Book Review For “Do The Math: Why Math Is Nothing Like How You Imagine” By Jack Tanner

The Secret That Shouldn’t Be A Secret

“In ontological mathematics you can get ‘matter’ from mind because matter, like mind, is made of sinusoidal waves, of wavefunctions, and is simply a different way of organizing sinusoids, involving collective rather than individual monadic operations (as far as the objective world goes), and asymmetric temporality and contingency arising from sinusoidal phase relations.”–From the book Do The Math: Why Math Is Nothing Like How You Imagine by Jack Tanner, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Psst! Do you want to know a secret that shouldn’t be a secret at all?  Yes?  Then here it is.  The Pythagorean Illuminati, i.e. the most amazing secret society to ever exist, write books that contain nothing less than the answer to existence within them.  Note that I wrote “answer” singular, not “answers” plural.  This is because there aren’t multiple answers to existence, there is only one answer to existence.  As you’ll learn if you read the Illuminati’s books, this singular answer to existence is equally the singular answer to the Universe, to life, to mind, to thought, to knowledge, to the soul, to light, to energy, to space, to time, and to matter.  What is this most sacred and most supreme answer to everything?  Well, it’s ontological mathematics of course.  Come on, you didn’t think the answer could possibly be anything else, did you?

Ontological mathematics is the answer to existence for one reason and one reason only:  ONTOLOGICAL MATHEMATICS IS EXISTENCE.  That’s right, ontological mathematics = existence, and everything that exists is entirely made out of ontological mathematics.  Mathematics = the Universe.  Mathematics = life.  Mathematics = the mind.  Mathematics = thought.  Mathematics = knowledge. Mathematics = the soul.  Mathematics = light.  Mathematics = energy.  Mathematics = space.  Mathematics = time.  Mathematics = matter.  Mathematics = EVERYTHING.

So now the question becomes: What, precisely, defines mathematics?  To get the answer to this most important of all questions, you must read the new book by Jack Tanner titled Do The Math: Why Math Is Nothing Like How You Imagine. The author name “Jack Tanner” is one of the many pseudonyms used by the Pythagorean Illuminati, and his books, just like all of the Illuminati’s books, are absolutely incredible.  The books written by Jack Tanner (just like the books written by every Illuminati author) answer all of the questions pertaining to REALITY and to TRUTH.  Need I say more?  If you honestly want to discover the Truth of the Universe and your life, then you only have ONE place to turn: The books of Pythagorean Illuminism.

Currently, not too many human beings are aware of the treasure troves of knowledge contained within the books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati.  This sad situation must change if humanity is going to have a future worth living in, a future that is at last free from the sibling evils of mythos religion, predatory capitalism, and scientific materialism.  This is why I opened this blog post by saying that the Illuminati’s books are a secret that shouldn’t be a secret.  It is completely insane that the whole world isn’t talking about these books and the revolutionary information they hold inside.  The books by the Pythagorean Illuminati need to be read by the entire planet, and the sooner the better.  The sooner humanity reads these books, the sooner we can all say goodbye to this hellish, virus infested world we have created, and the sooner we can say hello to a brand New World of human intelligence, health, sanity, and self optimization.

The Truth Of Mathematics

“We live in an Occam’s razor reality.  That means it is compulsory for reality to be as simple as possible.  What could be simpler than a universe of points going round in circles, generating sinusoids as they do so?  That’s all that’s required for an entire universe, for minds and a world for them to experience.”–From the book Do The Math: Why Math Is Nothing Like How You Imagine by Jack Tanner, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Creating this humanitarian New World Order is totally dependent on humanity coming to grips with the Truth of mathematics.  If we as a conscious (i.e. able to conceptualize) species don’t wholeheartedly embrace the reality of mathematics, then we will sooner or later annihilate ourselves.  Covid-19 is just the latest idiotic disaster in a long line of idiotic and totally preventable (for a rational species that is) disasters that us dumb ass humans have chosen to perpetrate on ourselves.  Here’s one thing I can guarantee you, in a world of ontological mathematics, disasters like Covid-19 would quickly become a thing of humanity’s irrational, idiotic, greedy, selfish, narcissistic, avaricious, violent, psychopathic, horrid, filthy, dirty, disgusting, and totally right-wing past.

As you will learn when you read Do The Math: Why Math Is Nothing Like How You Imagine, the reality of mathematics is that it is ontological (i.e. mathematics isn’t a human created abstraction, it is a concrete reality and it exists independently from human beings) and it is defined by a single, perfect formula.  This most beautiful of all formulas that defines mathematics is Euler’s Formula, or e^(ix) = cos(x) + isin(x) (i.e. Euler’s number e, raised to the imaginary unit multiplied by the variable x, is equal to the cosine of the variable x plus the imaginary unit multiplied by the sine of the variable x).

Euler’s Formula precisely defines the perfect circular motion of points, hence it precisely defines mathematics itself.  In other words, this  perfect mathematical formula (discovered by the super genius Leonhard Euler) is the formula for the creation of nothing less than perfect mathematical circles.  Euler’s Formula shows how points can travel in perfect circular trajectories for all eternity.  In Truth, what Euler discovered is the mathematical formula for a vast mathematical system of perpetual mathematical circular motion.  As points move in perfect and eternal circles, they generate sine and cosine frequency waves.  These frequency waves are as eternal and perfect as the circles that generate them.

