Some Questions Concerning Ontological Mathematics And Pythagorean Illuminism

A Few Questions Concerning The God Series And Ontological Mathematics

“Imagine the monad as a set of nested, concentric circles, (or spheres if we consider higher dimensionality), all radiating out from a central, logical point.  This originating point has logical necessity, but it is not an actual thing.  There is no such thing as an energy wave of zero.  A static point has no existence.  Rather, the logical point provides the focus around which the principle of sufficient reason can build its logical set of circles or spheres.  The logical point is of course the “Nothingness” Singularity…the point where all static points reside, and do absolutely nothing.””–From the book How to Create the Universe (The God Series Book 32) by Mike Hockney, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

I recently received five very good questions on my Jack Tanner blog post from a reader named Dean.  The questions he asked were common questions that many people have when they first start studying ontological mathematics.  To help out anyone else who might be having these same questions, I’ve turned my response to Dean into a full blog post.

The first part of my response concerns some difficulties Dean was having with understanding The God Series.  To help out with this, I’ve recommended some extra study material that I think will be of assistance to Dean and anyone else who is having similar difficulties.  This supplementary material will get your brain primed up and ready for the information contained within The God Series.  For convenience, I’ve left various links to helpful sites throughout this first part of my response.

After the first part of my response is finished, I then begin working to answer Dean’s five questions to the best of my ability.  I preface each of his questions with a passage from one of the Pythagorean Illuminati’s books.  Following this, I number and put each of his questions in quotes before I give my answer.  Some of my responses ended up rather long.  This is because I tend to repeat myself a lot when I write about ontological mathematics, I just can’t help it.  My apologies if the length of any of the responses is annoying to anybody.

Please keep in mind that I am just a student of ontological mathematics, so there is a chance that this response contains some errors.  Having said that, I have been reading and studying the work of the Pythagorean Illuminati for almost seven years now, and I think that my response will at least be of some help to those of you who are new to the beauty of ontological mathematics.

I hope this response is comprehensible, and I hope it helps some people out with their understanding of The God Series/ontological mathematics.  If anyone else has any questions, please feel free to leave a comment on any of my articles, and I’ll do my best to help you out.  Thanks for reading everyone!

My Response To Dean Begins Below

 Supplementary Material To The God Series

“A complete and consistent set of circles and spheres constitutes the single monad.  The monad encapsulates all of the laws of ontological mathematics, i.e. each and every monad is an autonomous expression of the whole of mathematics.  It’s exactly because each and every monad identically contains all of the laws of mathematics that monads can interact with each other with mathematical perfection in every conceivable situation.””–From the book How to Create the Universe (The God Series Book 32) by Mike Hockney, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Hey Dean, I hope you are doing well.  So I have put some thought into your comment and questions and I would like to now give you a proper response.  I’m going to begin by addressing some of the problems you have been having in your reading of The God Series, and then I’ll move on to tackling the questions.

First of all, you were correct when you said that the reason you currently have questions about ontological mathematics that you’re missing the answers to is that you haven’t gotten far enough into your reading of The God Series (and all of the other related series).  If you continue reading and studying the books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati, I assure you that you will eventually find the answers to the questions you asked me, as well as the answers to any other questions you might have.  Furthermore, not only does The God Series straight up answer the Ultimate questions of existence, but it also teaches you the critical thinking skills you need to begin answering deep philosophical and existential questions for yourself.

Yes, the authors of these books are geniuses and their books can be challenging, especially when you first start reading them.  The good news is that, like any challenging endeavor, you will get much more proficient with the information presented by these authors if you work hard and study diligently.

If you are having difficulties with the vocabulary and all of the different philosophical, mathematical, and scientific terms used in The God Series, then I would recommend reading some or all of the books written by Adam Wieshaupt and Michael Faust prior to The God Series.  Within the books by Faust and Weishaupt, you will find all of the philosophical concepts talked about in The God Series broken down in great detail.  To me, Faust and Weishaupt’s books are the foundational books for all the rest of the books written by the Illuminati.  In other words, these books will help prepare your mind for what is to come in The God Series.  They will give you the introductory philosophical, scientific, and mathematical knowledge that will help out a lot with reading the more advanced books of The God Series.

Weishaupt and Faust use pure reason and logic to deconstruct each and every philosophy, religion, and ideology within their various book series, and they do so in a way that is perfect for people new to philosophical thinking.  These are the foundational books that paved the way for The God Series.  They are perfect introductory texts for any aspiring ontological mathematician.  I had absolutely zero background in mathematics, philosophy, critical thinking, and science when I first began reading the books by the Illuminati, and it was the books by Weishaupt and Faust that got me up to speed.  I simply can’t say enough about these books.  They taught me how to think like a rational human being, and, is so doing, they changed my life forever.

So, if The God Series seems like it is going over your head at the moment, take a quick break from it and check out the books by Weishaupt and Faust.  After reading a few (or all) of their books, go back and try The God Series again. I think you will find it a bit easier to understand once the foundational books of Weishaupt and Faust are firmly under your belt.  Here are links to the Adam Weishaupt and Michael Faust author pages on Amazon for your convenience:

Michael Faust:

Adam Weishaupt:

I hope these links help you out a bit Dean.  If you are sincerely interested in learning all about the mathematical Truth of reality, then you must do what it takes to get your mind up to snuff so to speak.  As I said, I was very ill prepared when I first started studying the writings of the Pythagorean Illuminati, but I’ve been working at it for almost seven years now, and my understanding of ontological mathematics has gotten much stronger over that time.  Your understanding will also get stronger and stronger if you practice, practice and practice some more.  What better way can you spend your time than by studying the secrets of reality?

Alright, with all of that out of the way, let me now spend a little time addressing the questions you asked.

The First Question

“Every one of the Euler circles in a monad is essential to every other.  They form a complete, unbreakable set.  They belong exclusively to that monad, and not to any other.  This has the most astounding consequences.  You, as a monadic soul, experience reality solely via you Euler circles, via you own, unique set of sines and cosines.  These are your “qualia”.  Only you can know what it’s like to experience the content carried by your waves.”–From the book How to Create the Universe (The God Series Book 32) by Mike Hockney, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Question 1: “Can you sum up what this “afterlife” consists of and what to expect?”

