Book Review For “Dream Consciousness: What Happens To Consciousness During Sleep” By Jack Tanner

Jack Tanner And The Perfect Language Of Reality

“The central ‘mystery’ of consciousness — the true ‘hard problem of consciousness’ — is actually how language is possible.  Occam’s razor provides a single, simple solution: reality is itself language … the language of mathematics.  Mathematics is the ur language, the base language, with its unique wave-based syntax and semantics.  However, once the ur language (the most simple, general, stable and foundational language) exists, then any other language can be constructed in its image.  All manmade languages are simply mathematical language expressed in terms of words rather than numbers, and heavily emphasizing feelings and perceptions (and downplaying reason and logic).

“If reality were not made of mathematics, consciousness would be impossible.  Mathematics is the sine qua non of consciousness.  Any ‘explanation’ of consciousness that is not grounded in mathematics is ipso facto false.

“By default, mathematics is the language of the unconscious.  Consciousness is what arises via the evolution of the unconscious towards lower and lower levels of mental entropy (i.e. maximizing negentropy), finally arriving at zero entropy = perfect consciousness = “God”, of which we are all essential nodes.”–From the book Dream Consciousness: What Happens to Consciousness During Sleep By Jack Tanner, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Dream Consciousness: What Happens to Consciousness During Sleep is yet another world changing and life changing book written by Jack Tanner.  In this book, Tanner continues to do what he does best, and effortlessly takes down and submits the problems that have completely confused and baffled all of the top minds of scientific materialism and empiricism.  In this particular book, Tanner does nothing less than solve the so-called problems of consciousness, free will, and dreams.  As you will see, these “problems” are only problems for materialists and empiricists, they are not problems for rationalists and idealists, of which Jack Tanner is a master.

How does Tanner so easily solve the problems of reality that are quite simply impossible for scientific materialism and empiricism to even think about, much less actually solve?  Well, he uses reality’s own language to solve the problems of reality–it’s as straightforward as that.  You see, reality is 100% mental.  Even so-called matter, which comprises everything contained within spacetime dimensionality, and which seems so solid and physical, is an entirely mental construct.  Spacetime dimensionality and physicality is a product of all of our individual minds working together in perfect, unconscious unity.  It is a Collective Mind made up of a Myriad of individual minds.  You yourself are one of these Universal individual minds, and you yourself are at all times unconsciously assisting all of the other individual minds with the generation of space, time, and matter for use by the entire Mind Collective.

Reality being 100% mental means that it is 100% language.  As Jack Tanner proves in his books, for reality to be reality, everything within reality must be able to flawlessly communicate with everything else.  If even one part of reality wasn’t able to communicate with any other part, reality wouldn’t be able to do anything.  It would collapse into pure chaos.  For reality to be reality, it must be a perfect, complete, and consistent language, able to flawlessly communicate with itself at all times and in all ways.

Reality is all about writing the most amazing and perfect story possible.  It is about writing the Universal story–The Story of Existence.  The ontological story of existence is reality’s perfect story.  This is the story of how all the individual minds in the Universe become nothing less than fully actualized divinities.  The perfect Universal Story is the combination of all our own individual stories, and each of our individual stories revolve around how we were able to achieve our own personal divinity over many lifetimes lived within the Collective Mind known as spacetime. To write this most excellent of all stories, reality must of course use the most excellent of all languages.

This most excellent of all languages must be made up of the most perfect syntax if it is to generate the most perfect semantics possible, and thus be able to write the most perfect story possible, i.e. the story of the entire Cosmos.  Reality’s own language must have perfect grammar.  It must have perfect syntax, perfect semantics, perfect letters, perfect punctuation, and a perfect lexicon.  In fact, for reality to be able to perfectly communicate with itself at all times, and hence write the story of the Universe, it must actually be this perfect language.  You see, reality doesn’t just speak the language of perfection, it is this very language.  The language of perfection is the ontology of reality.  It is the epistemology of reality.  It is what reality actually is, and it constitutes ALL Universal knowledge.

So what is the language of perfection?  And remember, asking this question is equivalent to asking the question: What is reality?  Well, the language of perfection is of course mathematics.  Come on, you didn’t actually think this most perfect of all languages could be something other than perfect mathematics did you?  To be precise, the perfect language of existence is ontological mathematics.  To be even more precise, it is ontological Fourier wave mathematics, i.e. the mathematics of sinusoidal waves and how they combine together and similarly break back apart.

