Book Review For “The Best You: The Politics of Self-Optimization” By Jack Tanner

The Society Of Self-Optimization = The Society Humanity Deserves

“Meritocracy is all about getting everyone to the top level and ensuring that the whole of society is dedicated to ever-increasing growth and peak experiences.  Meritocracy is the first system in history to have this as its explicit goal.  It aims to achieve not just the psychological well-being of everyone, but to optimize their capacity to self-actualize, thus producing a divine society, the best of all possible worlds.”–From the book The Best You: The Politics of Self-Optimization by Jack Tanner, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

The Best You: The Politics of Self-Optimization by Jack Tanner is a book that will bring out the best in you.  It will inspire you to become your best self.  It will equally inspire you to help others become their best selves.  It will inspire you to become a much more intelligent and healthy human being.  It will inspire you begin improving and building up your mind via the study of ontological mathematics, i.e. the study of reality.  It will inspire you to study the arts and become a much more creative person.  It will inspire you to begin studying abstract mathematics, the many different sciences, and the many different philosophies, religions, and ideologies that us humans have created over our long and bloody history.  In short, this book will inspire you to start strengthening all aspects of your mind.  Strengthening your mind in this way will help you gain an even better understanding of ontological mathematical reality, and the better you understand reality, the closer you are to becoming your best self.

The Best You: The Politics of Self-Optimization will inspire you to turn away from our current rotten, selfish, greedy, narcissistic, and endlessly consuming sham of a society, and instead turn towards building a new kind of human society, a much higher kind.  This new and higher society that Jack Tanner’s brilliant book will inspire you to strive for is a beautiful society that is 100% built around human beings optimizing themselves.  It is a society entirely designed to give each human being on the planet absolutely everything they need to actualize their full potential, and hence optimize themselves and the societies in which they live.

The glorious society that Jack Tanner will introduce you to is a society that is built upon the unbreakable pillars of equal opportunity, positive liberty, education, intelligence, clear and critical thinking, reason, logic, wisdom, talent, merit, mental health and strength, physical health and strength, will, justice, fairness, art, creativity, optimism, progress, evolution, compassion, altruism, enlightenment, and of course human self-optimization.  It is a forward looking, visionary, vibrant, alive, and future based society that will never allow itself to be shackled by the dead and rotting past.

To prevent the scourge of the past from punishing humanity, the society that Jack Tanner teaches about in The Best You: The Politics of Self-Optimization has remedies aplenty.  One of these remedies is the renewal of the society’s constitution each and every generation so that absolutely no generation of humans beings will ever again be controlled and haunted by the words of dead people.  A society’s constitution needs to be continuously rebooted, refreshed, revitalized, and rewritten to ensure that it always champions the sacred cause of human self-optimization, and to ensure that it always reflects the newest, most progressive, most enlightened, and most up to date thinking of the human race.

The past doesn’t just haunt present day humanity via rotting constitutions that are long past their sell by dates though.  No, the past is much more devious and cunning than that.  Perhaps the most insidious disease that the past infects the present with is the disease of inheritance.  It is because of inheritance that we are all forced to live in totally rigged and severely stratified societies.  These farcical societies are precisely rigged so that those with the most inheritance will rule the world FOREVER, and the rest of us will be forced to be their perpetual slaves.  Inheritance is one of the deadliest weapons of the elite.  It is one of the main weapons that the psychopathic 1% deploy to fracture and divide the cowardly 99%, and keep them at varying levels of exploitation, oppression, and enslavement.

To prevent the poison of the past called inheritance from warping human society into a rigged and sick hierarchical game where the rich are always in control, the new society described by Jack Tanner will utilize the remedy of 100% inheritance tax.  100% inheritance tax is the golden tax which will free humanity from the chains of the rich.  It will at long last allow each and every human being on the planet to begin the game of life on an even playing field.  100% inheritance tax is the champion of fair play and equal opportunity.  It is what will allow all human beings to enjoy complete equal opportunity with one another.

