Never Forget That Reality Is A Hive Mind

The Hive Mind

“The world is simply a mental construct–a holographic projection beamed from the Hive Mind.  It’s a hologram that we misinterpret as a material world.  There is no matter.  There is only mind and mental content produced by mind.  There is just Hive Mind and what the Hive Mind produces, individually and collectively.”–From the book Hive Mind Dreaming: The Amazing World of Collective Dreaming by Dr. Thomas Stark, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Never forget that you are an eternal, individual, and autonomous mind located within the Collective Hive Mind.  The Hive Mind is the Plenum of existence.  It is existence itself.  It is necessary, fundumental, foundational, pure, and eternal existence.  It is reality as it Truly is.  It is all that exists, all that has ever existed, all that will ever exist, and all that can ever exist.

The Hive Mind, which you are a vital part of, contains every single individual mind in the Universe and is the creator of space and time.  It is what space and time is made out of.  It is what space and time is contained inside of.  The Spacetime domain of the Universe would not and could not exist without its Hive Mind precursor and creator.

Do you realize what this means?  It means that space, time, matter, and the entirety of the Universe, is 100% mental.  It means that you yourself, as an eternal and necessary part of the Hive Mind, are one of the creators of the spacetime domain of mental realityIt means that you yourself are one of the creators of this crazy spacetime arena that we are all currently running around and kicking each other’s asses inside of.  Further, it means that you yourself are a crucial and irreplaceable part of eternal existence.  You, along with all the other minds in the Universe, are existence itself.  In other words, you are, at core, a DIVINITY.  Indeed, we all are.  We just need to remember this Sacred Truth for ourselves.  This, in fact, is the whole point of existence.

The Hive Mind exists outside of space and time within a dimensionless domain of pure, unadulterated MIND.  In Truth, the Hive Mind is the domain of pure and perfect mind.  Not only does the Hive Mind exist outside of space and time, the entirety of it, i.e. the entirety of the domain of pure mind, also exists within every single point of spacetime.  It saturates and permeates every conceivable part of spacetime.  In other words, the Collective Hive Mind is both transcendent and immanent in relation to its spacetime creation.  The whole of the Hive Mind is contained within each part of spacetime and each part of spacetime is contained within the whole of the Hive Mind.  There is nothing outside of the Hive Mind and the Hive Mind is contained within everything inside of it. This ostensible paradox can only be explained via the holography of ontological Fourier mathematics.

You see, the Truth of spacetime is that it is an ontological hologram that is projected within the Hive Mind.  It is a hologram that is unconsciously projected by all of our individual minds working in harmony with each other and using ontological Fourier Transforms, both forward and inverse, and ontological calculus, both differential and integral.  The ontological hologram we call Spacetime is a Collective Dream contained within the Collective Hive Mind, just as your nightly dreams are your individual dreams contained within your individual mind.  All any of us ever do is dream, we just switch between different kinds of dreams, namely Collective dreaming or individual dreaming.  And never forget, all of this dreaming, whether Collective or individual, is totally and 100% controlled by ontological mathematics = MIND.

From within the Hive Mind, you link to and control your individual spacetime avatar/body via the Fourier Transforms contained within your own mind.  You, as an eternal mind within the eternal Hive Mind, remotely link to and control a temporal avatar within space and time.  In fact, your eternal mind will link to and control a succession of spacetime bodies.  It will continue to control avatars within the Collective Dream until it consciously remembers and understands everything about itself, and, by extension, the entire Universe.  In other words, you are going to be coming back to spacetime over and over again until you FULLY understand ontological mathematics.  The Truth of ontological mathematics will quite literally set you free.

The Dream Masters

“When the Hive-Mind God splinters entropically, each individual cell or unit of the hive imagines that it is itself the true God, or the only God it really cares about, and what you end up with is the ultimate swarm civil war, every monad fighting with every other monad to be the Alpha Monad.  The cosmic journey that all of us are on is to realize that the way we behave towards each other is insane.  Nothing could be more counter-productive than how we all treat each other, in the least Godlike way imaginable, in the most Satanic way we can contrive.”–From the book God Is a Hive Mind: The Cellular Divinity by Harry Knox, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

The full understanding of ontological mathematics equates to and culminates with nothing less than the hyperrational super ability to totally control so-called matter simply by thinking about it.  Do you understand what I just wrote?  The purpose of your existence is for you to master the ability to control dreams, first your own individual dreams and then the Collective Dream.  At the end of your spacetime adventures, you will be a dream master.  You will be a dream Goddess or God.  You will be a dream divinity.  You will understand everything there is to know about dreams, and you will be able to totally control all aspects of dreaming.  You will have actualized all of your latent and innate dream potential.  You will have fulfilled the purpose of your existence and attained full ontological mathematical gnosis

Once you master dreams, you will no longer be fettered to and controlled by matter = Collective Thought.  On the contrary, you will be able to totally control the Collective Thoughts of the Collective Dream.  Once you are a dream master, you will no longer be forced into material bodies by your own unconscious mind; a mind that is seemingly out of your control.  You will no longer be forced into material bodies by your own unconscious mind once you are a Goddess or God because you will have made the entirety of your unconscious conscious.  You will no longer be controlled by your unconscious because your unconscious will no longer be unconscious at all.  You will have made all that is unknown known.  You will know, understand, and have full control over the entirety of yourself as an eternal mind.  To be a dream master is to be a master of the mind, both your own and the Collective.