My Answer:

Before we can begin to talk about the afterlife, we must first get at least a basic understanding of the ontological mathematical Cosmos, better termed The Mathmos.  Ontological mathematics teaches that the universe/reality is what is called a dual aspect monism.  What this means is that the universe and absolutely everything in it is derived from a single substance (a monism), but–and this is the most difficult part for people to understand–that single substance ontologically exists in two separate ways, as two sides of the same coin (i.e. it has a dual aspect to it).  The two modes of this single, universal substance is a mode of structure and a mode of meaning.  Don’t worry too much about the dual aspect part of reality right now.  What we want to focus on is the identity of this single substance, this monism.

The single substance, the monism, that absolutely all of reality is constructed from, is none other than light.  The universe is 100% photonic.  It is completely comprised of the limitless energy of innumerable light waves.  Space, time, and matter are all derived from photons.  Space, time, and matter come into being when a countless number of photons become entangled with each other in myriad ways.

Photons don’t experience space or time.  This is because they are located outside of space and time.  Photons exist in a dimensionless domain of pure frequency.  This frequency domain is what preceded the Big Bang Singularity.  It is what comes before space, time, and matter.  It is what space, time, and matter are built on top of.  It is what space, time, and matter are contained inside of.  The dimensionless domain of frequency is the foundation that perfectly supports space and time, it is the container that perfectly holds matter.

The photonic, frequency world is the True world.  It is the primary world.  It is the necessary world.  It is the precursor to our spacetime world.  It is the world that space and time are derived from.  It is the world that space and time will return to once they complete their relentless expansion.  Contrary to what scientific materialism says, photons don’t actually travel through space and time at all, on the contrary, space and time travel through photons.  Photons form the infamous ether that Einstein and other scientists searched for in vain.  The reason they couldn’t discover the ether is because they assumed it would be something material located within space and time.  Its not.  The ether is pure frequency, pure light, and it holds the realm of space and time firmly inside of it.

Photons are eternal energy waves.  They can neither be created nor destroyed.  They exist forever outside of space and time within their indestructible domain of perfect light.  Photons are particles that move in a wave trajectory.  They are the foundational wave-particles of existence.  They are the eternal wave-particles that all other wave-particles are constructed from.  Photons are atomic number zero while all other particles are atomic numbers greater than zero.

So photons/light is what reality actually is.  But what are photons?  Why do these wondrous little packets of energy exist?  Why do they go through all the trouble of creating space, time and matter?  The answer to these questions needs a drum roll because it is what changes everything for humanity.  The reason that photons exist and create is because they are none other than ontological thoughts, and hence they are inherently creative.  Photonic energy waves are discrete pieces of mind.  Photons are what thinking actually is.  Photons are how thought ontologically exists within the universe, and thought of course means life.  Photons are alive.  They are pure life.  They are eternal life.  Thought, life, and light are all synonymous.  The photonic universe is a universe of pure thought, of pure light, of pure life.

Now, where are thoughts contained?  The answer, of course, is that they are contained within minds.  This means that photons are contained within minds.  Photons are all that are contained within minds.  In fact, an individual mind contains a full set of complete, consistent, and countless thoughts/photons.  The dimensionless frequency domain is a domain of pure mind.  The frequency domain is where all of the minds in the universe are contained.  My mind is located there and your mind is located there.  Absolutely all minds are located there.

All of the minds in the universe contain all of the photons in the universe.  Each individual mind within the frequency domain is an immense ocean of mental photonic energy.  The frequency/light domain, taken as the Collective of all the minds in the universe, is where 100% of the information in the universe is contained.  This domain outside of spacetime is the Collective information Ocean that is comprised of a myriad of individual information oceans.  The Collective frequency domain is the dimensionless  domain of perfect mental photonic energy, and all of our minds work from within this domain, using its infinite well of energy, to construct space, time, matter, and everything else in the universe.

So, as you can see, in ontological mathematics there is no such thing as “death” per se.  The universe is nothing but life/mind.  It is a mental universe that forever conveys life, thinking, creativity, and meaning.  What humans think of as death is, in actuality, simply the mental disconnection of an eternally alive mind/soul, located in the frequency domain, from its physical body/vehicle, located inside of spacetime.

In ontological mathematics, the so-called “afterlife” is better termed as the “aftermatter”, the “afterdimensionality”, the “afterspacetime”, the “afterbrokenlight”, the “aftersolidthought”, or the “afterobjectivemind”; these all mean the same thing, namely that a mind never dies, it just constantly enters and leaves the domain of space and time.  What we call life is when an eternally living mind/soul mentally connects to a body inside of spacetime, and then uses that body to express itself until the mental connection is severed.  What we call death is when the mental connection between an eternal mind and a temporal body is severed due to the breakdown of the physical body.

So, when we “die” (i.e. when our soul disconnects from our body), our mind switches from experiencing the domain of spacetime to experiencing the domain of its True home–i.e. the domain of pure and perfect light.  Once we are back to fully experiencing the frequency domain (due to being disconnected from our spacetime body at so-called death), we begin the process of reincarnating back into space and time.  Minds/souls never stop experiencing.  This is part of the dual aspect I was talking about briefly at the top.  All photonic energy waves convey experience for photonic minds.  The frequency domain is a domain comprised out of nothing but light waves of every conceivable frequency, hence it is a domain which contains infinite experiences for photonic minds to partake in.

Now, how a particular soul experiences the frequency domain before it reincarnates back into space, time, and matter entirely depends on the level the soul has been able to evolve to mentally.  You see, all souls in the universe are in the process of climbing up a great chain of mental progress and evolution.  At the bottom of this chain lies pure endarkenment, i.e. pure unconsciousness, pure unintelligence, pure asymmetry of mind, pure subjective disorder, and pure mental darkness.  At the top of the chain lies perfect gnosis, i.e. perfect consciousness, perfect intelligence, perfect symmetry of mind, perfect subjective order, and perfect mental light.  The further up the chain a soul has climbed, the more conscious it will be at all times, thus the more conscious it will be when it switches over to experiencing the frequency domain at death.  The more conscious a soul is, the more it can control what happens to it within the frequency domain during its afterlife.

Most souls reside towards the bottom of the great mental chain.  In other words, most souls in the universe aren’t yet conscious enough to have much control over what happens to them once they “return” to the light.  Less conscious souls will, upon separation from their spacetime body, simply go into a deep dream state within their own individual mind.  It is during this dream state that the deep unconscious of the less advanced soul will begin the reincarnation process.  The unconsciousness of the soul will link up with the most conveniently available body it can locate within space and time, and it will link up with it as soon as it possibly can.  At this point, the soul will begin its next material iteration within the dimensional domain of space and time.  Less intelligent and conscious souls have very little control over where, when, and how they reincarnate back into the material universe.