This vast, perpetual motion system of pure and perfect mathematics that Euler’s Formula defines is nothing less than the eternal and necessary foundation of reality.   The foundation of existence exists outside of space, time, and matter.  In other words, the foundation of existence is dimensionless while spacetime is dimensional.  Indeed, dimensional space, time, and matter are entirely created by and from the perfect and eternal foundation of dimensionless ontological mathematical points moving in eternal and perfect circular motion.  Dimensional space, time, and matter couldn’t and wouldn’t exist without perfect, eternal, and dimensionless ontological mathematical circles underpinning them.

The great Euler discovered the ontological mathematical basis to existence.  This basis is no physical basis though.  No, on the contrary, the basis to existence is a 100% mental basis.  Don’t worry, you read that last sentence right: ontological mathematics = existence is 100% mental.  Ontological mathematics defines mind.  Ontological mathematics defines thought.  Ontological mathematics is mind.  Ontological mathematics is thought.  A vast, complete, and consistent set of points, moving in concentric perfect circles for all eternity, constitutes a mind, and the sinusoids that are generated by those points are that mind’s eternal thoughts.  Each and every mind in the Universe, including yours, is structured in exactly this way.

This of course means that existence, being entirely comprised of ontological mathematics, is also nothing but mind, nothing but thought, nothing but perfect Euler circles generating perfect sine and cosine energy waves for all eternity.  We live in a mental reality, not a physical reality.  We live in a Universe of thoughts and minds, not a Universe of particles and atoms.  Existence is one giant, Collective Mind and it is generating one giant, Collective Thought: The Thought of Reality.  Existence is an amazing Collective Dream dictated by the eternal laws of ontological mathematics.  Existence is a hyper-rational Hive Mind.

We live in a reality of 100% idealism and 0% materialism.  We live in a reality of ontological mathematics and rationalism, not a reality of physics and empiricism.  Everything that we mistakenly think is entirely physical is actually entirely mathematical, hence it is entirely mental.  Space, time, and matter aren’t physical at all, they are dimensional mathematics–they are objective, solidified, Collective Mind, and they are generated via Collective Fourier mathematics whereby all of the individual minds in the Universe work together in perfect harmony to create a shared mental space.  This shared, Collective, and dimensional mental space is what human beings have come to call space, time, and matter.

The Universe, i.e. reality, i.e. existence, is nothing but Mind.  It is a Collective Mind that is comprised of a myriad of individual minds.  Each individual mind is of course entirely comprised of thoughts.  Minds contain thoughts and nothing else.  Thought is frequency, frequency is sine and cosine waves, and sine and cosine waves are pure, ontological mathematics; hence an individual mind is an autonomous, eternal, and perpetual thought generator, it is an autonomous and eternal frequency domain, it is an autonomous and eternal system of perfect sinusoids, it is ontological mathematics itself, it is pure life.  You yourself are one of the myriad eternal minds that define reality, thus you yourself are pure ontological mathematics.  You are pure mind.  You are pure life.

Before the Big Bang, all of us Universal minds were in a state of mental perfection.  This mental perfection equated to a state of zero entropy, of zero chaos, of zero uncertainty, of zero confusion, of zero contradiction, of zero disorder.  Prior to the Big Bang, we all formed a perfect system of pure mental organization and total negentropy, i.e. all of us were working in perfect harmony, and together we formed a Single Collective Mind of beautiful mental symmetry.

A state of zero entropy and total negentropy equates to a state of zero dimensionality.  It is a state where space, time, and matter are entirely absent.  They have all been folded back into the zero dimension.   A state of zero entropy equates to a state of perfect mental symmetry, of perfect mental order, of perfect mental organization, of perfect mental clarity, of perfect mental harmony, and of perfect mental unity.

The zero entropy state is the mental state we were all in before the Big Bang–before the birth of selfish individuation, separation, isolation, space, time, matter, entropy, chaos, madness, hatred, racism, sexism, homophobia, confusion, competition, greed, avarice, disorder, conquest, violence, and war–and this beautiful state of perfect mental unity and collectivity is what we are all in the process of returning to.  Indeed, returning to perfect mental unity and order is the purpose and reason for all of our existences.

Let’s Save The World

“The term ‘cult’ is routinely used by the elite to dismiss any insurgency.  The establishment are the real cult, of course, the cult of false knowledge.  These are the people to blame for the shocking state of the world. It wasn’t cults that delivered this appalling world, it was the powers-that-be, the religious, political, economic and academic mainstream.  These people are a scandal and a disgrace.  They have no authority at all, either intellectual or moral.  It’s time to get rid of them.  It’s time for a New World Order, a world of new experts.”–From the book Do The Math: Why Math Is Nothing Like How You Imagine by Jack Tanner, a.k.a. The Pythagorean Illuminati.

