The True Heaven Of Ontological Mathematics And Pythagorean Illuminism

Peter Joseph

“There are about 1,800 billionaires in the world as of 2015, with more than $7 trillion between them.  The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) calculated that it would take roughly $30 billion a year to solve world hunger through mostly agricultural development in poor regions.  These billionaires could provide this direct aid for 200 years and still have about $550 million each, on average.”–From the book The New Human Rights Movement by Peter Joseph.

Peter Joseph is one of my favorite thinkers, writers, and visionaries.  I will always read, listen to, or watch anything he creates, and I have learned so much from all of his amazingly diverse projects.  These projects range from his hilarious satire video series called Culture In Decline all the way to his revolutionary, world changing book titled The New Human Rights Movement.  His book The New Human Rights Movement (which I have posted a link to above for anyone who is interested in gaining a better understanding of the extreme danger presented to humanity by free market capitalism) is the best book I have ever read outside of all the books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati.

Peter Joseph’s work is similar to the work of the Pythagorean Illuminati in that they are both focused on identifying and rectifying the root causes of humanity’s collective insanity.  As the Illuminati point out over and over again, THE root cause of humanity’s suffering is the master-slave dialectic.  This ancient and Cosmic dialectic was pinpointed by the great Illuminist Hegel, and it is the very dialectic that humanity MUST overcome before it can reach its True, ontological mathematical potential.  Everything that hurts humanity, everything that holds us back, everything that endarkens us, everything that keeps us divided and at each other’s throats, absolutely all of this shit, spews forth directly from this monstrous yet necessary and Universe spanning master-slave dialectic.

Some of the first poison manufactured by this dialectic was Mythos religion (i.e. religion based on stories and not on reason, logic, and mathematics).  All of the diabolical story time religions currently afflicting humanity–religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism–they are all products of this insane dialectic.  These religions have been responsible for the endarkenment, enslavement, torture, rape, murder, and genocide of countless human beings.  They have done unprecedented damage to humanity and the planet.  They are disgusting products of the diseased human mind, and the world will not know peace until they are completely abolished.

Discharging out right behind putrid Mythos religion came the equally as deadly master-slave poison of Mythos “economics” (i.e. economic systems based on stories and not on reason, logic, and mathematics).  The exemplar of Mythos “economics”, its crown jewel, is good old AmeriKKKan free market capitalism.

Free market capitalism is a master-slave system of control like no other.  In free market capitalism, the 1% of evil masters get richer and richer, and gain control over more and more of the world, while their dimwitted slaves (99% of humanity!) grow poorer and poorer, dying ever more rapidly and horrendously.  Indeed, the already massive wealth gap between the rich and the poor is getting larger by the day, and the devastating poverty that comes inbuilt inside of free market capitalism is currently killing two to three times as many people worldwide PER YEAR as were killed by the Nazi genocide of the Jews over a six year period; and this bloody number is of course growing too.  How can anyone be against murderous Nazism but not against the astronomically more murderous free market capitalism?  Extreme brainwashing by the likes of Eddie Bernays is how.

Free market capitalism, along with Mythos religion, are two of THE root master-slave causes of humanity’s very unhealthy existence.  It is for this reason that the Illuminati and Peter Joseph (and anyone else who is serious about saving humanity and the planet) focus so much of their work on the dangers of this abhorrent “economic” system.  The Illluminati and Peter Joseph both know that the human race is finished if this master-slave Mythos “economic” system isn’t dismantled soon.  Like the Illuminati, Peter Joseph is all about replacing our garbage economic system (actually it’s an anti-economic system) of predatory (i.e. free market) capitalism with a True economic system based on  reason, logic, mathematics, science, philosophy, and the health, happiness, and optimization of every single human being on the planet.

The Terrorists

“The American Civil War never ended.  It changed from a shooting war into a cultural war.  But now a shooting war is back on the agenda.  America is now as polarized as it was when the Confederacy was born–a treasonous sub-America within America.”–From the book Why God Should Go to Hell: How God Is Outside the Moral Order by Joe Dixon, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

It is because I enjoy the work of Peter Joseph so much that I will often read his Twitter Account.  He recently shared a gem of a tweet from a typical Trumpanzee terrorist which I have in turn shared with you below.  I am sharing this with you because I want you to know just what we human rights and social justice activists are up against.