100% inheritance tax will help make it so that there will never again be any parasitical, cowardly, cheating, and traitorous rich people who, to use a mixed martial arts metaphor, get to begin the fight of life on their opponent’s back with a full rear naked choke already sunk in while the rest of us are forced to start the fight drunk, out of shape, and in various levels of disadvantageous positioning.  100% inheritance tax will not only allow us all to begin the fight of life on our feet, in top shape, and in top fighting ability, it will even more importantly help in the creation of a new society where individual human beings aren’t left to face the fight of life on their own, but with the full help, support, and strength of the entire human race backing them up.  This is the true meaning of positive liberty.

A society of human self-optimization is a positive liberty society of human cooperation, unity, harmony, and mutual aid, not a negative liberty jungle of violent competition, where the strong prey and feed on the weak.

True Meritocracy And Its Economic System Of Social Capitalism

“The only people who are optimized in this society are the rich elite, and they don’t give a damn about you.  These people get the best of everything.  They have designed it that way.  They enjoy every advantage, every benefit, every privilege.  They get the best education, the best treatment, the best places to live, the best environments, designed to allow them to flourish to the maximum.  They are in the best networks, those with the most power and influence.

“Everyone worships their money.  Everyone wants their lifestyle.  Everyone wants to be like them.  They have a monopoly over economic capital, social capital, human capital, cultural capital and symbolic capital.  They control everything.  Every door opens to them, and none to you.  All the lights are green for them and red for you.  They have “access all areas” passes.  You have “all access denied” passes.”–From the book The Best You: The Politics of Self-Optimization by Jack Tanner, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

The wondrous new society depicted in Tanner’s incredible book is a positive liberty society made up of a diverse, energized, and highly optimistic group of citizens, all working together in perfect unity towards the same positive and inspiring goal of human self-optimization.  In other words, the new society of human self-optimization is a diverse monoculture where all citizens are energized by the power of positive liberty, and hence all citizens work to encourage, support, and help each other in any way possible.

The new society of energized citizens will be led into the amazing future by the most meritorious (i.e. the most hard working, most skilled, most talented, most creative, most intelligent, most wise, most rational, most artistic, most altruistic, most selfless, most enlightened, most scientific, most philosophical, most ontological mathematical, and most capable of leading society in the interests of ALL) among us.  Under the direction of the most meritorious citizens, humanity will be guided into the best future imaginable.  This is a True Meritocracy.  It is a Pythagorean Meritocracy.  It is a Jacobin Meritocracy.  It is an Illuminist Meritocracy.  It is a Hyperborean Meritocracy.


An essential prerequisite to humanity reaching its best future is for the new and true meritocracy to completely free itself from all of the horribly divisive and insane story based religions, story based economic systems, and story based political systems which have endlessly conspired, throughout all of history, to bend and twist human society into a monstrosity where a tiny percentage of masters violently and forever oppress, exploit, and control a human population of brain dead, cowardly slaves.

To destroy the deadly grip of these story time ideologies, the true meritocracy will utilize education, education, and then some more education.  Thanks to the best education system imaginable, the citizens of the new meritocracy of human self-optimization will totally understand the ontological mathematical Truth of the Universe, hence they will no longer be susceptible to the sick lies of story time religions and political systems.  Moreover, thanks to their high level of education, the citizens of the new meritocracy will easily be able to design and implement a true economy built around reason, logic, intelligence, systems thinking, design, planning, the general will, the common interest, and the common good.  This new, higher, and True economy–which can be given the general name of social capitalism or market socialism–will be designed by a well educated, united, and focused human race, and it will economically free us all.

Jack Tanner lays out the foundation of social capitalism in his newest book.  He shows us the core features that will need to be included within any system of social capitalism if it is to succeed in liberating the working class of humanity from the shackles, oppression, and exploitation of the psychopathic rich.

One of the core features required is that any system of social capitalism will be made up of a smaller economy working harmoniously with and within a guiding larger economy.  Let me explain.  In social capitalism there is an overarching macroeconomy which contains, guides, and oversees a smaller microeconomy.  This macroeconomy is guided by the ideals of socialism and human self-optimization.  It is all about intelligence, planning, systems thinking, a healthy and vibrant environment, design, reason, logic, mathematics, science, the common good, the general will, the collective, the public, and the community.

