Novice Questions About Illuminism

The longer you engage in a subject of study, the more chance you will have to encounter the novice questions and comments of those just beginning their journey of discovery.  Anyone who has paid attention to the multitude of comments the Illuminati are forced to constantly sift through understands what I am referencing.  Recently, I have been corresponding with a young man, DS, who found the God Series and contacted me to discuss the “books”, despite not yet having read any of the books.

As a student of the God Series and all of the other series’ presented by the Illuminati authors, I take the opportunity to correspond with anyone curious about these books, so I began a dialogue with him.  For me, this is a chance to practice my own knowledge of the information presented in the series, by answering questions about the content, while also encouraging interested and curious people to delve more deeply into the answers to existence. The following interactions are what have transpired thus far, as I am still in dialogue with him:

DS: “Hey, I found you online while I was doing some research on Mike Hockney and the “God Series” books.”

Nice to meet you. What do you think of the God Series?

DS: “I haven’t read them yet I read The Millionaire Death club… They are on the list
I’ve read their short exposes and I am very intrigued
It’s a lot of material and I am busy engineering student, but I will come to them eventually
I was looking to see who are the authors and for some reason stumbled onto you”

My partner and I have read most of their books to date and write about them on our blog, so that may be why you found me in relation to the God Series. These are the most amazing books in creation, considering they explain reality mathematically. Enjoy reading them, they can change your life.

Ad Astra

DS: “Do you have an extensive math background?
And/or should the reader have one”

I was so far from a math background it isn’t even funny. When I found the books I was a professional MMA fighter running a MMA gym. When I started reading the books I realized that I needed to begin studying math so began studying it on my own using Khan Academy.

I am still studying math but no, you do not need a math background to begin reading the books. With your major, you will be way ahead of where I was when I began, so you should understand the content better. Please ask any questions you may have about the series and I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge. I am very interested in spreading the knowledge contained within this amazing series.

Ad Astra

DS: “Thanks for the long and extensive answers… We will be chatting more in the future I hope!”

Your welcome and I will look forward to chatting with you about the God series.

Ad Astra

DS: “Alicia, do you think the subjects of the books have a connection with the Rosicrusian order?”

Yes the Rosicrusian order had a connection to the subjects of the books. The following book provides a good deal of information about the Illuminati, and specifically mentions the Rosicrusian Order.

Here is the brief description contained within this book, which I of course recommend you read at some point. Although, I would recommend reading the God Series first.

From The Illuminati, by Adam Weishaupt under The Illuminati Network section of the book:

51OU8csUF2L“The Rosicrucians – a secret order that provided the first significant public glimpse of Freemasonry. They published several enigmatic and inspirational manifestos in heavily coded language. They did not emerge into the open and thereby avoided persecution and destruction.

As for the Rosicross philosophers,
Whom you will have to be sorcerers,
What they pretend to is no more
Than Trismegistus did before,
Pythagoras, old Zoroaster,
And Apollonius their master.
(Samuel Butler)

(The Rosicrucian Order gradually became detached from the Illuminati and fell under the influence of others. It continues to this day – see, for example, Note that although the Rosicrucians are no longer connected with the Illuminati, many of the Illuminati’s original teachings are still evident in modern Rosicrucian thinking. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek was a member of AMORC. Star Trek represents a very powerful image of what our society would look like if we could rid ourselves of the Old World Order. Star Trek promotes a meritocratic, noble, honest, truthful, unselfish, ambitious, intelligent, adventurous vision of humanity, free of greed and religious dogmatism. Who is preventing us from realizing this futuristic paradise? – the Old World Order.)”


Ad Astra

DS: “Hey Alicia  ,Check this song out… Music video is interesting”

Great song.  I like the lyrics and the video animation is awesome. The typical Illuminati conspiracy beliefs are prevalent in the video, depicting them as some sinister group controlling the populace. Interesting that the very people who are actually controlling the populace are the ones who have perpetuated this incorrect story of the Illuminati.