The further up the chain a soul has climbed, the more optimized, advanced, awake, conscious, rational, and intelligent it will be, and the more it can control what happens to it in the frequency domain (and within the spacetime domain for that matter).  More intelligent and advanced souls can experience the frequency domain with other souls of their choosing, or they can spend it with all of the other souls in the universe via the collective unconscious.  It really depends on the particular soul and what its particular goals and objectives are.  Some advanced souls might want to stay in the frequency domain for a bit, while others might want to get back to the spacetime domain as soon as possible.  Again, it all depends on the individual soul and the level of intelligence, reason, logic, and power it has been able to build for itself via its own hard work and effort.

Additionally, the more optimized, intelligent, and advanced a soul is, the more it is able to consciously control and choose where, when, how, why, and with who it reincarnates within the domain of space and time.  The most powerful and intelligent souls don’t even need to come into space and time at all if they don’t want to.  They are the ones who have mastered reality.  They are no longer burdened by sluggish matter.  They have become pure, fully conscious mind.  They are the ones who control the trajectory of the entire universe, and they control it from within the full splendor of the dimensionless domain of pure light.  This is what happens to a soul once it attains full gnosis.

So, to sum things up a bit: what a soul can expect in the “afterlife” is experiences of some sort.  Remember, no matter if it is in its spacetime or frequency mode, a soul never stops experiencing the contents of mind.  Whether those experiences take place alone or with other minds in the frequency domain depends on the mental level a soul has been able to attain for itself.  Unless it is of very high advancement, a soul will for sure be returning to space and time after the death of its material body in due course, but again, if it is sufficiently conscious, then it will be able to exercise control over the reincarnation process and what happens to it in the afterlife.

The Second Question

“A monad’s internal waves are its own thoughts, conveying content, information, sensations, perceptions, feelings, ideas, qualia, which are all subjective experiences of energy.  A monad is an entity that mathematically experiences itself.  This is a living entity.  Mind and life always go together.”–From the book How to Create the Universe (The God Series Book 32) by Mike Hockney, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Question 2: “If there are 2 selves or 2 “minds”, do you maintain your identity (ego) after transcending into your higher self? Or is it lost when connected to your “angel”?”

My answer:

The way your question is written tells me you already know this, but I’ll write it anyway in case others are confused.  A monad is a single mind/soul.  The angel/highest self are not separate minds outside of the monad that it then works to transcend into, rather, the angel/highest self are what a monad becomes once it has perfectly structured its own internal thoughts.  In other words, your angel is inside of you, waiting for you to become it.

Now, connecting with your angel or transcending into your highest self are different ways of describing gnosis.  This again takes us back to the great chain of mental development I was talking about in your previous question.  At the very top of that chain lies your own individual angel/highest self.  It is the goal of all souls, whether they consciously know it or not, to reach the top of this chain.  This is exactly why souls create bodies and egos/identities within space and time, i.e. it is precisely these spacetime bodies and egos that provide the means for eternal souls to come to consciousness of themselves, so they can begin discovering the Truth of who and what they are.

It is the goal of our spacetime ego to find out just what its highest self is, and then to climb the chain to the top and become it.  Until it makes this crucial discovery, it will not know the Truth of itself, hence its identity could change drastically between lives as it searches for its True Self.  But, once the spacetime ego of a soul figures out just what it is, the game is on.  At this point, a soul can begin to consciously work its way up the mental chain of progress towards its highest self.  As it consciously climbs the chain, its personality will begin to solidify.  Each ascending link on the chain makes its consciousness grow stronger and more concrete.

So, to recapitulate quickly so I don’t get ahead of myself: To reach its highest self, its angel, the spacetime aspect of the soul must make the long climb up the great mind chain.  Each successive, ascending link on the chain represents a little bit higher self for the spacetime ego until the highest self is reached, i.e. until gnosis is reached  (please note: many of the greatest leaps up the chain are made by a mind when it disconnects from its host body, i.e at “death”, and thus gnosis is many times achieved by a sufficiently prepared and knowledgeable mind at bodily disconnect).  At first, a soul unconsciously climbs the chain via different spacetime bodies and egos (including progressing through the bodies and mind-forms of various plants and animals) until it is able to become conscious of what it Truly is.  Gaining the knowledge of its True identity simultaneously brings with it an upgrade in consciousness for a soul.  At that point, a soul’s personality/identity will begin to solidify as it consciously climbs the great chain straight to the top.  At the top it will be its perfect self, its perfect consciousness, its perfect ego, and its perfect identity.  At the top it will be Divine.

Now, the question was whether or not we maintain our spacetime identity/ego once we reach the top of this chain.  I think the easiest way to contemplate this question is to take a look at yourself.  I’m sure you have changed constantly throughout your life.  Each new thing you learn, each new experience that happens to you, and each new endeavor you take on, changes you.  Each time one of these changes occurs, do you  lose your identity because of the change?  No, of course you don’t.  You don’t lose your identity, but your identity has changed, it has improved, it has moved to a higher level.

Connecting with your highest self is similar to making small improvements to yourself throughout the course of your life in spacetime, albeit at a MUCH higher level.  Becoming your highest self is the culmination of the countless small improvements you make to yourself over the many lives you live within spacetime.  Your highest self, your angel so to speak, is simply the best you possible.  It is the 100% mathematically optimized you.  It is the smartest you.  It is the most creative you.  It is the most fulfilled you.  It is the healthiest you.  It is the strongest you.  It is the you who understands everything that is going on in the universe.  It is the you without any fear, anxiety, worry, or stress.  It is the you who can think perfectly.  It is the you who is no longer in need of a material body.  It is you as pure and perfect conscious mind.

Connecting with your internal angel doesn’t destroy your identity, it perfects it.  Neither does dying destroy the core of who you are (as long as the core of who you are is harmonious and consistent with the ontological mathematical Truth of the universe).  So-called death is necessary for your soul to be able to make the changes and improvements to itself that it needs in order to reach the top of the chain.  Just like how changing yourself in this particular life doesn’t cause you to lose your identity, neither do the extreme changes of dying or attaining gnosis cause you to lose the core of who you are (again, only as long as your core is in accord with universal Truth at bodily death, and with gnosis, your core will of course already be well in accord with the Truth of reality).