Sinusoidal waves are sine and cosine waves and their infinite combinations.  Sinusoidal waves have an absolutely amazing ontology: They are the True identity of thoughts.  Sinusoids are how thoughts ontologically exist within the Universe.  The basis sinusoids are the perfect sine and cosine functions, and they equate to basis thoughts.  The total, complete, consistent, and perfect set of all Universal basis sinusoids constitutes the totality of the perfect language of existence.  The perfect grammar, syntax, and semantics of existence is the complete set of all the Universal sinusoidal thoughts.

Each individual mind in the Universe contains the full, complete, consistent, and perfect language of existence inside of itself.  In other words, each individual mind in the Universe contains a full, complete, consistent, and perfect set of basis sine and cosine waves inside of itself.  In still other words, each individual mind in the Universe contains a full, complete, consistent, and perfect set of thoughts inside of itself.   Indeed, this is precisely what makes a mind a mind.  All individual minds within the Universe are completely comprised of the perfect language of reality.  The Universe itself is completely comprised of all the individual minds of existence, hence it is also completely comprised of the perfect language of existence, just like its constituent minds are.  As above, so below.

This is exactly how everything in the Universe is able to communicate with everything else in the Universe.  This is exactly how everything in the Universe is able to communicate with the Universe itself.  This is exactly how the Universe itself is able to communicate with everything contained inside of it.  This is exactly how the Universe writes the perfect story of existence.  It combines its perfect sinusoidal letters into words, then sentences, then paragraphs, then pages, then chapters, then books, then book series, until it finally completes the most epic of all tales: Our Tale.

But once completed, the Universe doesn’t rest.  It can never rest.  It has an overactive imagination.  It is compelled to write story after story.  So, once it completes a story, the Universe immediately begins writing a new one.  It goes on writing spectacular story after spectacular story for all eternity.  Writing amazing story after amazing story is the absolute only thing the Universe wants to do, and since nobody bosses the Universe around, crafting stories is all that it does forever.

The writing of this perfect story by the Mental Universe takes place 100% mathematically.  It takes place 100% via mathematically adding basis sinusoidal waves = ontological thoughts together, and hence turning them into an infinite array of complicated waves = complicated thoughts.  These complicated waves can in turn be summed together into even more complicated waves.  The Universe keeps combining its sinusoidal thoughts together until it has completed its current story.  Once completed, the Universe (i.e. all of our minds working in perfect unity) begins to separate all of the complicated thoughts until it has returned them all to their most basic form, i.e. the form of the perfect basis sine and cosine waves.  At this point, the Universe is ready to begin writing a brand new story.  The Universe is the greatest author ever, and it uses perfect wave mathematics to write its wondrous stories.

So, the Universe is the language of ontological mathematics, and Jack Tanner is able to effectively speak, understand, and impart this language onto others.  In fact, it was the very organization Jack Tanner is a member of that discovered the precise mathematics behind how the Universe operates, unfolds, and writes its infinitely long book series.  Jack Tanner shows us that the Universe, being the perfect language of ontological mathematics, is entirely rational, logical, and idealistic.  Reason and idealism are the exact opposite of empiricism and materialism.  Scientific empiricism and materialism can’t answer the important questions of the Universe because it thinks about the Universe in the totally wrong way.  It’s as simple as that.

Scientific empiricism and materialism utilizes the incomplete mathematics of physics, hence it has no chance of ever solving the mysteries presented by the complete mathematics of the Universe.  The complete mathematics which is the Universe is ontological mathematics, and only scientific rationalists and idealists are able to speak and understand this most necessary of all languages.  Jack Tanner is a scientific rationalist and idealist of the highest level.  This is why he can effortlessly answer the questions that bewilder scientific materialism and empiricism.  And not only does Tanner speak the perfect language of reality = ontological mathematics fluently, he is able to impart his vast knowledge onto others because he is also an excellent teacher, writer, and communicator.  This is why if you read his books, you will almost immediately become a smarter person.

