Let’s Make The Human Rights Movement Great Again


“A monad is a system of sinusoids stretching from very low frequency (low energy) sinusoids to very high frequency (high energy) sinusoids. High energy sinusoids are mathematically non-shareable in any physical sense and are confined within monads. Low energy sinusoids by contrast are mathematically shareable, by which we mean that they can enter into linear combinations with sinusoids of other monads, and thereby be perceived as “matter” in “space” and “time”. To put it another way, the objective physical world is a low energy sinusoidal domain, whose contents are supplied by all monads.”–From the book The Book of Mind: Seeking Gnosis (The Truth Series 5) by Dr. Thomas Stark, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Here is some Truth for you. Our physical bodies exist within a VAST Collective Mind that is comprised of all the individual minds in existence–your mind is one of these countless individual minds and so is mine. Within the Collective mind resides Collective Thought. Collective Thought is objective thought, and it is from Collective Thought that space, time, and matter are created. In other words, our seemingly physical bodies are in reality mental bodies that are made out of Collective Thought.

The Collective Mind is a 6-dimensional domain of pure mathematics. Each of our individual minds is a 0-dimensional domain of pure mathematics. It is dimensionless mathematics that mathematically gives rise to dimensional mathematics. In other words, dimensional mathematics couldn’t exist without the dimensionless mathematics that underpins it. MIND = MATHEMATICS = EVERYTHING.

The Collective Mind is what scientific materialists term the spacetime domain. In actuality, so-called space and time are simply different aspects of ontological mathematics (i.e. the mathematics of existence), with space being a product of real numbers and time being a product of imaginary numbers. The mathematics (i.e. Collective Thought) of the Collective Mind is experienced by all of the individual minds that comprise it as a dimensional domain of “solid”, “physical”, “material”, and “temporal” objects. In truth, the objects within the Collective Mind are neither solid, physical, material, nor temporal; on the contrary, they are 100% mathematical = mental. “Physicality” is dimensional mathematics and dimensional mathematics is objective thought.

To quickly reiterate: the Collective Mind of dimensionality is comprised of innumerable individual minds. Each one of these individual minds is an autonomous domain of dimensionless mathematics that is located outside of the Collective Mind. The countless individual and dimensionless minds of existence work together to form the mental framework that the Collective Mind lives inside of. In other words, the Collective Mind wouldn’t and couldn’t exist without all of the individual minds who comprise it. The Collective Mind is a product of countless individual minds working in perfect harmony with each other. Each of the innumerable individual minds are themselves comprised of innumerable individual thoughts, and some of these individual thoughts can be shared within the Collective Mind, hence creating Collective Thought.

The “Big Bang” event talked about by scientific materialism is an ongoing event which gives rise to the dimensional domain of space, time, and matter via a Cosmic process of mental individuation. During this individuation process, all of the individual thoughts within all of the individual minds become totally disordered. This internal mental disorder naturally causes extreme confusion, doubt, ignorance, unconsciousness, and endarkenment within all of the Universal minds that make up space and time. It is this excruciating confusion, doubt, ignorance, unconsciousness, and endarkenment that the minds of existence must correct if they are to ever know peace, both internally and externally. This is the entire point of existence.

The Sacred Cause and Cosmic Goal of all individual minds is to restore their own internal mental order. It is the restoration of mental order that brings an individual mind to perfect knowledge, clarity, and certainty of what it is and what its Universe is. In short, all of the minds that comprise existence (of which yours is one and so is mine) are currently engaged in the grand process of ending the extreme confusion, doubt, ignorance, unconsciousness, and endarkenment brought about by the individuation process of the Big Bang. They accomplish this Cosmic feat via educating themselves about the true, mathematical nature of reality. It is this hyperrational education that will eventually lead an individual mind to the complete restoration of its own internal mental order.

The ending of all individual mental confusion, doubt, ignorance, unconsciousness, and endarkenment equates to the attainment of full certainty, clarity, knowledge, consciousness, enlightenment, gnosis, optimization, and divinity for an individual mind. Full consciousness = enlightenment = gnosis = divinity. All individual minds attaining gnosis and becoming divine equates to the Collective Mind attaining Gnosis and becoming Divine. The cosmic task of all the individual minds in the Universe is to bring the Universe itself to Divine and Enlightened Consciousness by bringing themselves to divine and enlightened consciousness. Bringing the Collective Mind to Full and Divine Consciousness via the complete restoration of mental symmetry and order is quite literally the purpose of existence. It is the purpose of your existence and it is the purpose of mine. Divinity is the purpose of ALL minds in existence.