The piece of shit who barfed up this tweet is a member of the right-wing.  He is the typical right-wing racist, classist, misogynist, homophobic Abrahamist, and there are legions of other shit heads out there just like him or worse.  Before we can build a New World that is fair and just to all, we are going to have to figure out a way to shut all of these right-wing terrorist down for good.  There is no way in hell that these brainwashed morons are going to allow a world of human rights and unity to be created.  That’s what they have been brainwashed for after all, i.e.: to do the bidding of their rich masters and prevent a rational and united world that is fair and just to ALL humans from being created and effectuated.  The right-wing is the smelly guard dogs of the rich.  They have been brainwashed, constructed, and trained by the rich for one reason and one reason alone: to preserve and protect the rich way of life.

These right-wing terrorists are complete traitors to humanity.  They are people who proudly and openly worship a Cosmic torture god!  They are people who proudly and openly worship the rich!  They are people who proudly and openly worship the rich’s anti-economic system of predatory capitalism, the very system that crushes the vast majority of them under the weight of deadly poverty and destitution!  Right-wing people are as stupid, sick, and dangerous as human beings can possibly get.  They will use their NRA approved ordnance to fight our New World of reason, mathematics, science, and philosophy to the death.  The question is: What are we going to do about it?

Anyway, I’ll give you a minute or two to read and reread the endarkened words of this murderous clown.  Let his poetry really sink in.  Ask yourself how exactly it is that we can have an intelligent and altruistic world of fairness, equality, human rights and social justice for ALL while twits like this are running around free.

Did you finish yet?  Nice right?  This is a person who should be locked up and reeducated until he is no longer the extreme danger to his family and to general human society that just one of his own tweets proves him to be.  From just a single tweet, this shit head proves he is a murderer in waiting.  He openly admits that he will take up arms against the people of AmeriKKKa if they dare to elect a President who he has been brainwashed into hating.  Moreover, just like the child abusers that all right-wingers are, he admits that he will force his own children into supporting his openly terrorist cause.  He is already forcing them to practice killing the lefties, and he’s bragging to the world about their amazing dead eye head shots–YEE HAW!  What a piece of shit.

And because we New Jacobins dare to tell the left-wing, i.e. The People, to actually fight back against murderous terrorists like this, we get the PIGS knocking on our door.  This is no surprise though because the PIGS are the biggest fucking right-wing terrorists to ever exist, and every true Jacobin knows this.  The PIGS are and have always been the death squads of the rich elite, and they don’t like anyone telling the slaves to rise the fuck up and to fight the fuck back.  Fuck the PIGS (BLUE LIVES MURDER) and fuck all of the other rich worshiping, child abusing, right-wing traitors and terrorists.  Soon the People will Truly awaken to Jacobinsim, Illuminism, Hyperianism, and ontological mathematics, and then the right-wing’s time will at last be done.  I can’t wait.

Not surprising in the least, this tweeting terrorist’s twitter page is permeated with countless racist, sexist, and homophobic tweets just like the one I posted above.  The social media accounts of ALL right-wingers look just like his because ALL right-wingers have been brainwashed and given a false consciousness by the rich/religious rulers of the world.  They are ALL ready to murder and die protecting their rich/religious masters, who they see as being divinely appointed by their terrorist torture god.  ALL right-wingers are natural murderers, slavers, supremacists, child abusers, and terrorists.  They, like their religious/rich masters, are unfit for organized human society.  In fact, they and their masters are the destroyers of organized human society.  They have always been.  Any society, if it wishes to not perish, must figure out how to completely neutralize and reverse the right-wing poison flowing within its veins.  If it doesn’t, then the poison will sooner or later prove fatal.

And FYI to all you idiot right-wingers: Bernie Sanders is just another rich, shit head capitalist.  If ONLY he were a true socialist, or better yet, a Jacobin Meritocrat, then your right-wing days would finally be done, but alas he isn’t.  He wouldn’t be anywhere close to the levers of AmeriKKKan power if he were anything but a pure capitalist.  How fucking stupid are you right-wing dogs?