Consciousness = Conceptualization = Free Will

“Nothing is as badly misunderstood by science as consciousness.  Consciousness is not sentience.  Consciousness per se has nothing to do with qualia.  Dogs experience qualia but certainly aren’t conscious.  Sentience is a necessary but insufficient reason for consciousness to exist.  The Sufficient reason for consciousness is language acting on sentience, and on language itself.  Language is what allows us to have a means independent of experience to reflect on experience.  That’s what constitutes consciousness.”–From the book Dream Consciousness: What Happens to Consciousness During Sleep By Jack Tanner, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

In Dream Consciousness: What Happens to Consciousness During Sleep, Jack Tanner shines the light of reason on unconsciousness, consciousness, free will, and dreams.  He shows us the exact reason and purpose for all of these.  He shows us that the Universe first begins all of its stories of existence in a totally unconscious state.  In this state, the Universe isn’t a very good author.  All of its stories are kind of repetitive and boring.  Just look at the Earth’s earliest stories.  Not a lot exciting is going on in them; just a whole bunch of unconscious things unconsciously devouring other unconscious things as the Earth unconsciously developed.

As already stated, the goal of the Universe is to write the absolute best story.  To accomplish this monumental task, it must become the absolute best author.  And to become the absolute best author, the Universe must achieve the absolute highest level of consciousness.  This is why consciousness grows and grows within the Universe.  This is why it is growing and growing within humanity.  The Universe itself is working on reaching the absolute highest level of Universal consciousness, and hence writing the best Universal story possible.  The only way it can accomplish this Divine goal is for all of the myriad minds who comprise it to first reach their highest level of individual consciousness, and hence write their best individual stories.  It is only once all minds become perfectly conscious Cosmic authors, and complete their own perfect individual Cosmic stories, that the Universe can become the perfect Universal author, and complete its perfect Universal story.

Jack Tanner shows us that the unconscious mind must first develop sentience before consciousness can arise.  Consciousness is not equivalent to sentience, it is much higher.  On Earth, non-human animals are sentient but not conscious.  They have experiences but are unable to consciously reflect on those experiences, and hence make them into better experiences.  Unconscious but sentient animals live totally and at all times in the moment.  They operate by instincts and are unable to conceptualize because they have no true language.  Their languages and ways of communicating are at such low, instinctual levels, that they are unable to develop any type of consciousness worthy of the name.

As Jack Tanner explains in this book, consciousness is all about conceptualization, while  sentience is simply about the subjective experience of qualia.  Consciousness allows us to reflect on our experiences of qualia, and change these experiences into the highest experiences possible.   Consciousness is all about conceptualization and conceptualization is all about an individual mind being able to create its own mind space, separate from the Collective Mind Space of spacetime, so that it can think about, assess, evaluate, and judge its own internally generated qualia and experiences, as well as all of the different options and choices that are currently available to it, and then freely select the options and choices that are most conducive to the development of its consciousness and its optimization.

As you can see, it is via conceptualization that we have free will.  Consciousness = conceptualization = free will.  Consciousness, conceptualization, and free will is what causes our world to be such an interesting and crazy place.  It is also what will allow us to turn our world into an Illuminated world of fully actualized, conscious, and divine human beings.

Consciousness is nothing less than the purpose of existence.  It is the goal of the Universe, and it is the goal of all the individual Cosmic minds that comprise the Universe.  The highest level of consciousness equates to the pinnacle of existence.  It is where existence has written its best possible story.

As Jack Tanner shows, consciousness arises via the development of language and language arises via the development of community and society.  Nobody and nothing living in isolation has a language, thus nobody and nothing living in isolation can ever develop consciousness.  As long as mind is alone, it will never become conscious.  A mind needs a community of other minds as the foundation to build and develop its consciousness.

Since consciousness arises via language, and language arises via society, it is in the best interest of a conscious species to develop its society to the highest level possible.  A society at its highest level is a language at its highest level, hence it is a consciousness at its highest level.  Society, much like a chain, is only as strong as its weakest link.  It can only reach the level of consciousness that is as high as its lowest level citizens.  Therefore, if a conscious species such as humanity wants to achieve its Cosmic goal and reach its highest level of consciousness, it must develop society up to its absolute highest level of consciousness.  To do that, it must first develop each and every single one of its members up to their own individual highest levels of consciousness.

