructed from the combination of real numbers and imaginary numbers. Real numbers correspond to the horizontal axis on a Cartesian coordinate grid. They are cosine waves, and they create space. Imaginary numbers correspond to the vertical axis on a Cartesian coordinate grid. They are sine waves, and they create time. A space particle, following the trajectory of a cosine wave, is called a choran. A time particle, following the trajectory of a sine wave, is called a chronon. The 6D spacetime hologram has 3 real numbered space dimensions fused with 3 imaginary numbered time dimensions, creating the 6 complex numbered dimensions of the 6D spacetime domain.

      In the spacetime domain, all of the sine and cosine waves are mismatched, and they are all oriented to each other at every angle except 90 degrees. It is these non-orthoganal sine and cosine waves which create the hologram of solid material objects. In other words, “matter” is light that has sine and cosines waves not at 90 degree angles to each other, and mind is light that has sine and cosine waves at 90 degree angles to each other. Perfect 90 degree angle sine and cosine waves create photons. All other sine and cosine angles except 90 degrees create all of the material particles of the periodic table. Mind is “intact” light and matter is “broken” light. Everything is derived from light, and light is derived from mathematics. Everything is mathematics.

      Okay, that was a really long, round about way to clarify my article. I hope that this helped clear up what I was saying in my blog post. If you haven’t read “The Holographic Soul: The God Series Book 30” and “How To Create The Universe: The God Series Book 32” (both by Mike Hockney) yet, I would highly recommend them. These two books explain the workings of the ontological mathematical universe down to the finest detail, and they are written by ontological mathematics experts who are also brilliant writers and teachers.

      Thanks again for reading, and please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with 🙂


  2. Wow!,Thankyou,such an extensive reply.Very helpful.Certainly ‘clicked’ on several points and highlights some area’s i must work on,that is pure mathematics itself.My method ‘into’ mathematics is,in short ‘undertones’ . i have taken a ‘intuitive’ approach of visualizing ontological ‘colour math thinking’ a similar approach as Khan Academy presents linear algebra by visualizing mental geometry rather than “just” numbers on paper.Brilliant site that one.Great recommendation.

    Math is awsome! ‘Mathinking’

    Thanks again Brad

    Paul Bloffwitch

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    1. Thank you Paul, that video is awesome! I’m subscribing to your YouTube channel!

      Let’s keep spreading the word of Ontological Mathematics, Pythagoreanism, Hyperreason, Social Capitalism, 100% Inheritance Tax, and Meritocracy. Someday soon we’ll have enough people on board to create real improvement in the world.

      Talk to you soon Paul 🙂


  3. Hello again Sir,
    i have re- read book 30,book 32 and book 25(beautiful cover,hard read that one)and book 6 “The God Equation”.Currently reading book 14.
    I have read The God Series,and related material,well,speed read and didn’t get hung up on details,but now approaching it in much more mathematical detail…book 6 summed up my query rather quickly.In fact i recently grasped the concept of Riemann-fourier mathematics,Stunning!This was somewhat puzzling for a while.I do recall Mike Hockney mention..to grasp illuminism ,it is not an necessity to learn math itself ,”but it helps”-M.H. …It certainly does!
    Grab yourself a copy of ‘Tristian Needhams book, ‘Complex visual analysis’
    A rather dazzling ‘view’ considering what we have learnt in The God Series.
    If fact Ontological mathematics is not really that hard,the most difficult thing about mathematical illuminism is trying to communicate with re-tards,faith-tards and outright fuck-tards.

    Here,’down under'( the city of churches) or the ‘hell’burbs i call it,no one gives a fuck about anything but themselves. Recently it has been adhom attacks from scientific materialists attempting to defend their personal ‘intellectual vanity’.Political correctness rules here,I am declared wrong simply contesting their belief’s,they play the tearbagger card!….Never once have any of these re-tards actually presented a logical debate to anything at all,i have come to realize most know nothing about the very subjects they have ‘hippie’ degrees in or even are employed,science just like faith is one big bluff!…..,bo fucking hu dumbasses.

    Even ‘some’ scientific illuminists reject reason(oh yes,I Dare),declaring ‘love is the law’as they run away….fuck love! “Reason is the law”..Even here mytho’s is way to overdone,as soon as you can explain in layperson mathematics the basic motion of ontological sinusoidal waves to people interested in such mysteries they ‘light up’,it makes ‘sense’. I do admit some myth has been interesting in the past,however it can not be understood properly without mathematics.Math first,everything else follows.

    Revolution it is not about ‘good deeds’,stupid people dont ‘hear’ mr nice guy….
    You can be sure of progress by how many re-tards you can offend in a day.
    As crude as my method may be i have run out of sympathy for the stupid.

    Ahhrrrr me hearties,No Fucking Quarter!

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  4. Hey Paul, thanks for the comment. I do have a copy of “Complex Visual Analysis”, it’s an absolutely amazing book, and much of it I am still working to learn.

    I live in AmeriKKKa (the country of Churches), and here too nobody gives a fuck about anything other than themselves. The last thing that people want to think about is mathematics, reason, logic, fairness, justice, altruism, and building a New World Order where everyone is at last free from fear, a New World Order where everyone can at last live in peace, a New World Order where everyone enjoys equal opportunity and everyone is free to actualize their infinite, innate potential.

    This extreme apathy towards fairness, justice, and altruism that the mainstream of humanity holds is something that left wing radicals are going to have to figure out how to overcome. I suppose this has always been the problem for left wing radicals. I’m not yet sure what to do about it, so right now I focus on sharpening my knowledge of Pythagoreanism, for my own health and so that I can better explain it to interested people. We need many more rational and active people working together to spread the beautiful message of Pythagoreanism before the world will be able to change.

    Keep up the rational fight Paul, talk to you soon 🙂


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