Bernie Sanders has no interest in stopping predatory capitalism dead in its tracks (which is kind of the prerequisite for any true socialist, don’t you think?) because Bernie Sanders benefits heavily from this totally destructive anti-economic system.  Bernie Sanders has no interest in creating a new society that is focused on human health, happiness, progress, and optimization because he, like all predatory capitalists, benefits heavily from a sick, sad, scared, conservative, stupid, and stagnant human society.  No, Bernie Sanders doesn’t have any interest in saving humanity from the planetary death machine that is predatory capitalism.  On the contrary, Bernie Sanders wants to SAVE evil predatory capitalism from the righteous anger of the People, just like F.D.R. did before him.

You see, Bernie Sanders, again just like F.D.R., is a more intelligent predatory capitalist.  He can see the writing on the wall.  He is a  predatory capitalist who can see that if his more selfish kin continue down the path of extreme and unfettered greed they are currently heading down, then the gravy train of predatory capitalism that is making them all rich rulers of the world is going to at last be seen for the enslaving monstrosity that it truly is by the People, and then swiftly, righteously, and decisively crushed by them.

Bernie Sanders wants to SAVE predatory capitalism by making a kinder and gentler predatory capitalism that pays its slaves a little more money.  This extra pay will allow the brain dead slaves to go out and purchase even more of the poison shit out by predatory capitalism twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, thus making the rich ever richer and the total destruction of the planet ever quicker.

Bernie Sanders wants to SAVE predatory capitalism by making a kinder and gentler predatory capitalism that will give its slaves some “health” care so that when the poisons of predatory capitalism inevitably sicken them, they can purchase some narcotics from their friendly neighborhood drug dealer, oops, I meant to type doctor.  The extra “health” care will keep the sickened slaves alive, happy, and high so that they can continue buying consumer capitalist poison and making their predatory capitalist masters more and more of that sweet sweet cash.

I repeat: Bernie Sanders wants to SAVE predatory capitalism.  He is as much the enemy of the People and of all true revolutionary human rights activists as is Donald Chump.  Bernie Sanders wants to create a kinder, gentler predatory capitalism so that the slaves will happily continue their servitude to him and all of his capitalist pals.  He wants to create a kinder and gentler predatory capitalism, just like F.D.R. did before him, so that the People don’t rise up and smash the very system that is destroying the planet and keeping them all at various levels of exploitation and slavery.  The only problem for old Bernie is that there is almost nothing left for him to save.  His beloved predatory capitalism has just about hit an impenetrable wall: It has just about destroyed the very planet it depends on for its existence.

Predatory capitalism has no future, no matter how much people like Bernie Sanders want it to, and if humanity continues to let this shit system exist, then we also have no future.  We the People must demand so much more in and from our leaders and our economic systems.  Predatory capitalist turds like Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and the entire motley crew of politicians we see running around today shouldn’t be allowed to have ANY control at all over human society and the direction it goes in.  These narcissists need to be locked up and taught ontological mathematics so that they can finally think straight.

Human society should be overseen, guided, and led by one group of people and one group of people alone, i.e. the most intelligent, talented, wise, rational, logical, altruistic, compassionate, and meritorious group of human beings among us.  It’s the Sacred Cause of all Jacobins to make this a reality.

The Omega Point

“Illuminism belongs to the purposeful, teleological school of thinking.  It’s based on the concept of the universe as a self-solving, self-optimizing mathematical equation with infinite nodes (monads; souls).  The cosmic equation has a perfect solution–a mathematical omega point–and this is arrived at through dialectical convergence.”–From the book The Omega Point (The God Series Book 10) by Mike Hockney, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Ontological mathematics proves to humanity that the dimensional domain of spacetime is, in reality, a Collective Dream that we are all sharing together.  Ontological mathematics proves to humanity that this Collective, spacetime Dream we are all experiencing together is an evolutionary Dream.  Ontological mathematics proves to humanity that the evolutionary nature of the Collective Dream isn’t the pointless, purposeless, mindless evolution believed in by the insane materialists.  No, on the contrary, ontological mathematics proves to humanity that True evolution–i.e. the way that the Collective Dream of dimensionality, space, time, and matter evolves–is teleological evolution.

What is teleological evolution?  Well, it’s evolution that has a definite point for evolving.  It is evolution that has a definite reason for evolving.  It is evolution fully controlled and guided by none other than mind.  True, teleological evolution is a mental operation, and being a mental operation, it has an end goal all mapped out.