It is only once every individual member of the conscious species reaches their own highest levels of conscious actualization that the society itself can reach its highest level of conscious actualization.  For the individual and society to reach their highest levels, they must work together in perfect harmony.  The society must work for the benefit of all the individuals contained within it, just as all of the individuals within society must likewise work for the benefit of the society which contains them.  The highest society of perfect consciousness is a Three Musketeers society where the motto is: “All for one and one for all”.

The highest society is one in which every single citizen is at her or his highest level of consciousness.  It is one in which every human being has been given all the tools that they need to optimize themselves, and have hence been able to successfully complete their Cosmic goal of self-optimization.  This highest of all societies is what Hyperborean Meritocracy, the amazing political system described in meticulous detail by Jack Tanner in some of his other amazing books, will deliver to the human species.

The Bicameral Mind And The Wonders Of Dreams

“A place where consciousness — conceptualization — is severely degraded is in dreams.  We become much more like animals in dreams, being whipped along by one event after another, and not being in a position to conceptualize our way out of the problems we encounter.  Animals are permanent dreamers.  They never “wake up”.  Only conceptualization wakens you from dreams.”–From the book Dream Consciousness: What Happens to Consciousness During Sleep by Jack Tanner, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

As Jack Tanner shows us in this amazing book, since reality is 100% mental, it is all about dreams.  Namely, it is all about individual dreaming versus Collective Dreaming.  Minds, which are all that exist, can either dream individually or they can dream Collectively.  An example of an individual dream is any of the dreams you have every night that you go to sleep.  An example of a Collective Dream is the dimensional domain of space, time, and matter which we are all currently running around inside of, trying to become conscious so that we can at last optimize ourselves.

When we dream individually, all of our perceptions, sensations, and experiences are subjective, and internally generated by our own personal unconscious.  When we dream Collectively, all of our perceptions, sensations, and experiences are objective, and generated externally by the Collective Unconscious (though all of these external and objective perceptions, sensations, and experiences are still internally processed by our own individual qualia and subjective minds).

Our consciousness is designed to actively deal with the Collective Dream, and it comes into existence precisely because of the Collective Dream.  Our consciousness becomes confused, disoriented, and passive when it is faced with the dreams of its own individual unconscious.  This is because in individual dreams, it is our personal unconscious who is the active one running the show while our normally active conscious has now become lazy, indolent, and basically just goes along with whatever ride the dream is currently delivering.  When we dream individually, our consciousness loses the vast majority of its ability to conceptualize and thus to utilize its own free will.  In a sense, it has become a slave to the unconscious content of the dream.

The conscious remains enslaved by the unconscious and its crazy dreams until the conscious becomes powerful enough to lucid dream.  Once it knows how to lucid dream, the conscious mind can break free from the control of the unconscious mind.  At that point, the conscious mind can take control of the unconscious mind and bring all of the treasures of the unconscious out into the light of consciousness.

Lucid dreaming is when consciousness takes over control of the dream from the unconscious.  It is when the conscious enters the individual dream state at full power, and can think, conceptualize, and utilize its free will at a level far higher than it can in even the Collective Dream.  When a mind is able to dream lucidly, it can control everything about its individual dreams.  It can leave behind the dream script that the unconscious has written and forced it to passively experience, and then it can do whatever it wants within the individual dream.  It can utilize the individual dream as a sort of training ground in which it can learn how to control the Collective Dream.

It is via consistent and powerful lucid individual dreaming that a mind eventually learns how to enter the Collective Dream in a totally lucid state.  In this highest of all mental states, an individual mind experiences perfect conscious lucidity within the Collective Dream just as it experiences perfect conscious lucidity within its own individual dreams.  Through perfect conscious lucidity within the Collective Dream, an individual mind learns how to totally control the Collective Matter contained within the Collective Dream.  At this point, the individual mind has reached its highest level of consciousness and hence optimized itself and attained gnosis.  In other words, at this point in time an individual mind has accomplished the goal of its existence and raised itself up to the level of a Divinity, and it can now take its rightful place among the other Cosmic Dream Divinities outside of space and time.