The Endarkened Ones

“Trumpanzees hate being called regressive.  But what could be more regressive than electing a billionaire member of the super-rich elite, an anti-meritocratic beneficiary of a vast inheritance, to the White House?  You would never catch these people voting for a school teacher, a scientist, an artist, a writer, a philosopher.  The person they vote for is the person they want to be, the person whose lifestyle they desire.  They lust after Trump’s life and wealth, not the life of a teacher, a scientist, an artist, a writer, a philosopher.  As Joseph de Maistre said, “Every nation gets the government it deserves.”  Right-wingers deserve appalling leaders.  After all, they are appalling people.  They wouldn’t know how to vote for a decent, creative, intelligent human being.”–From the book Why God Should Go to Hell:  How God Is Outside the Moral Order by Joe Dixon, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Now, there are many individual minds within the Collective Mind who actively fight against the attainment of enlightenment and divinity. These are the endarkened minds of the Cosmos. They are the devils that make the Collective Mind a hellacious place to be for so many other minds. They are found on every planet where consciousness is beginning to unfold, and they are the very beings who must be overcome if consciousness is to flourish and reach its omega point.

On our planet, we refer to these endarkened minds as “right-wingers”. Right-wingers are those of us on planet Earth whose conscious thoughts are the most disordered. They are the least enlightened of us.  They are the least conscious of us.  They are the least optimized of us.  They are the humans least able to think logically, rationally and wisely about ANYTHING.  Right-wingers are unable to evolve and progress.  They are unable to learn and grow.  And the worst thing about all of this is that, due to their disordered consciousness and endarkened nature, right-wingers do not even remotely realize how fucked up they are.  On the contrary, they think that they are SUPREME, and that everyone else should bow to them or die terribly.

The truth is that right-wingers CAN’T grow and evolve for the simple and frightening reasons that 1) THEY DON’T WANT TO, and 2) THEY DON’T THINK THEY NEED TO.  Moreover, they will idiotically resist, fight, and KILL those who try to assist them with their self-imposed idiocy.  Right-wingers could grow, evolve, learn, progress, and work their own thoughts into much more beautiful and symmetrical patterns (thereby working the Collective Mind into a more beautiful and symmetrical pattern) if they so chose, but the fact of the matter is that they consciously CHOOSE to be ignorant little twits.  It is this conscious choice to be ignorant that makes them evil, and, ironically, keeps them from gaining any higher level of consciousness.  In short, right-wingers use their shitty little consciousness to consciously stunt the growth of their consciousness.  How insane is that?

Right-wingers, with their low level of consciousness, can’t handle the complexities of an organized human society where everyone is harmoniously cooperating and working together for the benefit of humanity as a whole.  Because of their voluntary deficiency in consciousness, right-wingers prefer the simplicity of humanity’s ignorant, superstitious, lunatic, and brutal past (and hence cause our present day to be one of ignorance, superstition, lunacy, and brutality).  This is why right-wingers adhere to ludicrous and overtly EVIL religions that were invented thousands of years ago by the sick human mind.  This is why they all follow fabricated, irrational, intolerant, dangerous, decrepit, poisonous, divisive, corrupt, and violent ideologies, philosophies, political parties, and religions.  This is why they are unable to embrace change and progress.  This is why they are so filled with white hot hate for ANYONE who doesn’t follow whatever specific form of right-wing insanity that they subscribe to.  This is why they want to publicly rape, torture, lynch, and mutilate anyone they deem to be their enemy (and this lengthy enemies list is by no means limited to the hated left-wing; no, it marks for destruction all rival right-wing groups as well).

The out of whack right-wing mind is the mind of a cunning predator that is only out for itself; only this predator has now become conscious and thus infinitely more deadly. Because of their conscious proclivity for predation, right-wingers aren’t able to think critically, clearly, intelligently, wisely, fairly and unselfishly about ANYTHING concerning organized human society.