What is the end goal of teleological evolution?  It is nothing less than the Omega Point of existence.  The Omega Point of existence occurs when each and every individual mind in the Universe achieves gnosis = enlightenment = the highest evolutionary state of mind = complete and perfect knowledge of ontological mathematics = complete and perfect knowledge of reality.  

At the Omega Point of existence, all matter = dimensional and Collective Thought is returned to whence it came, i.e. it is returned to the zero dimension frequency domain of pure mind that exists outside of space and time dimensionality, and which all of space and time dimensionality is contained inside of.  The dimensional domain of space and time is 100% created by the dimensionless domain of pure Mind.  So, not only does mind transcend and contain all matter, it is also immanent within all matter.  Spacetime couldn’t and wouldn’t exist without the Collective Hive Mind it is entirely grounded inside of, and entirely made out of.

The Omega Point of existence is a perfect and fully actualized Collective Mind that is made up of a myriad of perfect and fully actualized individual minds.  This is a point of zero entropy.  It is a point of zero disorder.  It is a point of perfect mental unity and community.  At the Omega Point of existence, all of the countless individual minds in the Universe are thinking perfect ontological mathematical thoughts.  All minds are cooperating with each other in perfect order and harmony.  No mind disagrees with any other mind about anything. 

In other words, when the Universe reaches its Omega Point, there will be no more right-wing minds in existence.  There will be no more selfishness at the Omega Point of existence.  There will be no more greed at the Omega Point of existence.  There will be no more hate at the Omega Point of existence.  There will be no more classism, racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, materialism, solipsism, nationalism, xenophobia, chauvinism, patriotism, inheritance, selfishness, privilege, cronyism, nepotism, narcissism, or any other type of disgusting right-wing “thinking” at the Omega Point of existence.  This of course means that there will also be no Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other right-wing fairy tale religions at the Omega Point of existence (let’s all give an AMEN and a HALLELUJAH to that marvelous news!).  There will be no more Randroids (i.e. followers of the lunatic and completely evil Ayn Rand) at the Omega Point of existence.  There will be no more libertarians, anarchists, democrats, republicans, monarchs, or predatory capitalists at the Omega Point of existence.  One more time because it simply can’t be said enough: At the Omega Point of existence, ALL right-wing thinking will at last be totally defeated by the perfect reason and logic of Ontological Mathematics.

How The Omega Point Is Reached

“The divine singularity is the source of all the heavens and the whole of Nature and Creation.  It’s an infinitesimal yet utterly dazzling and blinding point of light, the indivisible center of heaven’s brilliant illumination.”–From the book The Omega Point (The God Series Book 10) by Mike Hockney, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Being that the right-wing mindset will at last be totally neutralized at the Omega Point of existence, we could define this Universal Point as the True definition of Heaven.  It’s quite fitting and quite hilarious that there will be no Jews, Christians, or Muslims allowed into Heaven = The Omega Point of existence.  In fact, the Omega Point of existence can’t even come into existence until the Gnosis factory that is space and time dimensionality grinds Abrahamism and all other right-wing lunacy out of every mind in the Universe.  The diabolical Abrahamists are the lords and masters of HELL.  Their ignorant and defective minds wouldn’t know the first thing about what constitutes the True Heaven of the Omega Point.

Before the Universal Omega Point can be reached, each and every conscious species inside of space and time is going to have to definitively defeat and neutralize all of the right-wing traitors and terrorists lurking within their respective populations.  In short, every conscious species within spacetime, no matter where it is located within the domain of dimensionality, is going to have to properly deal with its own version of the right-wing disease and reach its own planetary omega point before the True, Universal Omega Point can come into being for all of us.  We human beings are a conscious species within space and time dimensionality, and we are no exception to this Cosmic rule.

No matter how much it scares us, no matter how badly we would like to do anything else, no matter how much we want to put our heads in the sand in the face of right-wing brutality, we human beings are going to have to one day soon deal with the right-wing cancer that is afflicting us.  If we humans beings don’t neutralize our own right-wing scourge very soon, then we will have failed in our Universal Sacred Cause and Duty, and the right-wing will have truly won.  And what does the right-wing “winning” mean?  It means that the entire planet and everyone and everything on it will be destroyed.  Indeed, we can see this horribly idiotic fate unfolding for humanity by the second.