You will have many spacetime egos, but each one will be you, they will just be you at a little higher level of mind.  Similarly, when you reach your highest self–your True ego–you will still be you, you’ll just be you with full knowledge of who and what you Truly are. Your highest self will look back at all of its lower selves much as you now look back at yourself as a child.  So, to recapitulate with one sentence: You are currently striving to attain gnosis and connect to your highest self, once you do, you won’t be extinguished, you will be perfected.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that once you reach your very highest self, you will think as One with all of the other minds who have also been able to reach their highest selves.  This is because at the highest level of mind lies pure and perfect reason.  Once a mind, any mind, reaches that pinnacle of optimization, it will be thinking with perfect clarity, perfect reason, perfect intelligence, perfect logic, and perfect sanity.  This means all minds at the top of the chain will think the same, with perfect reason and logic.  This doesn’t mean that individual minds are extinguished at the highest level of the chain, it just means they are all in perfect and harmonious agreement, unity, and concord with one another.

So, to sum up: When you attain gnosis, or reach your highest self, or connect to your angel, you do not lose what it is that makes you you because, at that point in time, what it is that makes you you is in almost total agreement with reason, logic, mathematics and the Truth of the universe.  Reaching the top of the chain doesn’t cause you to lose your identity/ego, it gives you your perfect identity/ego, and from that point until the beginning of the next universal cycle, you get to enjoy the absolute splendor of living, mathematical perfection.

The Third Question

“Mathematics is mind.  Mathematics is life.  There is no other possible answer.  To think–which is what you are doing all the time–is to have experiences.  You experience your thoughts.  You experience the content conveyed by your sinusoidal thoughts.  This is inescapable.  You always get an experience with your thoughts.  That’s why the universe is alive, and not just a bunch of dead atoms, as science claims.”–From the book How to Create the Universe (The God Series Book 32) by Mike Hockney, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Question 3: ” Why do you believe that mathematics can give you answers to something there is no proof of? What I mean is, one can easily come to the conclusion that 1+1=2, but while the equations for truth are far more complex, solving an equation doesn’t necessarily SHOW you anything other than a concept. (I mean NO disrespect by this question. I’m honestly curious as to why you believe it.)”

My answer:

For this question, we have to talk a little bit about the difference between “proof” and “evidence”.  A proof is intellectual.  It is mathematical.  It is deductive.  It is mental.  It depends on reason and logic.  A valid proof can’t not be True, moreover, a valid proof is True forever.  A valid proof can never be overturned.  Mathematics doesn’t give you answers to something there is no proof of.  On the contrary, mathematics first proves to you the existence of an entire universe beyond the senses, a universe that there is not one shred of material evidence for, and then it gives you the answers to any questions you might have concerning this unseen world of the mind.  Mathematics–when studied as it Truly is using reason, logic, and Nature’s own philosophies of rationalism and idealism–reveals itself to be the very foundation of existence, i.e. it reveals itself to be the source of all things…the Arche.

On the other hand we have evidence.  Evidence is based on the human senses.  It is inductive and physical.  It depends on experience.  It is temporal.  Any so-called “truth” established by evidence can be overturned with new evidence.  This means evidence can never be the means of discovering the Truth of the universe, only reason and logic can.  When people say that there is no proof of something like the soul, what they mean to say is that there is no sensory evidence for it.  There is no sensory evidence for the soul because the soul isn’t located in space and time at all, hence it can leave no evidence within the material domain for the spacetime senses to pick up.  The soul exists outside of space and time, within the frequency domain of pure mind, and it can only be reached via reason and logic.  The soul is a 100% mathematical entity and it is completely defined by the most majestic mathematical formula of them all: Euler’s formula, which, when graphed, creates a unit circle on the complex plane.  So, there is certainly no sensory evidence for the soul and the afterlife, but there is most definitely adamantine mathematical, rational, and logical proof for it.

So, I don’t believe anything when it comes to ontological mathematics/reality, I get to know it.  This is because everything the authors of The God Series say, they back up with 100% reason, logic and mathematics.  They use reason, logic and mathematics and only reason, logic, and mathematics to mentally prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, everything they write in their books.  Once a mind begins to get the hang of clear, rational, and logical thinking, it no longer has a need for any spurious, sensory based evidence; indeed, a rational mind finds evidence and the senses entirely useless when it comes to understanding the True nature of reality.  So when you read The God Series or any of the other books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati, all you have to do is look at and be able to understand the mathematical proofs and the ironclad rationalist arguments contained within them, and then you will know that, exactly like 1+1=2, what these authors are saying can’t not be True (hey that rhymed!).

Let me see if I can adequately give you a simple proof of ontological mathematics and the soul/mind so that you can get an idea of what I mean.  If I do a decent job with this proof, it should demonstrate to you that the 100% mathematical soul, and hence the 100% mathematical reality that flows forth from it, is the only reality that can exist.  This proof will be a philosophical proof, meaning it won’t use any obvious mathematics, but it will use rationalist philosophy.  If you would like more of the detailed mathematics behind this philosophical proof, you can find them inside of The God Series by Mike Hockney and The Truth Series by Dr. Thomas Stark.

Though this rationalist proof won’t use mathematics, it’s important to realize that mathematics is how reason ontologically exists within the universe, hence rationalist philosophy is philosophy which is derived directly from the mathematical Truth of the universe.  Rationalist philosophy, being directly derived from mathematics via reason and logic, is the only form of philosophy that properly reflects reality.  It is the only form of philosophy that can interpret ontological mathematical reality correctly for humanity

Rationalist philosophers, i.e. ontological mathematicians, contend that reality is 100% intelligible (meaning that any intelligent mind can, with enough hard work and study, fully know everything there is to know about reality), and that there is a rational, logical, and mathematical reason for absolutely everything that exists within the universe.  If something were to exist for no reason, this would mean that is appeared out of thin air, out of non-existence, and hence it would be a miracle.

Both Mythos religion and empirical scientific materialism invoke miracles to “explain” the origins of the universe and everything in it.  Science and religion’s longstanding infatuation with miracles is the height of irrationality, and it is one of the many reasons why ontological mathematicians fiercely denounce them both.  Miracles are absurd figments of the human imagination.  They are rational, logical, and mathematical impossibilities, and thus they can have no place in rationalist philosophy or ontological mathematical reality.  Science and religion should be ashamed and embarrassed of themselves.

