1. The Jack Tanner series are truly amazing. Once one has read the entire God Series these Tanner books will automatically slot into position. The only problem is where on earth is one to find the time to read all of these books? Pushing on ninety books in the whole series of PI readable material, it’s going to take you a while, but the journey is exciting for those who comprehend such information. Joining the dots becomes habitual.

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    1. Well said Marcus! The authors are simply incredible. The amount of work that they produce simply blows my mind. They are masters of ontological mathematics.


  2. Thank you Brad for the fyi re Jack Tanner series …since your post I have read through Angels are Real, Sex with Angels and the Angel Experiment.

    These books are indeed great reads and reinforce the difficult themes in the God/Hero series very effectively but also opens up a whole new level of confusion for me (right when I think I get it).

    Maybe you can help me sort this out…below is my attempt to summarize my understanding of what I have read in semi-sequential order:

    – Existence is mental: everything ultimately boils down to a Singularity (Monad/Mind) outside space/time within which an infinite number of monads dwell.
    – The material domain (as we know it) was created by the demi-urge after a rebellion with the singularity (Abraxas).
    – Each monad is linked to a physical body/animal/plant in space/time and is trapped here by the demi-urge,
    – The monad’s purpose is to evolve, break free of space/time through enlightenment and discovery of self-knowledge that it too is a god.
    – The God of the Bible/Koran/Torah is the demi-urge/satan therefore Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, Abraham, Noah, Moses et. al. are all evil.
    – Reincarnation not resurrection is the vehicle through which the monad progresses through its evolution.
    – Humanity will never evolve until they do away with all abrahamic religions and replace it with Illuminism.

    **The above are the recurring themes in the God/Hero series I have recognized reading through them (I think the books are set up that way so that the reader requires this deliberate delivery to really absorb the message).

    Now enter the Angel-series by Tanner:

    – evolution of the brain ie. reptillian vs limbic vs neocortex is emphasized over the mind domain vs space/time..
    – Angels exist in a non material form but can assume a type of material form humans can discern
    – Intermingling of Angels (fallen Watchers) with humans introduce Nephilim who corrupted the world to God’s horror causing him to kill everyone but Noah in the great flood…makes the demi-urge sound ‘good’.
    – Jesus was intended to reflect the limbic system – thus stood for altruism, clarity, love & compassion…so Jesus is not a prince of evil?
    – The new testament came when the message needed to be changed – this time God himself took up residence in a human (Jesus) to fully experience the human condition…god as in the ‘demi-urge’?

    There are of course other examples I keep running into that I will note in another post…but for now I would appreciate any insight into how to go about reconciling the different contexts presented between the Angel series vs God series?

    Thanks again for another great post!

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    1. Thank you for the comment killignavi!

      Not to worry, in my opinion you are understanding Pythagorean Illuminism very nicely. Just remember that Pythagoreanism/ontological mathematics is presented in its highest public form within The God Series by Mike Hockney. The groundwork for The God Series is laid within all of the other books and book series written by Weishaupt, Abaris, Cato, Spartacus, and Faust. When in doubt about anything related to Pythagoreanism/ontological mathematics, The God Series and its foundational books are where you should turn.

      I too am currently in the process of reading the books by Jack Tanner. Right now I’m on The Ghost Dimension. Below are my thoughts about why there are differences between The Angel Series and the other books written by the Illuminati. Keep in mind that I do not speak for the authors, this is just my opinion.

      The books by Jack Tanner are another communication effort by the Pythagorean Illuminati (just like the AC site and all of the other books they have written). The main purpose of the Illuminati’s communication work is to wake up all of the different sleeping rationalists spread throughout society so that they can join in the fight against the OWO and their PIGS. For example, the AC site and the books of Pythagoreanism are meant for the sleeping rationalists who are just barely asleep (like you and I were), i.e. the AC site and its corresponding books are meant to fully awaken those of us who are almost awake already. Without many, many, many more people championing the cause of Pythagoreanism, we (i.e. rational and sane people) don’t stand a chance of creating a New World Order based on reason.