If we humans refuse to carry out our Universal duty and achieve our Sacred Cause of an Earth that is once and for all freed from the slavery and evil of the psychopathic right-wing, then we will have proven ourselves pathetic cowards who are unfit for existence within the Collective Dream of space and time.  We will have proven that humanity is unfit for True Heaven = the Omega Point of existence.  After all, if a conscious species can’t even properly deal with the evil devils running amok within its own body, if it can’t eradicate its own hell and turn its planet into a mini version of heaven, how can it be fit for a seat in the True Heaven of perfect mental reality?  The answer is that it can’t.

The right-wing, in its many abhorrent brands, has taken over the planet.

Predatory capitalism is everywhere.

Abrahamism (i.e. the murderous religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)  is everywhere.

Karmism (i.e. the murderous religions predicated on the hilariously idiotic idea of karma such as Buddhism and Hinduism) is everywhere.

Scientific materialism and empiricism (i.e. the murderous religion for nihilistic human robots who brought us things like the nuclear bomb; thanks a lot assholes) is everywhere.

Irrationality is everywhere.

Illogic is everywhere.

Stupidity is everywhere.

The grand old republican party is everywhere.

Democrats are everywhere.

Conspiracy theories are everywhere.

Conspiracy theorists are everywhere.

Emotionalism is everywhere.

New ageism is everywhere.

Nihilism is everywhere.

Subjectivism is everywhere.

Relativism is everywhere.

Solipsism is everywhere.

Sophistry is everywhere.

Narcissism is everywhere.

Selfishness is everywhere.

Greed is everywhere.

Rich privilege is everywhere.

Inheritance is everywhere.

Nepotism is everywhere.

Cronyism is everywhere.

Extreme individualism is everywhere.

Pacifism towards the 1% master class by the 99% slave class is everywhere.

Chauvinism is everywhere.

Nationalism is everywhere.

Patriotism is everywhere.

Militarism is everywhere.

Supremacism is everywhere.

Xenophobia is everywhere.

Nativism is everywhere.

Tribalism is everywhere.

Anarchists are everywhere.

Libertarians are everywhere.

Randroids are everywhere.

Gun toting militia men and women are everywhere.

The NRA is everywhere.

The PIGS are everywhere.

Racists are everywhere.

Classists are everywhere.

Conservatives are everywhere.

Fundamentalism is everywhere.

Misogynists are everywhere.

Homophobes are everywhere.

Confederates are everywhere.

The Confederacy is everywhere.

Nazis are everywhere.

Skin heads are everywhere.

ISIS is everywhere.

Zionism is everywhere.

Trumpanzees are everywhere.

Worshipers of the rich are everywhere.

I think you get the point.

The Sacred Task

“Right-wingers come in two kinds: 1) The Radical Right: Extreme individualists–anarchists, libertarians, non-conformists, dissenters, Discordians, Protestants, people “justified” by their personal beliefs and subjective opinions, free-marketeers, predatory capitalists, private property zealots, and so on.  They despise all authority, all rulers, all experts, all rules, laws and regulations, all taxation, the State, government, society, even civilization, and they advocate extreme free speech with no constraints (except any free speech intended to shut them up); 2) The Conservative Right: Extreme collectivists–tribalists, nativists, nationalists, patriots, chauvinists, paternalists, supporters of the patriarchy and so on, who all trumpet, “Blood and Soil”, “Family, Faith and Flag”, “We shall not be replaced”, “We are the Chosen People, the Master Race, the Exceptional, those with a Manifest Destiny, those selected by Providence”, “We are right and you are wrong–because we say so”, “From our cold dead hands”, “Taxation is theft”, “Private Property is our entitlement and right”, “Always look out for No.1”, “Our People First”, “Make Us Great Again”, “Build the Wall”, “Lock them up”, “Stop them from getting in”, “Let’s go back to our Golden Age”, “Preserve the past”, “Conserve our traditions”, “Keep everything the same”, “Resist all change”, “Resist the New World Order; save the Old World Order”, and so on.  They are racists, sexists, supremacists, xenophobes, misogynists, homophobes, religious fundamentalists, and so on.  They despise and reject any free speech that contradicts what they believe in, their God, their traditions, their customs, their rules.  They call it blasphemy, heresy, “freethinking”, apostasy, and demand the death of the infidels and the suppression of all dissent against the ruling order.  They demonize “the Other”.  They long for a “Strong Man” leader, for law and order, for permanent conservation of the old, familiar and traditional.  Change terrifies them.  They believe in ancient books, prophets and gods, and reject everything new, especially the New World Order–where everything they stand for and believe in is rejected and replaced by progress and evolution.”–From the book Why God Should Go to Hell: How God Is Outside the Moral Order by Joe Dixon, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