As a dream master, you will consciously and precisely control whether or not you even want to reincarnate into the Collective Dream, and, if you decide that you do want to, you will be able to consciously and precisely control how, when, and where you reinsert yourself into it.  You will consciously and precisely be able to control everything about reality because you will perfectly understand ALL of reality.  Again, you will be an ontological mathematical divinity, an ontological mathematical dream master, an ontological mathematical mind master.

To become a master of mind is your purpose in life, your TRUE purpose, and it can only be fulfilled through your gaining a full understanding of ontological mathematics = reality.  Ontological mathematics, in case you’re unfamiliar with it, was discovered and worked out over thousands of years by THE secret society of mind masters known as the Pythagorean Illuminati.  Ontological mathematics is an adamantine system of pure, perfect, infallible, and impenetrable reason that the Illuminati have been releasing to the general public over the last ten years or so via a massive series of the most excellent books imaginable.  They have now written and released over 100 world changing books of pure revolution.  These books cover everything you could ever want to know about ontological mathematics, Pythagorean Illuminism, Jacobinism, and the New World Order of reason, logic, intelligence, wisdom, and merit.  Each and every one of the Illuminati’s sacred works are available for purchase on Amazon.

With all of these Illuminated books to choose from, there has never been a better time than now to begin studying the Truth of reality = ontological mathematics.   If you want to discover the Truth of your soul and the Universe’s Soul then jump on Amazon now and pick up your first book by the Pythagorean Illuminati.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.  The bottom line is that the books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati are the greatest books to ever be written on this planet, and you cannot say that you have attained a True education unless you have read them all, period.  I have left links to many of the Pythagorean Illuminati author pages and extraordinary books below this blog post for your convenience.

And never ever forget–reality is a Hive Mind comprised of every individual mind in existence (of which yours and mine are but two), and spacetime is a Collective Dream contained within the Hive Mind.


Some Important Links For The New Jacobins:

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The sacred and revolutionary books of the Pythagorean Illuminati.  These books extensively cover all of Hyperrationalism, Pythagorean Illuminism, Ontological Mathematics, Social Capitalism, 100% Inheritance Tax, Left Wing Meritocracy, Jacobinism, and SO much more.  These are the books that contain the blueprint for a New World Order based on the ontological mathematical Truth of existence.  They are Truly the only books that the hard/progressive/rational left need to read:

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The amazing Khan Academy website (completely free to use).  This site will take you from elementary mathematics all the way through calculus and beyond.  I can’t say enough about this site.  If you are a burgeoning ontological mathematician like I am, then this is the site for you:

Links to the amazing work of Peter Joseph, Jacque Fresco, The Zeitgeist Movement, and The Venus Project.  The world that these great people are working to create is the same kind of world ontological mathematics is working to create:

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  1. Doing well enough here thank you Brad. Bits and pieces of the avatar are hitting their use-by date but the thirst for knowledge and understanding still drives me on. I printed off your magnificent article on ontological mathematics and actually use it as an adjunct to my own studies. You really lifted off from the launch pad with that one! Fortunately I have not undertaken activities that result in CTE but a stroke last year slowed me up a little (I’m 73 next month). No great damage, fortunately. I totally endorse your sentiments on the value of mathematical studies. Keep at it, you are taking giant steps. I started a multivariate calculus course online but my poor internet connect kept timing out on the lecture videos. Best check out another source.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry to hear about the stroke Richard, but I’m glad it didn’t leave any serious damage. How is your health doing now?

      Thank you for the encouraging words concerning my OM article, it was a challenging one to write. I’m always concerned that I will make mistakes in my blog posts, especially when it comes to the details of OM, so thank you again for the feedback.

      That sucks about your internet connection.
      What multivariate calculus course did you try? Maybe you can find a workable textbook to practice with, though those things can be expensive.

      I’m also working to learn MV calculus at the moment. I’m currently struggling with MIT’s Open Course MV calculus curriculum as well as an old textbook from Colorado University in Boulder. Khan Academy also has an incomplete MV calculus course. It has a nice video playlist for MV calculus that I’m working on but it doesn’t have the usual exercise modules to practice with it. The MIT OC has some problems to practice with and so does the textbook, but neither of them do a good job at giving detailed answers to these problems. As I’m sure you know, for a self learner with no coaches to ask questions to, it can be invaluable to have detailed solutions to math problems. This is one of the many things that Khan Academy goes out of its way to provide on their completed math courses while the MIT OC and the textbook do not. It is slightly frustrating. I’m hoping that Khan Academy will soon get their MV calculus and differential calculus courses completed.

      Anyway, I’m rambling now Richard! I’ll talk to you soon 🙂


  2. All good now thanks Brad. I had looked into the MIT course and Khan Academy with similar misgivings to you. I had completed a Robert Ghrist single variable calculus course on Coursera (loved it) but he went out on his own with MV calculus. However, there were no answers provided for the problems (let alone worked solutions), no feedback mechanisms, no unit tests for assessing progress. Most discouraging, and I eventually hit a wall. Coursera had MV as part of a 4-module ‘Machine learning’ course – however, you have to now pay for the privilege (the MOOCS were originally started as a means of providing free learning). I simply could not afford it as you don’t pay a set amount for the course – you pay by the month for as long as you are enrolled. As it was, the free trial kept timing out the videos anyway!
    I have managed to pick up a couple of hefty second-hand textbooks and will roll up the sleeves and give them a try – but I do appreciate a more interactive learning environment.
    Cheers, and keep up the good work!

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    1. Glad to hear you are okay Richard. And thank you for all the info. Hopefully the textbooks work out. Let me know if you find a good one. I’m going to check out Coursera too. I’ll see if my internet and wallet can handle it! Talk to you soon 🙂


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