A rationalist philosopher doesn’t rely on her senses, feelings, mystical intuitions, or any other types of experiences to explain reality.  No, she relies only on reason, logic, and mathematics.  She knows that True reality was in existence LONG before the human senses came into existence, and she knows that True reality will still be in existence LONG after human beings and the human senses have left the stage.  Indeed, a rationalist philosopher understands that True reality is eternal.  She understands that it is exactly because of reality’s eternal nature that it can have nothing to do with any temporal human experiences or senses.  She knows that reality, in itself, lies within the domain of pure reason and intellect, the domain of pure logic and mathematics.  She knows that True reality is something far beyond human experience and perception.

So, to quickly sum up again.  For a philosophical rationalist, there is a mathematical reason for absolutely everything is existence, and this most definitely includes the physical senses.  Because of this, a rational, ontological mathematician does not use her senses and experiences to explain reason, logic, and mathematics.  On the contrary, a rationalist philosopher uses reason, logic, and mathematics to explain her senses and experiences.  This is the logical foundation that all ontological mathematicians begin their thinking from.

Alright, keeping all of the above in mind, we can now start our proof.  So to begin, let’s get a quick understanding of the key, cornerstone principle of rationalist philosophy.  This principle is called The Principle of Sufficient Reason (PSR for short).  The PSR states that for everything that exists in the universe, there is a sufficient reason why it exists in the way that it does and not in some other way.  The PSR also states that if something has a sufficient reason for its existence within the universe, and there is no sufficient reason in the universe that is preventing it from existing, then that thing MUST exist.  In other words, anything without a sufficient reason doesn’t exist, and can’t exist, and anything with a sufficient reason must exist, as long as there is no sufficient reason preventing it from existing.  Again, because it can’t be stressed enough: the PSR is the basis of rationalism, and anyone who refuses to accept this principle has ipso facto proven themselves to be irrational, and hence unable to contemplate the True nature of reality/existence.

The PSR says that there is a reason for everything that exists in the universe.  It is the core principle that all philosophical rationalists come back to whenever they contemplate anything.  It is reason itself.  Anybody who says the PSR is false is saying that things can spring into existence out of thin air, for no reason at all.  Again, they are saying that things can happen by miracles.  Both scientific materialism and story book religion reject the PSR, and this is what makes them both insane.  Scientists and the religious are the irrationalists who believe in miracles and reject reason, logic, and mathematics (Note: the mathematics that science uses has been mangled and twisted by the fallacious “philosophies” of empiricism and materialism, hence isn’t True mathematics at all).

Okay, now that we know a little bit about the PSR, we need to think about what the compulsory ground state of the universe/existence is.  This ground state energy is what ontological mathematics/existence/reality must reflect at all times.  Using the PSR, we work out that the ground state energy of the universe can only be perfect zero, i.e. perfect nothing.  There is no sufficient reason for the universe to have a ground state greater than zero.  There is, however, a sufficient reason for the ground state to be zero.  Any ground state energy greater than zero (in either the positive or negative direction) requires something to start it going and keep it going, not to mention that it could be stopped as well.  Zero/nothing, on the other hand, doesn’t require anything at all, and there is no force that can stop zero.

Alright, keep zero in mind for a bit because we are going to come right back to it shortly.  But before we continue our exploration of zero, we must ask ourselves another question, namely: What is the fundamental particle of existence, and how does this particle relate to zero?  In answering this question, we must use a philosophical idea that is closely related to the PSR.  This idea is called Occam’s razor.  Occam’s razor is the principle of simplicity and economy.  It states: “entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity”.  In other words, when looking at competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.  This means that when thinking about what the fundamental particle of existence is, we must think of the simplest possible particle that can be the basis and foundation for ALL other particles.

So, mathematically, what would be the simplest possible particle?  Well, the point is the basic unit of geometry so it stands to reason that the point is also the simplest possible particle.  There is nothing more simple and economical than the mathematical point.  Its the very first thing you learn about in geometry.  Everything in geometry is built out of the perfect point.  Let’s return to the idea of zero/nothing now and see if the simple point is in agreement with it.  In relation to zero/nothing, this is precisely what the mathematical point is–it is nothing.  So, the point/nothing correlates perfectly with existence’s compulsory ground state energy of zero/nothing, and hence the point perfectly fits the criteria required by the PSR to be the fundamental particle of existence.

Now, there are two types of mathematical points allowed by the PSR.  Let’s start with with the first kind of point–the stationary, static mathematical point.  A static mathematical point has no properties at all.  It has no mass, no extension, no dimensionality, and no content.  A static point is a stationary point, it is nothing, it is non-existence.  It has no effects.  It has no consequences.  A static point is pure, abstract, unreal, and non-ontological zero.

We self-evidently exist and are something, hence a particle of pure nonexistence can’t be our fundamental particle.  So let’s think for a minute.  Is there anything that can be done with the static point to turn it from nothing into something?  Remember, whatever we do to our static point to turn it form nothing into something must not violate the PSR, i.e. whatever we do with our point to turn it from nothing into something must keep it at the compulsory ground state energy of zero, and it must keep it there at all times.

The only thing we can do with our static point without violating the PSR is add motion to it, and this brings us to our second kind of mathematical point–the moving point or flowing point.  Why doesn’t adding motion to our point violate the PSR?  Remember, by the PSR, if it is possible for a point to move (which it is, as we’ll see in a bit), and there is no sufficient reason for it not to move, then it must move.  There is only one thing that could stop a point-particle from moving, and that is if its motion caused its energy to become greater than the zero ground state energy of the universe.  The only type of movement we can make our fundumental particle perform, without causing it to defy the PSR mandated ground state of the universe, is perfect, circular motion, i.e. motion entirely defined and contained by Euler’s formula.

A point-particle moving around an Eulerian circle at a constant speed samples each point on the circle’s circumference in perfect succession.  No points on the circle are favored by the particle over any other points.  Each point flows into each other point smoothly, uniformly, and at a constant speed, leaving no gaps, making no leaps, taking no discontinuous actions, and forming a plenum with all other points, exactly as is required by reality.

Now, why is a point moving around a complex numbered circle defined by Euler’s formula the only type of circle and point that can define our fundamental particle of existence?  Remember, our fundamental particle/circle is the particle/circle of the universe, it is the particle/circle of reality, it is the particle/circle of eternity, hence it must stay 100% mathematically stable, complete, and consistent at absolutely all times.