      Sleeping rationalists are spread among different groups of people, and all sleeping rationalists are in various stages of awakening. Some sleeping rationalists are in a deep sleep, and need to be brought out of it very carefully for fear of losing them. Some are already almost awake, and all they need is a blast of Truth to fully awaken them; these people can be awakened much more quickly than the rationalists still caught in deep slumber (again, the purpose of Faust, Weishaupt, and Hockney’s work is to awaken these types of people).

      The rationalists who are still deeply asleep might currently be behaving in an irrational manner, but they are still rationalists at core. Being rationalists, they will be in search of the Truth because that’s what rationalists do. But because the rational part of them is still in a state of deep sleep, they won’t know where to look to find the Truth.

      Again, these sleeping rationalists are the same kind of people that you and I once were not so long ago. They are people unconsciously craving reason and sanity, but having no idea where to find it, or even that it exists. In other words, sleeping rationalists are people who are unconsciously waiting for the lightning bolt of reason to strike them and awaken them from their slumber. This metaphorical lightning bolt that I am speaking of is Pythagoreanism. As you know, any sleeping rationalist will be totally awakened once they are ready to be introduced to Pythagoreanism/ontological mathematics via the works of Faust, Weishaupt, and Hockney. The problem lies in getting these sleeping rationalists prepared to wake up, and then, once prepared, getting them over to the books written by the Illuminati so that they can progress through the the entire awakening process, and, in due course, become fully awake. The books by Jack Tanner are working to do just this.

      The Angel Series are a bridge for people to cross over from unreason to reason, from mythos to logos, from stories to mathematics, from false religion to True religion. This is the reason for the differences between the books by Tanner and the other books written by Weishaupt, Faust, Hockney, Spartacus, Cato, and Abaris. Pythagoreanism/ontological mathematics has been presented to the world via the books written by Weishaupt, Faust, Hockney, Spartacus, Cato, and Abaris. The books by Jack Tanner are meant to lead sleeping rationalists to the books of Pythagoreanism/ontological mathematics. Let me explain what I mean.

      There are many sleeping rationalists sprinkled among Catholics and New Agers (I should know, I was one of them). These people are obviously not devout followers of either abomination, if they were, then they wouldn’t be sleeping rationalists. They are habit Catholics and lukewarm New Agers. They don’t truly believe in what they are following, but they continue to follow it nonetheless simply because they have yet to find the Truth. Now, there is a good chance that these people will be searching for the Truth of existence anywhere and everywhere. Being naturally spiritual people, they will be unable to stomach the atheistic bullshit of scientific nihilism. This means that they will have to seek out alternative information if they hope to find their reason for existing. Deep down, they know that they will never discover the answer to life, mind, the universe, and everything via anything in mainstream capitalist culture.

      So, there is a good chance that the sleeping rationalists will be scouring little known websites on the internet for any sign of the Truth. They will be digging through spiritual and philosophical e-books by new authors on sites such as Amazon in the hopes that somebody out there knows what is going on in the universe. Sleeping rationalists know that they haven’t yet found the Truth, but they also know that they will know the Truth when and if they do find it.

      In an effort to connect with these sleeping rationalists hidden among the Catholics and New Agers, and introduce them to the Truth they have been so desperately longing for, the Illuminati wrote The Angel Series. This book series is a bridge to bring the sleeping rationalists from Catholicism and/or New Ageism over to Pythagoreanism. They are introductions to the ideas of Illuminism for these habit Catholics and lukewarm New Agers. They are written for people who are in reality rationalists, but they just don’t know it yet.

      This is why Jesus is presented in a slightly better light within The Angel Series. This is why the “god” of Abrahamism (i.e. the demiurge) isn’t shown to be the monster that he truly is. This is the reason for the emphasis on angels and ghosts. If Tanner told the Truth of Jesus and his “father” too quickly to the sleeping New Age and Catholic rationalists, or if he tried to present ontological mathematics to them at this fledgling stage, then they might not continue reading due to hurt feelings and/or confusion, and we would lose a rationalist warrior in the making.