If you read Do The Math: Why Math Is Nothing Like How You Imagine by Jack Tanner, you will learn everything I have told you and so much more.  It truly is an amazing book, as are all the books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati.  Their books have opened my eyes to the ontological mathematical Truth of the Universe, and they will open your eyes too if you read them and study the mathematics contained inside of them.

The Illuminati’s books will inspire you.  They will inspire you to become a hero.  They will inspire you to become a heroine.  They will inspire you to save the world.  They will inspire you to begin working for the betterment of yourself and of humanity.  They will inspire you to begin optimizing yourself.  They will inspire you to do your part in the grand struggle to heal the world.  They are the most important books that have ever been written, and the world won’t be saved until the knowledge contained inside of them is understood by everyone.

As I said above: it is an absolute crime that the entire planet isn’t reading these world saving books right now.  Until the Pythagorean Illuminati’s books are truly understood and implemented by the entire planet, disaster after disaster will continue to besiege humanity.  War will get worse and worse.  Poverty will get worse and worse.  Famine will get worse and worse.  Pollution will get worse and worse.  Disease will get worse and worse.  And humanity will eventually annihilate itself in a cataclysm of pure stupidity.

If the human species as a whole doesn’t embrace the revolutionary Jacobin ideas contained in all of the Illuminati’s books, then psychopathic predatory capitalism, nihilistic scientific materialism, and blatantly evil mythos religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism, will continue to rule and destroy our minds, bodies, and planet.

The profit crazed, irrational, and completely idiotic world wide slave system of predatory capitalism, created and controlled by the psychopathic rich 1% (i.e. the ownership class), will continue to create crisis after crisis because crisis is baked into predatory capitalism like apples are baked into an apple pie.  The total insanity of mythos religion will continue to drive people mad, continue to divide people, continue to generate hatred, and continue to create genocidal war.  Nihilistic and greedy scientific materialism will continue to lick the boots of predatory capitalism like it always has; it will  continue to thoughtlessly produce more and more deadly and devastating weapons and poisonous products for the use of its predatory capitalist pay masters.

Poverty will increase and increase because mythos religion, scientific materialism, and predatory capitalism can’t exist without it.  Mythos religion, predatory capitalism, scientific materialism, and poverty are four deadly peas in a single, idiotic pod.  This means that the working class will continue being pushed further and further into destitution at ever increasing rates as unemployment and debt goes through the roof, while the already poverty stricken underclass will continue to die in droves, only those droves will become larger and larger.

People, animals, and the planet will continue to be exploited, depleted, and destroyed under the grinding wheels of the 1%’s capitalist death machine (a machine created and fueled by the mad scientists of scientific materialism) and their mind controlling story time religions.  The extreme stupidity, irrationality, pathology, illogic, emotionalism, credulity, hatred of experts, and mental malfunction of profit crazed predatory capitalism, scientific materialism, and mythos religion will continue to cause both zoonotic and non-zoonotic sickness and disease epidemics to pop up all over the planet, which will of course lead to new pandemics.

The horrid pollution and waste produced by our psychopathic and global anti-economic system of predatory capitalism will continue to grow at an ever increasing rate, which will of course cause catastrophic anthropogenic climate change to worsen and worsen.  The ravaging of humans and non-humans will continue to increase as the planet’s ecosystem slowly but surely collapses under the weight of predatory capitalism’s and scientific materialism’s planet killing poisons.  Biodiversity loss and the over use of the Earth’s precious and finite resources will continue to increase under the insanity of mythos religion, scientific materialism, and predatory capitalism, until there is nothing left of the environment but a dead and barren desert.

Food scarcity will continue to increase.  Water scarcity will continue to increase.  Famine and starvation will continue to spread faster and faster because of  predatory capitalism, scientific materialism, and mythos religion, until humanity is faced with resource wars like it has never seen before.  Just think of the Mad Max mythos.  This is the world that awaits us if the Pythagorean Illuminati’s books aren’t brought to the forefront of human thinking.  However, if they are brought to the forefront of human thinking, then this ridiculous Mad Max style future will have no chance of transpiring because humanity will have become enlightened through its understanding the Pythagorean Illuminati’s books.

The revolutionary ideas contained inside of Do The Math: Why Math Is Nothing Like How You Imagine, and all of the other books written by the Illuminati, are the only ideas capable of stopping the Mad Max future that is rapidly approaching the entire planet (indeed, it has already arrived for anybody who is poor).  These books are the only books that can unite humanity and lead us to a worldwide revolution that completely overthrows mythos religion, scientific materialism, and predatory capitalism.  They are the only books that can lead the 99% to the total deposition of the elite 1% who control everything.

The ideas contained inside of the books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati will allow the human race to completely avoid any kind of Mad Max style future.  They will allow us to instead create a beautiful and exciting Star Trek style future of human discovery, progress, intelligence, health, and optimization.  This New World Order of human self-optimization is the prize that awaits humanity once we overthrow the ownership class.  But this monumental feat can’t be achieved unless the entire world becomes aware of and embraces the knowledge contained inside of the Pythagorean Illuminati’s books.  So let’s do it together.  Together, let’s make the whole human race take notice of these world saving books.  Once that happens, it will only be a matter of time until the slavers who control the world get what they deserve.


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