The universe must have a 100% perfect and certain foundation.  This foundation can’t have any flaws or uncertainties, otherwise the entire structure of reality would collapse and there could be no existence at all.  Any mathematical operation applied to the mathematical universe must not result in any contradictions since these contradictions would also destroy the universe.  This means that the universe is made up of absolutely all numbers, both real and imaginary, positive and negative.  This means that this is a complex numbered universe, and the only version of mathematics that is eternally stable, complete and consistent under all operations and transformations is the version that derives from a single, complex numbered Master Formula of mathematics.  This single formula is called Euler’s Formula, but ontological mathematicians refer to it as The God Equation, The Goddess Equation, The Divine Equation, The Soul Equation, or The Mind Equation.  A single master formula of mathematics cannot be incomplete or inconsistent with regard to itself, and it is stable under all mathematical operations, exactly as is required by the universe.

Euler’s Formula is represented by the trigonometric unit circle in the complex coordinate plane.  The 2 dimensional complex plane is made up of one real numbered number line and one imaginary numbered number line, and these two lines meet at a 90 degree (or pi/2 radian) angle precisely at zero.  Take a look at the graph of Euler’s formula shown below:

This is a 2 dimensional graph of the soul.  Our moving point-particle sits on the circumference of the unit circle and is connected to the graph’s origin by the circle’s radius, which forms the hypotenuse of a right triangle whenever the radius is located in between the axes of the graph.  Now, imagine a point-particle moving around the circumference of the circle.  As the particle moves around the Euler unit circle, it passes through all possible positive and negative, real and imaginary numbers, and the angle it creates with the graph’s origin is in constant flux.  When every point on the unit circle is actualized by the actual moving point particle, the net energy result is zero.  This is because every positive real and imaginary number in the complex plane is matched by its exact opposite negative number.  This perfect combination of opposites is actualized as a point-particle flows around the unit circle, and it is exactly the combination of these countless positive and negative, real and imaginary numbers with their opposites that allows a soul to maintain a perfect zero energy state at ALL times, and this is of course the compulsory ground state universal energy required by the PSR and Occam’s razor.  This is how nothing becomes something: via the perfect circular motion of a dimensionless, complex numbered point-particle.  Nothing/zero is, in actuality, everything.

In ontological mathematics, we call this point that moves in a perfect Eulerian circular trajectory The Flowing Point.  It is the flowing point that perfectly satisfies the ontological requirements of both the PSR and Occam’s razor.  It is the flowing point that allows us to exist.  It is the flowing point that is the fundamental particle of existence.  The flowing point is number, it is frequency, it is energy, it is existence, it is reality, it thought, it is light.  The mathematical interactions of a myriad of flowing points is what generates space, time, matter, and absolutely everything else in the universe.

So we have found our answer.  We now know what the compulsory ground state energy of existence is, and we have discovered a particle that perfectly meets the rational requirements of the PSR and Occam’s razor for this ground state.  You might also have noticed that we have inadvertently demonstrated the origin of motion within the universe via our proof of ontological mathematics.  Empirical scientific materialism claims that motion somehow results from time.  We have just shown that motion has nothing to do with time and everything to do with the PSR.  In fact, it is the PSR mandated perfect circular motion of a flowing point that gives rise to time.  Time is simply imaginary numbered space.  Motion doesn’t derive from either time or space, on the contrary, it derives from perfect reason.  Perfect reason creates perfect motion, and then perfect motion creates everything else.  But I digress.

The flowing point is the fundamental particle of existence.  It is perfect symmetry and balance and everything comes from it.  A stationary point is nonexistence and hence meaningless, but a flowing point is existence and the definition of meaning.  Flowing points are what the universe is made of.  The Eulerian circle that the flowing point moves in is the only kind of circle that is compatible with an eternally stable, complete, and consistent version of mathematics, the True version of mathematics, i.e. ontological mathematics.

So, by the PSR, flowing points have a sufficient reason for existing and there is NO sufficient reason stopping them from existing, for this reason, flowing points MUST exist, i.e. it’s impossible for them not to exist.  A flowing point results in perfect zero energy.  In other words, a flowing point results in nothing, which, in actuality, is everything.  Existence is possible because existence is the flowing point, and the flowing point  requires nothing, it’s defined by dynamic zero.  We exist because we are perfect mathematical nothing, we require nothing, and nothing can stop us from existing.  Existence exists because existence is zero, and absolutely nothing can stop zero from existing.

At this point in our proof of ontological mathematics, we have discovered our fundamental particle of existence, and now it’s time to talk a bit about the soul.  Once you have determined the compulsory ground state energy of existence and the fundamental particle that goes along with it, it then becomes possible to define the soul 100% rationally, logically, and mathematically.  So let’s do it.

To begin, it’s crucial to realize that since it is possible for one fundamental zero particle to exist, it is possible for a Myriad of zero particles to exist.  Because there is no sufficient reason preventing the existence of one zero energy point particle, there is likewise no sufficient reason preventing the existence of a multiplicity of zero energy point particles.  This is what Ultimate reality consists of: countless zero energy point particles, moving in perfect circular trajectories at a constant speed for all eternity, and resulting in a ground state energy of exactly zero at all times.

Now, as these innumerable flowing points move around their respective Euler unit circles, they simultaneously produce sine and cosine energy waves of every possible frequency.  You can get an understanding of this operation in basic trigonometry when you practice analyzing and drawing sinusoidal functions.  These ontological sinusoidal energy waves are none other than the photonic thoughts I was writing about with the first question.  Below are a couple of  videos presented by Khan Academy which show how these countless sinusoidal energy waves are produced by the Euler unit circle:

A mind/soul is a full, complete, and consistent set of these countless flowing points, and, like the fundamental flowing point particles it is comprised of, it is entirely located outside of space and time, within the dimensionless frequency domain of pure and perfect light/mind.

The soul is a metaphysical set of Euler unit circles of every conceivable frequency, all centered on the same logical origin, and all resulting in a net energy of perfect zero.  This means that the soul itself also has a net energy of perfect zero.  In other words, the net energy result of all the flowing points contained within a soul/mind, when taken together, is perfect zero.  The soul is perfect zero.  The soul is a complete and consistent set of nested concentric circles of every possible amplitude and frequency, each one with a flowing point moving around its circumference and producing a sine and cosine energy wave for all eternity, and again, the net result of all this sinusoidal energy, when taken together, is perfect zero.