So, at this moment in time, humanity only has a single task to accomplish, and that task is the complete overthrow and neutralization of the right-wing in its entirety.  The total defeat of the right-wing in every country on the planet will be humanity’s first step along the road to its own planetary omega point and Earthly heaven.  We have absolutely nothing to fear.  We are all eternal ontological mathematical souls and we can never truly die after all.  When our spacetime body perishes, we simply return to the frequency domain until we are able to mentally link to a new spacetime body via ontological Fourier wave mathematics.  We are life itself.  We are light itself.  We are the Great Euler’s formula expressed ontologically.  We are nothing less than Divinities in the making.  And what do divinities do?  They defeat devils of course.

Can you imagine how wondrous it will be with no right-wingers around to stunt the evolution, growth, and progress of humanity via their extreme selfishness?  Can you imagine how peaceful it will be with no right-wingers around to start fights and wage wars?  Can you imagine how healthy and clean the planet will be without any right-wingers around to pollute and damage it?  Can you imagine how harmonious and happy humanity will be without ANY racism, classism, sexism, and homophobia?  Just envision a world that has been totally freed from the shackles of all right-wing “thinking”.  It would be absolutely amazing.  It would be spectacular.  It would be paradise.  It would be heaven itself.

Once the right-wing mindset is gone, the most intelligent, wise, talented, meritorious, and altruistic among us can finally be given the reins of society.  In a very short time, the real Earth and the real humanity would resemble the fictional Earth and the fictional humanity depicted in the Star Trek stories.  A short time after that, our right-wing free world will surpass Star Trek in every conceivable way.  That point in time will be humanity’s very own omega point, and heaven will at last have been created on Earth: A heaven populated entirely by DIVINITIES.


“The American right are masters of Orwellian doublethink.  They never suffer from cognitive dissonance no matter how inconsistent and contradictory their positions are.  They seamlessly switch between between their anti-authoritarian and authoritarian modes.  Their Fuehrer, Donald Trump, is both the establishment, the elite, and the insurgency against the establishment, the elite.  He is a billionaire yet postures as one of the gilets jaunes (yellow vests).  He lives in a golden tower in prime real estate, yet masquerades as one of the sans-culottes standing frozen on the barricades ready to resist the government army.  Somehow, billions of clowns go along with this and see no contradiction.  It’s like Louis XIV–the Sun King ruling by “divine right”–calling for a Republic and leading the rebellion against himself.  How can people keep falling for the tricks of the ruling elite?  Their false consciousness is so extreme, they are capable of believing anything, as all of their insane conspiracy theories prove.  They don’t need to be told by any Orwellian torturer to believe that 2 + 2 = 5.  They believe it anyway, just as they believe all mad things.  Predatory capitalism has dumbed them down so much, they have no brain cells left.”–From the book Why God Should Go to Hell: How God Is Outside the Moral Order by Joe Dixon, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

How do we the People overthrow the world controlling right-wing you might be asking?  The answer to that question is Jacobinism.  Jacobinism is responsible for two of the most amazing revolutions to ever take place on our planet:  The French and Haitian revolutions.  The Jacobins were originally a small group of left-wing French intellectual revolutionaries who wanted to create a healthy, fair, just, and united society without starvation and disease.  They wanted to create a New Society and World where all humans could actualize their full potential and become optimized.  They wanted to create a world free of the rich elite and their army of yes men and women.  These French revolutionaries rented the refectory of a Dominican monastery and were hence nicknamed the Jacobin Club.  Their revolutionary left-wing political philosophy was likewise nicknamed Jacobinism.