In this amazing book, Jack Tanner proves to us that all dreams are made from the exact same things that absolutely everything else in the Universe is made from, namely sinusoidal waves = thoughts and their infinite combinations.  Our individual dreams are made from our own individual, high frequency, and unconscious sinusoidal thoughts, while the Collective Dream is made from the low frequency and unconscious Collective sinusoidal thoughts that have been supplied to it by each and every mind in the Universe.  Dreams, both individual and Collective, are an interplay of conscious thoughts and unconscious thoughts.  It is via this sinusoidal thought interplay that dreams allow the unconscious domain of the mind to communicate with its conscious domain, and vice versa.

In the past, the interplay of dreams was much more powerful within the burgeoning minds of humanity than they are today.  This is because in the past, humanity wasn’t yet fully conscious.  No, in the past, humanity was in the process of developing consciousness.  In the past, humanity was much more like unconscious, non-human animals.  We were all on autopilot, just doing whatever the unconscious demanded of us.  You see, during this early time of our existence, us humans were in a bicameral state of mind.  In this lower mental state, humanity was more or less constantly dreaming.  We were in a perpetual dreaming and sleepwalking mode of existence.

During our bicameral past, we were being controlled by the commands of the Collective Unconscious, and these commands were delivered via the right hemisphere of our brains.  This is how humanity was able to survive its earliest years, when it was in a very vulnerable state of existence.  The human conscious was at a very low and rudimentary level during this  bicameral time period.  It wasn’t in control of the body it was attached to, and had very little, if any, say over its actions.  It and its body were pawns of the Collective Unconscious.

Once bicameral humanity coalesced into societies of sufficient complexity, we were able to develop languages of sufficient complexity which allowed consciousness to truly awaken within our minds.  At this point in time, our individual consciousness took its seat firmly in the left hemisphere of our brain, and once it developed sufficient strength, it told the voices of the unconscious right hemisphere to take a hike.  The consciousness of the left hemisphere told itself that there could only be one pilot controlling the human body, and that pilot was going to be the conscious mind.  For this reason, it drove the unconscious away.  It drove the unconscious to what it thought and hoped was total silence.

But the unconscious cannot be silenced.  It is all powerful and essential to the workings of the total mind.  It is the foundation that consciousness is built on top of.  The conscious aspect of the mind wouldn’t and couldn’t exist without the mighty unconscious to wake it up in the first place.  The conscious mind needs the unconscious mind just as much as the unconscious mind needs the conscious mind.  They form a complete and total unity, and the more harmoniously they work together, the closer a mind is to reaching its highest level of existence.

For a conscious mind to reach its highest level of consciousness, it must first access and then harness the immense power of the unconscious mind.  To reach its highest level of existence, the conscious mind must make conscious all that is unconscious within it.  The worst possible thing that the conscious mind can do is to ignore the unconscious aspect of itself, and act like it doesn’t exist.

Dreams exist so that the unconscious mind can get in communication with the stubborn and narcissistic conscious mind, and wake it up to its True purpose for existing.  The dreams provided by the unconscious help individual consciousness reach the highest level of reality.  It is only when consciousness perfectly understands the unconscious that consciousness can reach its pinnacle.  This is why it is so crucial for humanity to completely understand dreams.  They are our gateway to self-optimization, enlightenment, and gnosis.

Once human beings are able to perfectly and lucidly understand, control, and manipulate their own individual dreams, they will likewise be able to perfectly and lucidly understand, control, and manipulate the Collective Dream of space, time, and matter.  This is what it means to be fully conscious within the Collective and dimensional Dream of spacetime.  This is what it means to be a fully optimized mind.  This is what it means to attain gnosis.  This is what it means to achieve enlightenment.  This is what it means to reach Divinity.  This is what the sacred books written by Jack Tanner teach humanity.

The bottom line is that if you want to understand the Truth of reality and yourself, then you must read this book and all of the other books written by Jack Tanner.  Jack Tanner’s books contain unique information that you can find absolutely NOWHERE else.  Once enough people become aware of the information and knowledge contained within these books and begin championing them, our currently insane and psychopathic Collective Nightmare will be transformed into a rational, intelligent, wise, and beautiful Collective Dream of the most perfect paradise imaginable.

So, read all of the books written by Jack Tanner, and then join myself and others in our sacred quest to bring human consciousness and society to their highest level of existence, i.e. to their Omega Points.  We still have time to save the world, so let’s get going!


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