Fuck The Police: Blue Lives Murder

The Terrorist Slave Patrols Of Predatory Capitalism

“Should the people be in charge, or private groups?  If the people, there should be no aspects of society that are not under direct public control.  Look at capitalism.  The capitalist free market is global, unelected, unaccountable and entirely outside the control of the people.  If the people desire to be in charge then free-market capitalism is automatically unacceptable.  If the people are happy for private elites to be in charge via markets, they should abandon democracy and become followers of Ayn Rand’s system of the rich elite running everything.  It’s bad faith, and irrational, to trumpet democracy and the market.  It’s one or the other.  You cannot support the public good and the private good at the same time.  It’s one or the other.  You cannot support the General Will and the particular will.  It’s one or the other.  You cannot support democracy if you permit an unelected, unaccountable private elite to run the economy.”–From the book Crapitalism (The Political Series Book 4) by Michael Faust, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati.

The terrorist pigs of terrorist predatory capitalism have murdered yet another black person.  So what’s new?  The pigs and the anti-economic system they serve and protect are psychopathic, monstrous murderers, and they always have been.

George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor are just three of the most recent people to have been tragically slaughtered by the AmeriKKKan pigs over the last few weeks (well, Arbery was murdered by a retired pig and his troglodytic son to be precise).  These three murders were particularly blatant, frightening, and gruesome, and hence they were picked up and reported on by predatory capitalism’s corporate media.  Seeing and hearing about these murders on the prime time news allowed the whole country to once again be reminded of how horrid the predatory capitalist pigs are.  As a result, righteous uprisings and protests against police brutality have again been set off all over this fucked up country.

The pigs abuse, terrorize, brutalize, torture, and KILL countless poor people all over the world on a daily basis.  They have ALWAYS killed poor people and they ALWAYS will kill poor people.  This has been their mandated job ever since fucking money = inequality was invented.  Most of the time, the impoverished victims of the pigs never make any type of news source, much less the prime time news, hence nobody but the pigs and their victims ever know that the brutality and murders transpired, and no protests ever take place in the victim’s names.  This is just the way the pigs and predatory capitalism like it to be.

This fucking shit won’t stop until socioeconomic inequality is a thing of our bloody past.  As long as we live in a world of “haves” (i.e. the rich) and “have-nots” (i.e. the poor), we will live in a world where the docile have-nots are preyed upon, toyed with, enslaved, tortured, and murdered by the predatory haves.  This disgusting situation is inevitable whenever you have a human society built upon the shoddy foundation of socioeconomic  inequality, and it won’t change until the anti-economic system that spawned it is completely eradicated.

Socioeconomic inequality won’t be a thing of our bloody past until the whole anti-economic system called free market (i.e. PREDATORY) capitalism is burned to the goddamn ground, and a new, truly meritocratic system of human self-optimization and virtue is constructed on top of its ashes.

Predatory capitalism is the cause of socioeconomic inequality.  It is the cause of the pigs and police brutality.  It is the cause of crime.  It is the cause of poverty.  It is the cause of the worldwide class system, i.e. the working class poor vs. the ownership class rich, i.e. the 99% vs. the 1%, i.e. the have-nots vs. the haves.  It is the cause of exploitation and abuse.  It is the cause of war.  It is the cause of  food scarcity, hunger, famine, and starvation.  It is the cause of water pollution, water scarcity, and human beings dying of fucking thirst.  It is the cause of air pollution and smog infested cities.  It is the cause of sickness, disease, and the rapid spreading of virus pandemics.  It is the cause of all pollution and waste in general.  It is the cause of environmental destruction.  It is the cause of biodiversity loss and resource overshoot.  It is the cause of climate change and global warming.  It is the cause of the torture and slaughter of countless non-human animals.  Predatory capitalism is quite simply one of the deadliest and most horrific things to ever befall humanity and the planet, and it must be shut down for good if humanity hopes to survive for much longer.

But guess what?  We won’t be able to incinerate predatory capitalism without also torching the ancient and hyper-evil Abrahamic religions that spawned it, and continue to work hand in hand with it to this very day.  I’m talking about insane Judaism, insane Christianity, and insane Islam.  These supremacist religions and their twisted ideas of being “god’s” chosen people laid the groundwork and paved the way for the insane predatory capitalism that we see destroying the world today.  Predatory capitalism will not go away until these sick religions are no more.