What is Jacobinism?  Jacobinism is enlightened thinking concerning how to organize and structure human society in the healthiest way possible.  It began with the great Pythagoras and his commune of philosophers and mathematicians around 2500 years ago.  It became most famous and gained its infamous name in the late 1700’s when it became the catalyst for two successful revolutions of the slaves against the rich elite.  These revolutions were of course the aforementioned Haitian and French revolutions which successfully eliminated many rich tyrants.

The thing that the rich elite fear more than anything else in the world is for their slaves to once again learn about the enlightened principles of Jacobinism.  They know all too well that their heads will roll if Jacobin thinking is allowed to Illuminate the minds of their slaves.  This is why the rich elite work tirelessly to keep their slaves endarkened and unaware of Jacobin philosophy or anything close to it.

Jacobinism is all about bringing an end to absolutely ALL forms of evil tyranny and despotic rule.  It is about putting an end to the parasitical 1% ownership class and all of their brainwashed followers so that humanity can at last be liberated.  Jacobinism is about creating a human society of just laws based on the principles of freedom, equality, and unity.  It is about human intelligence, health, happiness, evolution, progress, and optimization.  It is about fully learning and understanding the ontological mathematical Truth of reality.  It is about living and thriving in perfect harmony with ontological mathematical nature.  It is about all individual human beings maximizing and actualizing all of their innate talent and reaching their own personal omega points so that humanity as a whole can reach its planetary omega point and then the entire Universe can reach its Cosmic Omega Point.  Jacobinism is ultimately all about immanentizing the eschaton, i.e. bringing about heaven on Earth.

So where can you learn about Jacobinism, both about its true history and about its newest, most cutting edge 21st century form?  Well, you can learn all you could ever want to know about 21st century Jacobinism and the ontological mathematical Truth of reality that it is based on within the books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati.  I have left links to these revolutionary books below.  They are the best books that have ever been written.

The books written by the philosopher mathematicians of the Pythagorean Illuminati are the only books that humanity need read at this point in time.  They will tell you the Truth of what is transpiring in the Universe and on our planet.  They will open your mind to your True purpose in life.  They will open your eyes to the fact that you have been an ignorant and unknowing slave of the rich ever since the day you were born, as were your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great-great grandparents, and so on and on.  They will open your eyes to the fact that if the rich aren’t overthrown, then not only will human enslavement continue, it will worsen until the rich, along with their out of control religions and their out of control predatory capitalist anti-economic system, succeed in destroying the entire planet.  The books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati will inspire you to do whatever you can to bring about the downfall of the rich/religious rulers of our world.

So free your mind today by beginning your first read through of the books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati (I’ve left links to them below and throughout this blog post).  When you are ready, join the New Jacobins and the Hyperians.  Help us in our quest to make every human being on the planet aware of the sacred books of the Pythagorean Illuminati so that the worldwide revolution against the rich can finally commence.  Humanity is rapidly running out of time.  Fuck the rich.


Some Important Links For The New Jacobins:

The Pythagorean Illuminati’s website. This profound site introduced humanity to the Truth of the universe:

The sacred and revolutionary books of the Pythagorean Illuminati.  These books extensively cover all of Hyperrationalism, Pythagorean Illuminism, Ontological Mathematics, Social Capitalism, 100% Inheritance Tax, Left Wing Meritocracy, Jacobinism, and SO much more.  These are the books that contain the blueprint for a New World Order based on the ontological mathematical Truth of existence.  They are Truly the only books that the hard/progressive/rational left need to read:

The books by Mike Hockney:

The books by Dr. Thomas Stark:

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The books by Adam Weishaupt:

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The books by Joe Dixon:

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The books by Mark Romel:

The amazing Khan Academy website (completely free to use).  This site will take you from elementary mathematics all the way through calculus and beyond.  I can’t say enough about this site.  If you are a burgeoning ontological mathematician like I am, then this is the site for you:

Links to the amazing work of Peter Joseph, Jacque Fresco, The Zeitgeist Movement, and The Venus Project.  The world that these great people are working to create is the same kind of world ontological mathematics is working to create:

The website for the Zeitgeist Movement:

The books written by Peter Joseph:

The website for the Venus Project:

The books written by Jacque Fresco: