Book Review For “Endarkenment: New Age Fake Enlightenment” By Jack Tanner

The End Of Gurus And All New Age Bullshit

“What is enlightenment?  Syntactic enlightenment means that you fully understand the ontology and epistemology of reality, via ontological mathematics.  You have cracked the problem of form.  What about content?  For that, you need to achieve semantic enlightenment on top of syntactic enlightenment.  Syntactic enlightenment is passive enlightenment while semantic enlightenment is active enlightenment.  You are able to enact at will this profoundest knowledge and understanding you have acquired.  You have, more or less, become like Neo in The Matrix.  You can “hack” reality because you understand the code so well.  You can do things that are impossible for the unenlightened.  You have become a Higher Being, a god.  You have total control over your destiny.  You can reincarnate in any manner you see fit, or you can choose not to reincarnate.  You are no longer being driven by seemingly inexorable laws and events.  You are no longer a passive consciousness in a dream, being pushed along by events.  You are now “lucid” in every way.  You have control.”–From the book Endarkenment: New Age Fake Enlightenment by Jack Tanner, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Endarkentment: New Age Fake Enlightenment is yet another awesome book written by the preeminent author known as Jack Tanner.  Like all of Tanner’s many other incredible books, this one is absolutely amazing, and if you read it you will be shown nothing less than the adamantine Truth of existence.  The unbreakable Truth of reality is of course 100% mathematics (come on, you didn’t think the Universe could be based on anything other than pure mathematics, did you?), and it is called ontological mathematics.

In other words, reading this book will set you on the path to ontological mathematical enlightenment: THE ONLY TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT.  In so doing, it will Illuminate all of the pitfalls and traps that have been set out to stop you from ever discovering this path of Truth.  These traps are the exact traps that have been designed to lead you away from True, ontological mathematical enlightenment, and towards total, non-mathematical endarkenment.

There are countless paths to endarkenment, but there is only one path to True enlightenment, and it is paved entirely with ontological mathematics.  The plethora of paths to endarkenment are all non-mathematical paths.  They are all paths that revolve around one ridiculous and insane story or another.  They are all paths that are designed to divide humanity into bellicose, warring tribes, forcing all of us into bloody and unending conflict with each other for no other reason than to prove the “superiority” of whichever endarkened path we mindlessly tread and worship.

Abrahamism, karmism, empirical scientific materialism, predatory capitalism, and new ageism are five of the deadliest paths currently leading humanity into total endarkenment.  As I said above, all endarkened paths revolve around some bizarre, evil, and totally irrational story.

The absurdly endarkened paths of Abrahamism all revolve around the insane story of a depraved father deciding to murder his son because a voice in his head calling itself “god” ordered him to.

The ludicrous paths of karmism all revolve around the nonsensical story that says some undefined cosmic “oneness” is currently doling out just deserts to everybody in the Universe based on their actions.

The deranged paths of scientific materialism and empiricism all revolve around the totally irrational story that claims dynamic and vital life, mind, and purpose randomly spring forth whenever lifeless, mindless, and purposeless atoms are randomly arranged, organized, and “observed”  in unspecified and undefined ways.

The avaricious paths of predatory capitalism all revolve around the risible story of some mystical and magical “invisible hand of the free market” that would miraculously create a fair and just society for all of humanity if only common human beings would mind their own business and stop meddling in the affairs of their psychopathic, predatory, hyper-greedy, blood thirsty, and filthy rich masters.

Endarkenment: New Age Fake Enlightenment will shine the light of reason on all of the above endarkened paths so that they won’t ever be able to trip you up on your way to and along the path of True, ontological mathematical enlightenment.  However, the particular focus of this book is to totally illuminate the fraud of new ageism.  If you would like to read a book that focuses on deconstructing one of the other paths of pure endarkenment, then just look through Jack Tanner’s author page on Amazon and pick out a book that specifically covers Abrahamism, karmism, scientism, or predatory capitalism.