And let’s not forget about the equally sick Karmic religions such as insane Hinduism and insane Buddhism.  These twisted mythos religions and their ludicrous idea of Karma–which turns huge groups of humans into the intensely impoverished and horribly suffering “untouchables” via the caste system–work perfectly with predatory capitalism’s brutal class system.  For this reason, they too must be done away with if we honestly want to put a permanent end to this entire murderous shit show called predatory capitalism (which of course includes its entire murderous police force).

The Abrahamic and Karmic mythos religions are punitive religons.  They are religions all about punishment, and not in the fun, BDSM kind of way.  When these fucked up religions punish, they PUNISH.  These punishing religions are so good at punishment, they could teach Frank Castle a thing or two.  If you disobey any of the insane laws given by these insane religions, you are punished.  If you disobey the insane rabbis, priests, imams, clerics, or monks of these insane religions, you are punished.  If you are karmically impure, you are punished.  If you disobey the devil god worshiped by these insane religions, you are punished.  If you do absolutely anything at all that goes against whichever of these insane religions you are brainwashed by, you are punished.

Predatory capitalism is similarly all about punishment, but in this crazy system, the rich are the law, the priests, the religion, and the gods, and you are punished for disobeying them.  In predatory capitalism, if you cross the rich = the gods, you are punished by their pigs.  The pig’s ONLY TRUE PURPOSE is to guard the rich from the poor and to punish the poor whenever they transgress the rich; that’s it.

The pig’s rich pay-masters give them carte blanche in their dealings with the poor and working class slaves.  The masters know full well that their rabid guard pigs will happily brutalize and murder the slaves any chance they get.  This situation is exactly what the masters want because it keeps their army of slaves in constant terror.

Terrified slaves are unable to think straight, and being unable to think straight, they are hence unable to bring about a true and successful revolution against their evil masters.  Indeed, most of the poor, working class slaves are so cognitively damaged from fear, terror, anxiety, depression, poverty, booze, drugs, shit diets, mind rotting entertainment, mythos religions, and the bull shit “education” system (i.e. brainwashing system), they can’t even realize the simple fact that they are expendable cogs in the planet destroying machine called predatory capitalism, and hence they are absolute slaves to the rich 1% ownership class–the unelected and unaccountable overlords, masters, creators, and controllers of predatory capitalism.

So, the murdering pigs won’t stop murdering the terrified slaves until socioeconomic inequality is crushed, and socioeconomic inequality won’t be crushed until the death dealing predatory capitalist anti-economic system that created and sustains it (and which the dirty pigs proudly and idiotically protect from righteous destruction) is totally destroyed and totally replaced with a New Society and a New Economic System.  This New Society and New Economic system must be built on the Illuminated foundation of human self-optimization, intelligence, health, merit, virtue, creativity, reason, logic, wisdom, art, optimism, justice, fairness, positive liberty, 100% inheritance tax, altruism, compassion, and equal opportunity for all.

Revolution Has Come, It’s Time To Pick Up The Gun

“Institutions, laws and customs are designed to enshrine the power and glory of the elite.  They are designed to preserve the wealth and influence of the elite.  They are designed to create a false consciousness in the ordinary masses, one that makes them compliant to the will of the elite.  They are designed to brainwash, program, condition and mind control the masses.  They are designed to make revolution against the ruling order unthinkable.  Laws, institutions and customs should be built around equal opportunities for all; preventing permanent rule by dynastic elites, and delivering universal fairness and justice; allowing everyone to be as fulfilled as possible; maximising human potential; optimally organising society; building in the means to bring about the perfection of the human race.”–From the book Crapitalism (The Political Series Book 4) by Michael Faust, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati.