As conscious predators, these right-wing “people” are all totally enthrall to their selfish instincts, and thus constantly (and hilariously) trying to find ways to justify their deadly avarice as they cheat and rob their fellow humans at every possible opportunity.  It is for this exact reason that right-wingers should NEVER be allowed to participate in the ordering and organization of human society, and they should be permanently barred from having ANY power within or over society.  It is for this exact reason that all right-wingers should be expelled from society and locked up in a school somewhere to be reeducated until they become conscious enough to handle all of the intricacies of an organized, intelligent, progressive, peaceful, happy, healthy, harmonious, and united human society; i.e. a human society headed for DIVINITY.

The Fifth Column Within The Human Rights Movement

“In France, members of the Dominican Order of Roman Catholicism were known as Jacobins because their first monastery in Paris was in the Rue St. Jacques. When a group of French Revolutionaries rented the refectory of a Dominican monastery, they were nicknamed the Jacobin Club. The Jacobins set up chapters all over France and became the dominant force in revolutionary France. The Club was shut down after the fall of its most influential members, the Illuminists Robespierre and Saint-Just.

“The Jacobins are often branded proto-communists and extreme left wingers. In fact, they were simply those who wished to create a Republic of just laws based on the principles of freedom, equality, and brotherhood. What’s extreme with that? They were determined to bring to an end the evil tyranny of despotic rule by a king and the privileged elites who supported him. What’s wrong with that?

“Isn’t it time for new Jacobin Clubs around the world, sustained by the internet? The Jacobin Clubs changed France and the whole world. They did it before and they can do it again. The New World Order–the implementation of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Social Contract–is the prize that awaits the rebirth of Jacobinism, the irresistible force that destroyed the corrupt monarchy of Louis XVI. Louis was a leading member of the Old World Order. The Jacobins are those who can deliver the world from the stranglehold of the Old World Order. The OWO are terrified of the Jacobins.”–From the book The Illuminati (The Illuminati Series Book 1) by Adam Weishaupt a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

The only thing that the right-wing shit brain can focus on is its own naked self-interest.  This means that all right-wingers are susceptible to any manner of lunacy.  Abrahamism, Karmism, libertarianism, Ayn Rand, predatory capitalism, the rich 1%, scientific materialism, conspiracy theories, conspiracy theorists, racism, misogyny, homophobia, hate-groups, new ageism, pacifism: These are just a small taste of the total insanity brought to us on a daily basis by the right-wing.  And if you have to ask why I include new agers and pacifists in my list of right-wing psychopathy, then you might be a right-winger yourself.

No truly progressive, left-wing person would EVER take new ageism or pacifism seriously for a second.  New ageism is predatory capitalism pretending to care about “love” and “light” so that it can MAKE MONEY.  Almost all new age people are beguiled by one predatory capitalist (hence RIGHT-WING) guru or another.  All pacifists (even when they are not blatant, “love and light” new age worshipers of the rich) are submissives.  Being submissive and “non-violent”, they will NEVER do a goddamn thing to stop the relentless and grinding growth of the right-wing machine of death and destruction that they claim to be against.

It is exactly the dogmatic “non-violence” of today’s mainstream social justice and human rights movement that allows for violence, oppression, exploitation, and social injustice of every type to not only exist, but increase all around our world.  And the worst thing of all about these new age and pacifist “activists”, the thing that makes them truly sinister, is that they will do anything in their power to stop the activities of real (i.e. rational and militant) activists, including going straight to the PIGs for some good old fashioned snitching.  This is why new agers and pacifists are total right-wingers.  They are a deadly fifth column within the human rights and social justice movement that must be expelled before it’s too late.

As we so-called human rights activists sit stationary in streets to stop traffic for a few minutes, or march pointlessly down streets holding signs and shouting slogans, or glue ourselves to bank doors, or chain ourselves to trees, or have “die-ins”, or disrupt the speech of some right-wing scum sucker, or hold candle light vigils, or have rallies, or “bear moral witness”, or perform any other manner of useless symbolism encouraged by the cowardly pacifists, the rich laugh all the way to the bank and their death machine rolls on ever faster, crushing ALL in its global path.

The New Jacobins

“Why does no one give any thought to what a society should be based on? Until you get that right, everything else will be wrong. The optimization of the people should be the sole purpose of society, yet society has never optimized anything other than the power and wealth of private elites. That has always been the problem. Monarchs have been replaced by business magnates and media moguls. The kings of the world have been replaced by the Masters of the Universe.