The smaller microeconomy of social capitalism is a bit different than the macroeconomy.  Where the macroeconomy couples human self-optimization with socialism, the microeconomy instead couples it with capitalism.  This means that the microeconomy of social capitalism is guided by the ideals of capitalism and human self-optimization, and it perfectly compliments the macroeconomy.

Social capitalism’s  microeconomy is all about unleashing the FULL creativity, intelligence, ingenuity, cleverness, originality, inventiveness, individuality, and artistic ability of each and every single human being on the planet, thereby bringing into existence a divine community of fully actualized human goddesses and gods.  Within the microeconomy of social capitalism, human beings will be able to actualize their full potential and become their best selves living their best lives.  They will be able to unleash their full creativity and build innovative new enterprises that will help progress the human race into the bright future.

You’ll notice that the overarching and guiding socialism of the macroeconomy works in perfect harmony with its supposed enemy in the capitalism of the microeconomy because they are both guided by the sacred cause of human self-optimization.  Under the system of social capitalism described by Jack Tanner, both socialism and capitalism have been harnessed and brought into the service of the much greater idea of human self-optimization.  The guiding light of human self-optimization is what causes socialism and capitalism to no longer be at odds with each other.  It is what causes socialism and capitalism to become united partners, and indeed friends, who will help bring humanity to its next evolutionary level.

This new meritocratic society, with the high powered economic system of social capitalism as its engine, is the only society and economic system capable of Truly freeing the working class from their rich oppressors.  It is the only society and economic system that has been specifically designed to remove the rich from power, and keep them from ever gaining power again.  It has weapon after weapon to utilize against the avaricious and parasitical rich in order to keep them in their place, with the aforementioned 100% inheritance tax being just one.

Another important weapon utilized by the new meritocratic society of human self-optimization will be the total dismantling of the disgusting, multi-tier education system of the rich.  This is the ludicrously unjust education system where the children of the rich rulers get to enjoy an amazing and extremely fruitful educational experience within their own private education system, while the children of the working class poor get to enjoy an amazingly brutal brainwashing experience at the hands of the horrible public education system (totally designed and controlled by the lackeys of the rich), or, even worse, at the hands of their own religious maniac parents via home schooling.  In place of the rich’s totally rigged education system will be built a state of the art, world class, public education system for the use of all the People.  This amazing education system will help put an end to the privilege, inheritance, nepotism, and cronyism of the rich elite, and it will be one of the main drivers of human self-optimization.

One final example of a weapon that will be utilized against the rich by the new society of human self-optimization is the full removal of the rich’s control over the banking system, and the full removal of their control over the entire supply of capital in general.  The social capitalist economic system of the new meritocratic society will fully implement a public banking system that is 100% controlled by the People.  The new meritocratic society of human self-optimization will make it so that the People are never again tortured and enslaved by the rich banksters.

All of the weapons I have written about above (and even more that are described in the books by Jack Tanner) have been specifically designed to put a permanent end to the privilege, inheritance, nepotism, and cronyism of the rich elite.  They have been specifically designed to free the human race from the cages of the rich.  They are the exact weapons that the working class will one day deploy to put an end to the slavers of the rich ownership class.  They are the exact weapons that will destroy the rich’s rigged game once and for all, and allow us to build our new, meritocratic society of human self-optimization.

If you read The Best You: The Politics of Self-Optimization by Jack Tanner, you can learn all about the above weapons, and so much more.  Reading this book will teach you everything about the meritocratic system of self-optimization and lead you onto this author’s other brilliant books.  The bottom line is that this is one of the best books ever written.  It needs to be read by everyone on the planet as soon as possible if the human race is going to have any chance of saving itself from the virulent rich.

In the end, The Best You: The Politics of Self Optimization is a book for true human beings.  It is for those of us who wish to become our best selves and who wish to turn society into its best self.  It is for those of us who have had enough of the insanity that is deeply tormenting our society and who want to actually cure it.  If you are one of these people, then you must read this book.  Once you are done, read the other books written by Jack Tanner and then get active.  Start spreading the word about these books to anyone and in anyway you can.  If enough of us become inspired by these awesome books, we will change the world into an amazing work of the most beautiful art imaginable.  Let’s make it happen together!


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