      As I mentioned already, the AC site and the books of Pythagoreanism are written for rationalists who, though still partially asleep, are on the verge of awakening. On the other hand, the people that Tanner is trying to reach through The Angel Series are rationalists who are still sound asleep, and some are in deeper sleep than others. Though they unconsciously desire to wake up to the light of reason, they will still have some irrational feelings towards Jesus and “god”.

      So, if we want to bring these people into the light of reason, we must present the Truth of Jesus to them once they have gained a basic understanding of the two linked domains of spacetime and frequency, and how these two domains are controlled and created by living mathematics. In other words, we must give them a very basic understanding of the ideas behind Pythagoreanism. Jack Tanner’s books are meant to give that basic understanding to any sleeping Catholic and/or New Age rationalist who finds their way to them. With this basic knowledge, the beginning to awaken rationalist can then find their way to the books of Pythagoreanism/ontological mathematics. This is why throughout the books by Tanner, he frequently mentions the works of the philosopher Mike Hockney. He is giving intelligent readers the opportunity to find what they have been looking for their entire life.

      For those of us who have already been awakened to the light of reason (people like you and me), The Angel Series presents fascinating new information concerning the complexity of our souls and what to expect in the afterlife–the idea that we have two minds is absolutely amazing, and The Angel Series greatly builds on this idea. The books by Tanner also give us some excellent new books to present to interested people who might not be ready for the pure Truth that Hockney, Weishaupt, and Faust deliver in their books. The Angel Series gives us new ways to talk to Catholics and New Agers who are on the fence about their false religions. They give us new ways to awaken the sleeping rationalists spread all over our planet.

      Anyway, I hope that this response helped a little bit killignavi. The Illuminati haven’t suddenly taken a liking to Jesus and Yahweh. On the contrary, they are just doing what they have always been doing: Trying to awaken all rationalists on this planet so that we can put an end to Abrahamism once and for all, and in so doing change this world from the insane asylum that it currently is into the heaven on Earth that you and I know it could be. The books by Tanner are another attempt at accomplishing this Sacred Cause just like your blog is, and my blog is.

      Keep studying and spreading the message of reason far and wide. I look forward to talking with you again 🙂

      P.S.: There are new books available on Amazon written by Joe Dixon. These are more new books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati. I’m currently reading my way through them as well. Needless to say, they are excellent. They cover the political activity of the last few months, and the dangers that the world is now facing due to that political activity. Here are the links:

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  3. Thank you kindly for taking the time and effort you put into the reply Brad…truly appreciated!

    The info in your post is well received and extremely enlightening.

    I have been meaning to reply back sooner to express my gratitude but your leads on the Joe Dixon books proved too much of a temptation as I have been looking for more info on the Movements’ thoughts on current events and ‘Dumbocalypse Now’ had me immersed for more than a few days and did not disappoint 😉

    Awaking the sleeping rationalist explanation you eloquently provided crystallizes the context of the different series for me…I can finally see the forest from the trees! It is very easy for me to get buried in the details of the books once I get started and a strange cognitive dissonance (where I know what I’m reading is true but the inconsistencies in understanding challenges that truth and sets me back a step) kicks in as I try to reconcile what I’m reading with the big picture view.

    The studying continues on my end but it will go a lot smoother now that I have an idea of where the different series are coming from and why. I feel like things are coming to a critical mass around me this year where a opportunities will present themselves to actually put more of what I am learning into more practical action…

    Always look forward to reading more from your Sacred Cause!

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    1. Now it’s my turn to apologize for the delay in responding 🙂

      I’m glad my last response helped out. Yes, it can be hard to see the forest from the trees. Anytime you need anything feel free to ask. It can be helpful to have someone to talk to when studying Pythagoreanism.

      I’ve also been absorbed lately by the new books by Tanner and Dixon. I’m currently reading “The Liberty Wars” by Dixon and it is great. It’s giving me ideas and inspiration for new writing.

      We always need practical action. Again, let me know if I can help you out in anyway with any of your ideas or projects once you begin to get them underway.

      Talk to you soon killignavi 🙂


  4. Hi Brad. I’ve been struggling with reading the information in the God series books. While I know it contains invaluable information, I’ve never been very good at getting myself through books that didn’t have interesting stories with them. I got through some of the first book but it’s been a real struggle.