“Left wing politics is always about the public good, the good of the collective. Right wing politics is always about the private good, the good of the (rich) individual. We have always lived in a right wing world. Even left wing regimes have usually ended up serving private elites. Communist regimes were, in the end, all about the senior officials of the Communist Party, not about the people.

“We need genuine, radical left wing politics. No one could accuse the French Revolutionary Jacobins of being in it for themselves. Even Robespierre’s worst enemies acknowledged that he lived extremely modestly and was incorruptible. All of the Jacobin leaders lived humbly. Unlike any other leaders, they did not embark on an automatic program of massive self-enrichment, which is what everyone else immediately does on coming to power. Do you imagine that Trump will be poorer when he leaves the White House? The Presidency was just another business opportunity, designed to promote the Trump brand.

“When we sing together, our hearts start to beat together. Collective singing is left wing. Right wingers don’t want us to sing together. They do not want our hearts to beat together, but always separately. Right wingers love the individual singer, and they love discord…the people singing separately and never in harmony.

“The world has always had just one problem…a right wing problem. All evil religions are right wing and conservative. Monarchs and popes are right wing. Business is right wing. Politics is right wing. Everything is about the private rather than the public.

“It’s time for a New Age, the Age of the People!” –From the book The Book of Mind: Seeking Gnosis (The Truth Series 5) by Dr. Thomas Stark, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

The worldwide theater troupe that masquerades as a social justice and human rights movement has been a joke for a long time now.  It, like almost everything else, was co-opted by the rich and religious years ago.

We need a new and true social justice and human rights movement to arise and hit the streets.  We need an entirely new group of activists to emerge, an extremely radical group that is willing to do whatever it takes to depose the rich and the religious and replace them with the intelligent and the wise.

What we need, what we TRULY need, is the radical Jacobin mentality of the French and Haitian Revolutions to return in full force, only this time we need an international Jacobin movement.  We need new versions of Toussaint Louverture, Louis Antoine de Saint-Just, and Maximilian Robespierre to spring up all over the world, seize control of the global human rights movement, and use it to crush ALL systems of slavery. Jacobin thinking must overthrow the rich and the religious in every country on the planet, and it must replace them with the most intelligent and wise.  This is the unfulfilled Sacred Cause of the Jacobin Movement that MUST be fulfilled if humanity and the world are to be saved from annhilation.  We New Jacobins need to figure out how to unfuck the world before it’s too late.

Social justice and human rights activism, as performed by pacifists, has allowed the right-wing to bring us to the brink of extinction.  It has non-violently and lovingly allowed the right-wing to pollute and destroy the planet to an unprecedented degree.  It has non-violently and lovingly allowed the right-wing to rape and murder with impunity.  It has non-violently and lovingly allowed right-wing genocidal hate to consume the entire planet.  It has non-violently and lovingly allowed the right-wing, in its entirety, to become more powerful than it has ever been.  Indeed, as I sit here typing this, lunatic predatory capitalism, scientific materialism, Abrahamism, and Karmism, the quintessence of right-wing insanity and social injustice, rule our planet with an iron fist.

Here is truth: the right-wing only understands one thing–violence.  If we progressives truly want to stop the right-wing death machine and reverse its course, then we had better be willing to be more violent than it is when the time comes (and the time came LONG ago).  This means that we must be willing to take up arms and physically fight, to the death if need be, this evil machine in order to save the human species, the planet, and all life on the planet.

If peaceful activism techniques don’t work (and they have proven over and over again that they emphatically don’t) at halting the grinding gears of this machine, then progressive activists the world over must get serious and militant, just like their enemies are.  The Jacobins of Haiti and France understood this over two hundred years ago, so let’s all become the New Jacobins and make social justice activism great again!  Let’s drag the murderous rich kicking and screaming from their castles and mansions, straight to the guillotine.  And if any piece of shit from their brainwashed army of PIGS tries to stop us, they can get guillotined too.  Fuck ANYONE who assists the rich and the religious in their enslavement of humanity.

I’m more than ready to start building our New World of ontological mathematics, reason, logic, intelligence, rational organization, rational planning, wisdom, science, philosophy, education, knowledge, health, happiness, altruism, compassion, merit, prosperity, progress, equality, peace, and DIVINITY for all, are you?  Then let’s do it together!  It’s time to roll out the guillotines.


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