1. Well defined, and using the Pythagorean relation, you can calculate the next lunar impact with Earth, we have about 33 million years before next impact, and then, total annihilation like you mention; unless we can catch the moon… we have the technological capability atm, but the divisions, the mythos and elite distractions, are making it near impossible to be sure we’ll get the solution in place, before the point of no return. Seriously, about 33 million years from now, but I’d like to get started on the project yesterday!

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    1. Thanks for reading Kevin and thank you for the comment 🙂

      I wasn’t aware of the lunar impact calculations, but what you said perfectly illustrates the supreme importance of creating a New World Order predicated on mathematics, intelligence, reason, and logic: Humanity’s future existence within the universe literally depends on it.

      Thanks again for reading Kevin!


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