1. Hello Brad and Alicia,
    Your work has become a great inspiration for us.Thank you so much for including us in your links section.I nearly fell over.It has been a struggle to know what to do with everything we have learned in The God Series and The Truth Series.I have had several attempt’s in various area’s and failed.Never the less giving up was never an option.In my view it would be an absolute disgrace to learn all this and do nothing with it.Yet,our cause was right under our nose all along.We now write,record and produce all our music and last week purchased professional media software,so we have a lot of work to do.
    Here is our new website http://www.room303.net

    Thanks again,
    Paul B.
    Scott V.
    Daniel B.

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    1. This is awesome Paul! I will put a link up to your new site on my articles along with your YouTube site! I would also like to put your videos up on my articles, as long as you don’t mind.

      Alicia and I have been listening to your work and we love it. We look forward to each new song you create.

      The new site looks amazing as well! Thank you and the rest of Code of Conduct for working to spread the message of ontological mathematics through your art, you are changing the world.

      If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to ask. Talk to you soon Paul 🙂


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