In Endarkenment: New Age Fake Enlightenment, all of the endarkened paths of new ageism, as well as all of the con-artist “gurus” who control those dark paths and profit from them, are totally  deconstructed and destroyed by Jack Tanner.  Now, you might be asking yourself how Jack Tanner is able to completely demolish all of these idiot new age “gurus” and their idiotic new age “systems”?  What weapon is powerful enough to crush all of these laughable clowns and their equally laughable “philosophies”?  Well, the wondrously powerful weapon deployed by Jack Tanner in this book is the same unstoppable weapon utilized by Jack Tanner in all of his books.  This weapon is the unbreakable reason and logic of ontological mathematics = reality.  Ontological mathematics is the invincibly rational weapon that destroys absolutely ALL irrational philosophies, ideologies, religions, economies, and political systems by shining the pure light of reason on all of them.

Jack Tanner shows us the dark truth of new ageism by using nothing other than the perfect reason and logic of ontological mathematics.  As you will see when you read this book, new age gurus are, in actuality, simply boring old predatory capitalists whose chosen mode of conning the dupes out of their money is to feign “spirituality” and “enlightenment”.  Not one of these so-called “enlightened gurus” has ever been able to demonstrate any sort of enlightenment.  These morons don’t even know what light is, much less what enlightenment is.

If you are a new age guru claiming to be enlightened (as all new age guru’s do), and your entire system of thought is based on enlightenment (as all new age guru’s systems are), shouldn’t you at least be able to explain to the people who follow you precisely what enlightenment is, precisely what it entails, and precisely how to achieve it?  By the same token, if your whole system revolves around the idea of enlightenment, and you are an enlightened new age guru, shouldn’t you be able to explain to your followers and the world exactly what a photon = light is?

If you claim to be enlightened, shouldn’t you be able to explain in precise detail what reality is made out of?  Shouldn’t you be able to explain precisely what the mind is made out of?  Shouldn’t you be able to explain in clear detail what a thought is, and how it is conveyed in the Universe?  Shouldn’t you be able to explain precisely what the human body is made out of?  Shouldn’t you be able to explain what ALL bodies are made out of?

Shouldn’t an enlightened guru be able to solve the old philosophical problem of mind-body dualism?  Shouldn’t he or she be able to explain in precise detail why the body is extended and the mind is unextended?  Shouldn’t they be able to explain how the mind and body can interact with each other when each of them seems to be made out of totally different and totally incompatible substances?

If you are a wondrous guru who has become one with reality, shouldn’t you at least be able to exactly explain the mind in its totality?  Shouldn’t you be able to precisely explain the unconscious and the conscious?  Shouldn’t you be able to demonstrate how the unconscious and conscious aspects of the mind relate to and communicate with each other?  Shouldn’t you be able to explain the relationship between individual minds and spacetime?  Shouldn’t you be able to show humanity how and why the individual mind interacts with space, time, and matter?  Shouldn’t you be able to explain precisely how mind is able to control matter?

Shouldn’t these new age gurus be able to explain to humanity the origin of language?  Shouldn’t they be able to explain to us why language even exists?  Shouldn’t they be able to explain to us the relationship between consciousness and language?  Shouldn’t they be able to show us precisely what the True language of reality is?

Shouldn’t an enlightened guru be able to explain exactly what space, time, and matter are, where they came from, why they exist, and where they are returning to?  Shouldn’t an enlightened guru understand and be able to explain the purpose of the Collective domain of spacetime dimensionality?  Shouldn’t they know how spactime dimensionality relates to the development of individual and Collective consciousness within the Cosmos.

Shouldn’t a new age guru know and be able to explain to novices the similarities and differences between concepts and percepts, between form and content, between ontological syntax and ontological semantics?  Shouldn’t they be able to explain the True nature of knowledge and epistemology?  Shouldn’t they understand the True nature of ontology?  Shouldn’t they be able to show humanity exactly what a subjective experience is, what it is made out of, how it is conveyed within a mind, and how it relates to objective reality?

Shouldn’t enlightened gurus know the exact Truth of dreams and what their purpose is to the monadic minds of reality?  Shouldn’t a guru who claims enlightenment understand and be able to explain in precise detail the Truth of an out of body experience?  Shouldn’t an enlightened guru be able to explain to his or her followers what a lucid dream is, how to regularly have them, what you should do when you have them, and how they relate to out of body experiences, near bodily death experiences, and full bodily death experiences?