The mind/soul is the entity that contains a complete and consistent set of flowing points of every possible frequency, and these flowing points are of course synonymous with thoughts.  A mind is an entity that generates innumerable thoughts in the form of sinusoidal energy waves, and it does so forever.  A mind/soul is the container of pure energy, of pure light, of pure frequency, of pure life.  It is the container of pure photonic thought.  The soul itself is the necessary, uncreated, uncaused, indestructible, and eternal basis of existence.  The soul is the uncaused cause that causes all things.

Every single mind/soul in the universe contains all the laws of ontological mathematics encoded inside of itself, thus all souls can communicate perfectly with each other using existence’s very own language of ontological mathematics.  This is how everything in the universe mathematically knows exactly what to do at all possible times and in all possible circumstances.

Mathematics is the only substance that actually exists within the universe, and it is a substance that inherently contains reason, organization, and purposeful design.  This is why the universe is rational, organized, and designed for a specific reason, i.e. it is entirely made out of mathematics.  The soul is the precise origin of the hyperrational laws of ontological mathematics, and ontological mathematics is the precise origin of objective reality and everything else.  The soul is the basis of existence.

One more time, because it simply can’t be said enough: The soul is a dimensionless container of infinite circles, of infinite flowing points, of infinite basis particles, of infinite sinusoidal energy waves, of infinite frequency, of infinite number, of infinite light, of infinite thought, of infinite life–and all of this infinite energy results, thanks to the amazing properties of mathematics and numbers, in net zero energy.

And finally, we have one last thing to think about in our proof of ontological mathematics, and that is the objective universe. The objective universe itself is nothing other than the mathematical interactions of all the myriad souls in existence.  Just as a single soul is centered on a single logical origin and contains all possible Euler circles, the Universal Soul is likewise centered on this single logical origin and it likewise contains all of the individual souls in existence.  Also, since the soul is simply a vast collection of all possible zero energy point particles, and the objective universe is simply the collection of all the souls in existence, then it follows that the universe itself is also a perfect zero energy entity.  In other words, the universe exists for the exact same reason souls exist and fundamental point particles exist: Because it is an expressions of perfect zero, and nothing can stop perfect zero from existing .

So, to recapitulate this long answer to your question: By the PSR, perfect zero, i.e. dynamic, full zero, is the only thing that can and must exist.  The fundamental point particle of the universe is perfect zero, hence the fundamental point particle can and must exist.  The soul is comprised of all possible fundamental point particles, hence the soul is also perfect zero, and for this reason it too can and must exist.  The universe is comprised of all the myriad souls in existence, thus the universe, like all of its constituent parts, is also perfect zero, and for this reason the universe can and must exist.  This is a basic, philosophical proof of ontological mathematics, and, if I did it justice, it should hopefully show you some of the reasoning behind ontological mathematics.  As I said previously, you can find this proof along with many other proofs of ontological mathematics within all of the books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati.

The Fourth Question

“We live inside a giant cosmic Mind, and we ourselves our autonomous nodes in that Mind.  If we called the cosmic Mind “God”, we would have a system not unlike the empirical idealism of the philosopher Bishop Berkeley.  But since empiricism is just the experiential flip side of rationalism, we can easily convert Berkeley’s empirical idealism into the rational idealism of Leibniz and Hegel.  We can underpin Berkeley’s philosophy with hard mathematics rather than some airy fairy “God”.  We are extremely far from the “Kansas” of scientific materialism”.–From the book How to Create the Universe (The God Series Book 32) by Mike Hockney, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Question 4: “If angels (monads) are mental singularities, how are there multiple “singularities”? Doesn’t the idea of multiple singularities logically contradict itself?”

My answer:

We pretty much answered this question in thinking about the previous questions above.  A zero/infinity monadic mind is a mental singularity.  We learned above that a mind/soul is a complete and consistent set of flowing points with a resultant net energy of exactly zero.  We also learned that, by the PSR, if there is nothing that can stop one zero from existing (which we discovered there isn’t), then there is nothing that can stop a multiplicity of zeros from existing.  This is how there can exist a community of monads, a community of zero/infinity singularities, a community of minds.

Monads are dynamic zeros, and nothing can stop zero from existing because zero is a special kind of nothing, a nothing that is composed of everything.  The reasons which allow for one zero to exist are the exact same reasons which allow for many zeros to exist.  The existence of multiple singularities is also proven by the fact that every time a star of sufficient size dies out and collapses, it produces a black hole singularity.  So there are most definitely a multiplicity of singularities, both rationalism and empiricism demonstrate this to be true.

The singularity you are thinking of in your question is the Singularity of singularities.  Let me explain a bit.  There is only one core Singularity, but it is composed of a multiplicity of individual singularities.  Now, the crucial thing to realize, and what I think will answer your question, is that all of these myriad individual singularities are centered on the exact same origin.  This cosmic origin for all monads is the dead center of existence, and it is around this logical center that all Euler circles revolve.  This exact center of existence is the universal Collective Singularity, and there is only one such point, but this Collective Singularity is comprised of a community of individual singularities.

So, the Singularity of singularities can be thought of THE single point which all other singularities are centered on, and which all the flowing points of reality revolve around and result in net zero energy.  This is the Singularity you were thinking of when you wrote your question.  The Singularity of singularities is the dimensionless frequency domain of Collective Mind located outside of space and time.  It is the cosmic Origin for the Monadic Collective (i.e. the collection of all monads), it is their/our collective home.  The Collective Singularity is the logical Origin which the entire universe is built on top of.  It is from here that the myriad monads/minds/souls of the universe release their never ending flow of sinusoidal wavefunctions, and, by doing so, they create space, time and matter.

The Fifth Question

“Humanity has always regarded math as a weird, unreal abstraction.  Only a few geniuses here and there have realized otherwise.  Mathematics is the most concrete thing of all–eternally concrete.  Thoughts are numbers.  What could be more bizarre to an ordinary human mind?  Reality is just an enormous numerical system, relentlessly solving and optimizing itself.  Numbers = frequencies = energies.”

“Why is math so good at describing the world?  Because the world is mathematical!  Duh!  Why are numbers exactly the right things to measure the world?  Because the world is made of numbers!”

“As soon as you realize that thoughts, numbers, life, energy, motion, frequencies and waves are all ways of talking about the same thing, it’s obvious why mathematics is the explanation for everything.”–From the book How to Create the Universe (The God Series Book 32) by Mike Hockney, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Question 5: “How do these “angels” interact with each other out of physical form?”