There is no other way to stop the pigs from killing poor people.  There is no other way to end poverty itself.  Predatory capitalism MUST be shut down, and it must be shut down for good.  Even if the ownership class attempts to abate the righteous anger of the black community by charging the sadistic pig who happily choked helpless George Floyd to death with his knee (while his pig buddies pinned Floyd’s upper body and legs to the ground), it won’t change a goddamn thing because the evil, predatory capitalist slave system that creates murderous pigs by the boat load is still firmly in place.  Predatory capitalism itself must be overthrown if we wish to put an end to police brutality.

The righteous, rage filled uprisings and protests that are currently taking place all over AmeriKKKa must not fizzle out when and if this putrid pig is charged with murder.  They must not fizzle out when the National Guard is inevitably brought in.  The beautiful rage of the protesters must be harnessed and sustained by their intelligence and creativity until the job is done, i.e. until predatory capitalism is no more.


Now is the time for all of the poor, all of the working class, and everybody else in the world who isn’t rich and/or racist to unite their rage, intelligence, creativity, and radical revolutionary spirit with the rage, intelligence, creativity, and radical revolutionary spirit of all the black communities currently protesting against police brutality.  Now is the time for the poor and working class (i.e. the proletariat) to take up arms against their predatory capitalist oppressors, exploiters, and slavers, and make revolution until the rich, their lackeys, their pigs, and their anti-economic system is brought down for good.

If on the off chance you happen to be a domestic pig or a military pig who can see the deadly threat that predatory capitalism presents to humanity and the planet, then join the People’s revolution and point your guns at predatory capitalism instead of the working class poor who are oppressed and exploited by it.  What the fuck are you waiting for?!  Be virtuous people for once and revolt against your evil pay-masters!  Now is the time!

And fuck anyone who is telling the protesters to calm down and not be “violent” or “destructive”.  Are you pathetic assholes fucking crazy?!  It is predatory capitalism that is violent–MAXIMALLY VIOLENT!  It is predatory capitalism that is destructive–MAXIMALLY DESTRUCTIVE!  These brave protesters are fighting to end violence and destruction you fucking morons!  If you can’t understand this simple fact then to hell with you.  You deserve whatever is coming your way.

I’ve got one last BIG FUCK YOU to give before I go.  This fuck you goes out to all of the Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors out there who continue to train these terrorist pigs of predatory capitalism, knowing full well that they will turn around and use what you teach them to brutalize the poor.  Many individual pigs, as well as many entire pig departments, pay to get trained by experts in MMA and BJJ, which of course makes these terrorist pigs even more effective at terrorizing, brutalizing, and murdering impoverished people.  If you are an MMA trainer or BJJ trainer who cares about humanity, then you MUST stop training these terrorist pigs.  They use what we teach them to hurt the poor.  Believe me, I know.  And if you continue to train these terrorists knowing full well what they will do with your teachings, then you are as bad as they are, and the blood of whoever they brutalize is on your hands too.

Now is the time for righteous revolution against evil predatory capitalism.  Now is the time for the poor to end the existence of what makes them poor.  Now is the time to build a New World Order based on human beings and not fucking money.

Now is the time for true revolutionary leaders to step forward and lead.  These true revolutionary leaders are the leaders who understand that it is predatory capitalism and its horrid mythos religion allies that the revolution must focus 100% effort at overthrowing.  Now is the perfect opportunity for the working class to topple predatory capitalism and build a New World in its place.  Let’s not let this opportunity slip away.

Now is the time for today’s Toussaint L’Ouverture, today’s Robespierre, today’s Saint Just, today’s Gracchi brothers, today’s Emma Goldman, today’s Cochise, today’s Crazy Horse, today’s Geronimo, today’s Rosa Luxemburg, today’s Huey P. Newton, today’s Fred Hampton, today’s Cesar Chavez, today’s Corky Gonzales, today’s Marat, today’s Marx, today’s Engels, today’s Rousseau, today’s Claire Lacombe, today’s Lenin, today’s Trotsky, today’s Mao, today’s Spartacus, today’s Blanqui, today’s John Brown, today’s Che Guevara, and all the rest of today’s revolutionary leaders, to step forward and lead the working class poor to victory over their ownership class slave masters.  Once this monumental task is accomplished, we can then get to the fun part of the revolution: Creating our brand New Society of human self-optimization and virtue.  Now is the time!  Let’s make it happen together!



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