Shouldn’t an amazingly enlightened guru be able to explain the Truth behind psychic and so-called supernatural phenomena?  Shouldn’t a guru who claims to have understood the Truth of reality be able to tell you what you need to do to properly strengthen your mind so that you can one day be able to develop your own psychic abilities?

Shouldn’t new age gurus be able to explain exactly what the soul is?  Shouldn’t they understand dimensionless existence and how it relates to and creates dimensional existence?  Shouldn’t they be able to explain precisely how the afterlife works?

What about reincarnation?  Shouldn’t a guru of the highest caliber be able to explain to the world exactly how reincarnation works?  Shouldn’t they know, understand, and be able to clearly explain the mechanism that an individual, dimensionless soul uses to link to a dimensional material body within space and time?  Shouldn’t a new age guru be able to show why resurrection is complete nonsense?

Shouldn’t a wise and enlightened guru be concerned with one thing and one thing only, i.e. saving humanity from all endarkened religions, ideologies, philosophies, economies, and political systems?  Shouldn’t an enlightened guru be fighting tooth and nail against all endarkened paths?  Shouldn’t all of these gurus have designed their own progressively enlightened political and economic systems to entirely replace the horrid shit show of predatory capitalism?  Shouldn’t enlightened gurus be the ones leading the charge against predatory capitalism and all of the other nightmarish ideologies and religions currently running roughshod over the minds of humanity and our planet?

Don’t you think that someone who is enlightened would know the answers to all of the above questions?  Don’t you think they would be a genius who understands the precise Truth of reality?  Don’t you think these enlightened gurus would have all designed highly enlightened political and economic systems to save humanity from the many endarkened horrors it has faced all throughout its bloody history, and is STILL facing today?

Don’t you think somebody who is enlightened would be able to answer all of the above questions and more?  A Truly enlightened person would be able to clearly, exactly, and precisely answer absolutely ALL questions concerning the totality of existence.  If a person can’t give rational answers to all questions concerning reality, then they simply aren’t enlightened, it’s as simple as that.

New age gurus can’t answer ANY of the above questions concerning existence.  They can’t answer anything at all.  Not a single one of them has ever created any new economic and political systems capable of bringing down predatory capitalism and simultaneously bringing up a New World Order of human self-optimization, health, well being, reason, logic, intelligence, fairness, justice, wisdom, merit, talent, creativity, art, enlightened technology, altruism, and social progress for all of humanity.  This is because all new age gurus are predatory capitalists, and they would cease to exist in such a rational New World Order.

Not one new age guru has ever done a single thing to benefit humanity.  All new age gurus ever do is prey on gullible and credulous people.  This is the same thing that all predatory capitalists do.  All new age gurus are charlatans and con-artists, as are all predatory capitalists.  Not one of them knows the first thing about ontological mathematics, hence not one of them knows the first thing about ANYTHING.

If you would like to be guided to the only True path to syntactic and semantic ontological mathematical enlightenment, then you must read this book by Jack Tanner.  Jack Tanner is no silly new age guru.  On the contrary, he is a master ontological mathematician.  I shit you not, within his books he answers each and every single one of the questions I typed out above, as well as a whole bunch more.  He answers all questions with the precision and clarity that only an expert mathematician can have.

Unlike these frauds called new age gurus, Jack Tanner and the Pythagorean Illuminati have designed a fantastic political and economic system that is more than capable of saving humanity and bringing about a New World Order of ontological mathematics.  This political system is called Jacobin Meritocracy, and it will bring about the total end of the rich 1% ownership class who has preyed upon humanity for eons.  Make no mistake, if humanity is to have a future, it will be a future of ontological mathematics and Jacobin Meritocracy (which is entirely derived from ontological mathematics).

Not only is Jack Tanner an expert at ontological mathematics, he is also an amazing creative writer.  This means that his books aren’t dry, mandarin textbooks.  On the contrary, they are highly entertaining reads, and you will find yourself turning page after page late into the night as you discover the secrets of existence.

The bottom line is that Tanner’s books and all those related to them are the books of True enlightenment for the precise reason that they are the books of ontological mathematics, i.e. the mathematics that defines reality because it is reality.  If you want to achieve True and total enlightenment, then you must ignore all new age gurus and instead read the books written by Jack Tanner.  No other books can even pretend to do what Tanner’s books do.  They truly are unique.


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