My answer:

Angels interact with each other out of physical form in the same way that all souls do, i.e. they interact and communicate with each other mentally, via mathematics, the language of existence.  This mathematical communication and interaction takes place outside of space and time, within the collective frequency Singularity of pure mind.

Don’t forget, all souls are in the process of ascending the great mental chain of evolution.  As souls climb higher and higher up the chain, they become more and more skilled at utilizing the language of existence (i.e. mathematics) to communicate and interact with each other.  In fact, it is a soul’s proficiency in nature’s True language that allows it to ascend to higher links on the chain, and it is perfect proficiency in this language that allows a soul to reach the top of the chain.  An angel is a highly optimized soul who is very near the top of the chain.  This means that angels can utilize mental/mathematical communication and interaction in the frequency domain to a MUCH higher degree than souls lower on the chain.

Souls such as angels, who are near the top of the great mental chain of evolution, experience reality differently from souls lower on the chain.  The more optimized a soul is, the more it can utilize the frequency domain and the less it has to deal with space, time, and matter.  Angels and other higher souls can communicate and interact with each other perfectly via mathematics.  They are much more tuned into the rational fiber and fabric of existence than souls lower along the chain.  The most optimized souls of all can enter and exit spacetime by their own conscious will.  That sounds like a good deal to me!


“Don’t bother with meditation or prayer.  If you want something to contemplate then contemplate mathematics.  To all those who doubt mathematics, we simply ask, “Why?”  What possible reason could you have for thinking that anything other than math is the basis of existence?  Anything you propose as an alternative to math will be irrational, illogical, inconsistent and incomplete.  So, if you want to be supporting a rational, rather than miraculous, answer to existence, you have nowhere to go but math.”–From the book How to Create the Universe (The God Series Book 32) by Mike Hockney, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Alright Dean, I think that about does it!  I know this thing turned out massive and I hope I didn’t cause you more confusion with it.  I’ve tried my hardest to make this response as comprehensible as I possibly can, but I’m well aware that I have limitations as a writer and this information can be tricky even when it is presented by experts.  So, if there is anything I didn’t make clear, please feel free to ask me about it and I’ll try my best to explain it a little bit better.  Also, if any other questions have arisen upon your reading of this blog post, feel free to ask about them as well and I’ll do my best to help you out.

I truly love thinking about, talking about, and writing about ontological mathematics, so thank you Dean for asking some great questions and allowing me to do the thing I love most!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you soon 🙂


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  1. Brad,
    Thank you for this. It definitely clears up a lot of confusion. While I can’t say I’ve fully grasped everything you’ve written, I do plan on going over all of the information you provided multiple times to make sure I got it.

    I just want to say that I think what youre doing here is awesome. Whether or not anyone who reads your posts tajes it seriously, I feel youre doing something incredibly important. I think for me, its not so much that the information the books provide is super confusing, its just a lot of words. The same points are repeated over and over, and I know there’s a couple reasons for that, but with so many books at the length that they are its easy to get impatient.

    Not every single person is going to have the time and motivation to read that many books, but they’re still going to want a lot of the questions I asked at least broken down for them which I why I really appreciate what youre doing. I myself plan on continuing my reading, but because I’ve researched a lot about philosophy and the big questions for many years, and have been through so many different theories and methods, I just needed some answers without having to go through an endless amount of reading. I know that probably sounds lazy but it gets exhausting.

    You did an excellent job at breaking down the answers as simple as you could. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I do have more questions, and yes, there will be more after going through this post a couple more times over. But to start, here are a couple that hopefully won’t require too much explanation:

    1.) In the first book of the God Series, as well as the “Angelism” book by Jack Tanner, the authors touch on the ideas of morals and sin. In terms of illuminism and reaching gnosis, is good and bad irrelevant? Is there no such thing? Are morals not a concern?

    2.) You spoke of reaching gnosis. Can you possibly explain what that consists of? I’ve read some about it but still feel a little lost on what gnosis actually is other than reaching “enlightenment”.

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  2. 3.) I also noticed a pattern of, for lack of a better word “disgust” for things in the space time dimension. Does this mean we are to abandon things like love for our families/significant others, sex, food, music, or anything else that can be enjoyed in the physical world?

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    1. Thank you very much for the encouraging words Dean, I truly appreciate it 🙂

      I can definitely help you out with these three new questions. As I’m sure you’ve now realized, it takes me a while to write out relatively coherent responses to philosophical questions, so please give me a couple of days to properly respond to your newest comments.

      Thanks again for reading, and I’ll post up my response asap!

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      1. No worries! If the questions become too much for you to focus on, do not hesitate to let me know. I do know some homework is meant to be done alone haha. I know you like answering them, but I recognize that you have spent a lot of time and effort on these very questions yourself throughout the course of the u years youve been studying this content, so to just give out the answers like this may not be what you want.

        If however you truly like doing this, then the questions will always be there whether its from me or someone else. With that said, I have. Fourth question to add:

        4.) If we inhabit multiple physical beings through our journey to gnosis, why do we not remember past lives, the experiences we had in the frequency domain, and our higher selves when we return to the physical domain?

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      2. Hey Dean, I just wanted to let you know I got a bit sick over the last few days which is why I haven’t written a response to your questions. I’m starting to feel better now and I plan to start working on a decent response tomorrow. I’ll post it up as soon as I’m done. Talk to you soon 🙂

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      3. Hey Dean, after getting a little sick I then got a lot lazy! I just wanted to let you know I began working on a response tonight. I know you said no rush but I felt bad and wanted to shoot you a quick update. Talk to you soon 🙂

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      4. Hi Brad, how are you doing? I just wanted to check up and see if you ever managed to get a response written or not! If not its completely fine. Just making sure I’m not missing anything lol. Hope you are well!

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      5. Hey Dean, I’m doing well, thank you for asking 🙂

        So I’ve been meaning to write an article on Illuminism/ontological mathematics and morality for a couple of years now, and I thought now would be a great time to do it because of your comments. I started reviewing the Illuminati’s writings on morality and taking some notes, but once I actually sat down to write the article I ended up getting got caught up with a bunch of everyday life nonsense. To make a long story short, I haven’t finished the response yet. So no, you haven’t missed anything at all–I’m just taking forever on my article lol! I’ll make sure to shoot you an email once it’s done so that you can see it.

        My apologies for the multiple delays though. I hope you are doing well too and I will talk to you soon Dean!

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