Small Space Workouts

If you have yoga blocks, chairs, stools, parallette bars, light weights, keep them handy as some of the exercises will use this type of equipment.  It is not necessary to have any equipment, all exercises may be completed with no equipment, however, modifications to make exercises easier and/or harder will be given using some of the equipment mentioned above.

There are many things around the house which can be used in place of certain equipment.  For example, if you do not have yoga blocks, you can use stacked books.  Just make sure the books are not to filmy and slippery.  You can use a chair or chairs to replace parallette bars and dip bars as well.  Carpet is fine for all workouts, however, if you have hard wood floors, you may want a yoga mat or blanket.

Equipment modifications will be explained in the videos as necessary.  Please keep in mind that I have limited resources, so the videos are shot from one angle.  All videos are designed to follow along.  Pause the videos at any time to practice any of the exercises, take a break, or increase the amount of sets completed.  If you are unsure of how to complete a technique, please leave a comment with your questions.

Be sure to have water near by and hydrate throughout the workout.  Use technique explanation times to take a drink.  Make sure you are maintaining deep breathing throughout the workout and always adjust exercises to fit your current fitness level.  All exercises have several modifications from beginner to advanced.  Know your limits and push yourself within those limits.  You will not progress if you let ego take over and injure yourself, nor will you progress if you don’t push yourself enough.  Find your threshold and always push yourself towards that line.

Your body is the temple for your soul, which is working towards becoming a goddess/god.  Divinities push themselves to their limit in all aspects of their lives, Ignavi slack off.  Pick your team.

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