Of course, if you want to keep the control and power that you hold, you must repress any opposition group. The Illuminati with their answer to existence, and their very direct message of taking down the Old World Order, the very people participating in the dumbing down of the populace and engaging in brainwashing at so many levels, are the most direct threat to their power and control. What better way to divert the attention of the masses then to flip the nefarious nature of their own actions onto the very group working to create their downfall. The prevailing conspiracies attributed to the secret Illuminati organization are wholly fabricated by the very people keeping Hyperhumanity from emerging.

Aside from the incorrect depiction of the Illuminati organization, the message is amazing. Becoming your own King, similar to becoming God, a prevailing message throughout the God Series. I love the music style and am looking forward to exploring more of their music.  I always love to find new music to listen to, so thank you for sending that song.

Have you started reading the God Series yet?

Ad Astra

DS: “I haven’t, just articles and everything else related. It is very easy to spot whether the articles are written by the same group.. I’ve read all the synopses of the God Series books so I have a good idea of the syntax and wording used and can spot it relatively quickly online. It is fascinating how radical a position these books assume. I am not referring to the ideas, although they are totally radical in themselves; I am referring to the language… very harsh. Calling Abrahamists stupid, or science absurd etc. Incredible intellectual writing, but where is the sympathy, understanding, heart? Pure reason leads to nowhere if there is no Compassion and Love (not talking about Love in the ordinary human sense). Whats your position on this?”

I am in complete agreement and support of the language used in the God Series and by the authors of these books. The time for being nice has long passed. The people who have control of our society have shown no sympathy or compassion as they robbed me and all of us of a genuine education, and subjected us to brainwashing from birth.

Personally, I don’t see calling for the removal of toxic systems of brainwashing designed to create a passive, ignorant, easily manipulated citizenship as harsh. Oh, and Abrahamists are stupid and science is absurd. Have you looked into the fundamental claims of either organization?

If you are genuinely interested in the truth and ridding yourself of decades of brainwashing at the hands of the Old World Order and their current societal set up, then start reading the series. Prepare yourself to question all of your current beliefs and lifestyle behaviors. Change is difficult, especially within ourselves. We are creatures of habit and it is difficult to make those changes, but if you are unwilling to look within yourself and work out all irrational beliefs you hold, you are relegating yourself to a life in the dark, lead by the sinister forces keeping humanity hyper-emotional and in a state of mental retardation.

Our purpose as beings of light, is to transcend this dark material place by eradicating all illogical irrationalities, moving us towards perfect symmetry/light. The fact of the matter is that the authors of these books provide the exact answer to existence via Ontological Mathematics, which is infallible and eternal. You may not like the vocabulary they use to present this message, but I challenge you to rationally disprove anything they say in their books.

DS: “You are a mystery… Absolutely no way you’re just an MMA fighter
Too smart and articulate I am amazed… Anyway I’ll keep reading, looking and see where this rabbithole goes”


This is the last interaction I had with this young man to date.  However, the last comment got me thinking, “Why am I a mystery?”.  It is pretty cut and dry as I see it.  The answers have been presented in an astounding amount of detail, through a vast array of book series’ and articles and I have simply utilized those resources.  If you educate yourself with the truth, you will become intelligent and articulate, no mystery involved.   If anything, I am a testament to the power of understanding the material presented by the Illuminati.  I began my journey as a hyper-emotional prize fighter contributing to the bread and circus freak show that is enslaving humanities intelligence.  When I was presented with the answer to existence, I figured out what I needed to do to better understand the information I was receiving and got to work.  The only mysterious thing that I see happening is the inability of people to READ and UNDERSTAND the content presented in these series’ by the Illuminati authors.  

In any case, I will be continuing my correspondence with this young man for as long as I find the interaction useful as well as to continue to encourage his curiosity towards the answers of existence.  I want to build our Citizen Army to bring about the complete annihilation of the Old World Order, so I will engage with anyone interested in this information, and will disengage when the relationship no longer holds any intellectual merit.  

Oh, and I certainly am not just an MMA fighter.  I am a Warrior Goddess, working towards ascending to my rightful place amongst Hyperhumanity.  Join me!

Ad  Astra

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