    I guess one thing that makes it harder is having a lot of questions that I feel I may be missing the answers to. I’m sure it’s because I haven’t gotten far enough into them, but it’s just a lot to take in. Perhaps you can answer a few questions for me so that it will give me a little motivation to keep moving through them?

    1.) Can you sum up what this “afterlife” consists of and what to expect?

    2.) If there are 2 selves or 2 “minds”, do you maintain your identity (ego) after transcending into your higher self? Or is it lost when connected to your “angel”?

    3.) Why do you believe that mathematics can give you answers to something there is no proof of? What I mean is, one can easily come to the conclusion that 1+1=2, but while the equations for truth are far more complex, solving an equation doesn’t necessarily SHOW you anything other than a concept. (I mean NO disrespect by this question. I’m honestly curious as to why you believe it.)

    I also feel as though a lot of the information will always go over my head. I’m a pretty smart guy, but the people who read/write these information seem to have a very high IQ, very educated, and use vocabulary WAY ahead of my own. I’m a very step by step and hands on kind of person, which is another reason why the books are very hard for me to get through.

    Any advice is appreciated, and if you are able to sum up some answers to my questions I would be very thankful. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more in the future.

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    1. Hi Dean, thank you for reading, thank you for the comment, and thank you for taking an interest in ontological mathematics!

      Don’t worry at all about where your understanding of The God Series is at. Ontological mathematics is just like any other challenging subject and getting a better and better understanding of it comes through consistent study. The information can take some time to sink in so to speak. Many people have the same questions, concerns, and difficulties you are having when they first run across ontological mathematics.

      I intend to fully answer your excellent questions (to the best of my abilities) but it will take me a bit of time to formulate a proper response. So please bear with me. As soon as I finish up an article I’m currently working on I will get to writing my response to your comment and I’ll post it here as soon as I get it done.

      Thank you again for reading and commenting Dean! Talk to you soon 🙂

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      1. Quick question for you Dean: I know you said you were reading your first God Series book and I was wondering which one you chose to start with? Also, have your read any of the other books related to the God Series (such as books from Jack Tanner’s Angel Series) or is the book you’re currently reading your absolute first book related to ontological mathematics?


      2. Hey Brad sorry for the extremely late reply, I never got a notification via email. The book I started with is the very first book in the God series (The God Game). This is the very first book I’ve read that is related to ontological mathematics. I did pick up “Sex with angels” by Jack Tanner based on the Armageddon Conspiracy site, but I haven’t read it yet.

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      3. If I could add a couple more questions to this:

        1.) If angels (monads) are mental singularities, how are there multiple “singularities”? Doesn’t the idea of multiple singularities logically contradict itself?

        2.) How do these “angels” interact with each other out of physical form?

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      4. Looks good Dean. I should have the response done within the next couple of days (hopefully tomorrow!). Other people might have some of the same questions you are having so I’ll go ahead and post the response here in case anyone else wants to read it. Talk to you soon 🙂


      5. Awesome. Just want to say thank you. The information is a lot to take in, and it’s nice to have someone willing to answer questions. Last year I was a part of a Facebook group on this stuff and no one really liked answering questions and just insisted you read the books. While I know reading the books is important, not everyone is going to be able to digest all the information. Not to mention the answers to the questions aren’t always obvious. So again, thank you.

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      6. For sure Dean, I love thinking about this stuff! Thank YOU for giving me the opportunity to test my knowledge 🙂

        Okay, this thing is almost done. It ended up being a lot longer than I expected (about 7000 words!). Anyway, I’m working on fine tuning it now. I’m going to post it as its own blog post too because I think it might help others with similar questions. It will take a couple of days to edit this thing into something coherent, but I’ll post it asap.

        Thanks for your patience Dean, and I’ll talk to you soon 🙂


      7. Hey Dean, I just finished this monster up! I turned it into its own blog post because it became very large (about 10,000 words!), and I thought it would be beneficial if other people new to ontological mathematics could get a chance to see it.

        Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog and for asking some good questions. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Talk to you soon Dean 🙂

        Here is a link to my response to your questions: https://sacredcause.com/2017/12/21/some-questions/


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