Lynching, back in Vogue in ameriKKKa

Vauhxx Booker

On July 4, 2020, Vauhxx Booker, an outspoken civil rights activist and member of the Monroe county human rights commission in Indiana, survived an attempted lynching at the hands of racist Trumpanzies, emboldened by our racist, sexist, homophobic, moron of a president, Donald “grab them by the pussy” Trump.  Fortunately there were several white bystanders who were finally not willing to sit and watch another black man get murdered at the hands of racists. Once the incident had deescalated and the pieces of shit white supremacists had been cordoned away from the victim, the pigs were called to, you know, do their supposed job.

They show up 40 minutes after the call had been made for assistance, after having first visited the pieces of shit who attacked Booker.  They of course, did not arrest the attackers, most likely giving them high fives for their attempted murder.  In their usual inherently racist pig fashion, they see a black man (the victim I want to continue to emphasize) and immediately begin lecturing Booker about private property rights.  

Lets make some things clear about this situation, the land did not belong to the fuck tard attackers, and Booker had specifically verified that they were not breaking any private property rules. This “property” which I would also like to remind you was violently stolen from the indigenous peoples originally occupying this country.

Oh the irony! A racist pig lecturing a black man, whose ancestors were stolen from Africa against their will and brutally shipped to ameriKKKa in chains to be slaves for the white supremacist ameriKKKan population, about the property rights of land stolen from the indigenous peoples who have suffered a genocide considerably worse then the Nazi genocide. You can’t make this shit up. Stranger than fiction the times we live in.

The pigs did not offer the VICTIM any medical assistance at any point during the encounter, despite the fact that he had just been the subject of a violent altercation, where the fat shit bag racist fucks had jumped on his neck while beating him and calling for a noose. Yeah, you heard that right, they called for a noose, not a rope, a noose.  They knew exactly what they had planned, and had there not been a group of people there to stop them, we would most likely have been reading another story of another “suicide” of a black man.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, there have recently been several minority males found hanging from trees.  They have all been ruled suicides, however, many of the families of the deceased are not convinced and believe their loved ones may have been victims of lynchings.

The fucker pigs finished doing their “job” by giving tickets to a few skinny dippers down the beach, but did not however, arrest the violent racists for the unprovoked attack and attempted murder of an innocent black man.  Once the pigs left the scene of the CRIME, having completed no crime scene investigation, Booker went home. The next day he went to the hospital because he was suffering symptoms of concussion. The staff at the hospital were infuriated that the pigs had not called for medical attention at the scene of the CRIME.

Racist white ameriKKKa at its finest.

So I would again like to ask all of you boo-hoo pig apologist fuckers crying about the “good cops” that “exist”,


They don’t fucking exist because the system inherently creates inequalities which requires systems of control to keep the majority mass of people who are going to be screwed in line. The pigs are one of the most integral systems of control in Predatory Capitalism.  The priorities of law enforcement are those of the ruling rich 1% because they are the trained rabid attack dogs for the 1% OWO.

Property rights are more important than human rights, remember that.  History has demonstrated this time after time.   It is SYSTEMIC.  Private property is an integral part of Predatory Capitalism as is the inherent protection of that property.  These pigs actually were doing their job, which is to keep the majority population subjugated to the minority rich 1% OWO rulers.  The pigs are an integral part of the ruling system.  They are the thin blue line keeping the majority from tearing down the doors of our oppressors, dragging them out of their million dollar mansions, and chopping off their greedy fat heads.

Here I would like to point out an important word in that last paragraph.  The pigs are the THIN blue line.  They are an exceptionally important part of the prevailing systems of control keeping the MAJORITY masses in destitution and unable to self actualize.  I emphasize the word thin and majority because I want you all to realize that we have the numbers.  The only reason the world is so unequal and full of misery, is because the majority of people have been duped and fallen for the brainwashing and propaganda of Free Market Capitalism, i.e. Predatory Capitalism, along with its companion systems of control, mythos slave religions.  We all need to realize that we actually have the power to change this if we just work together instead of fighting over scraps from the table of Predatory Capitalism.

The thin blue line needs to be blasted through by a unified population and all those in that line should be put down like the rabid dogs they are.  It is time we pull ourselves out of the shit we have been wallowing in and rise up and take our places as the rightful divine souls we are ascending towards pure divine reason.  Join us.  The time for revolution has long since passed.  Our futures and inherent divine rights are being stolen from us generation after generation by an exceptionally small group of ultra selfish majority white male sub-human fuckers.  Are we going to continue to allow this atrocity?


It is time for all rational people to band together and create this generations version of the Jacobins of the French Revolution.  Bring back the spirit of the French Revolution!  Join the New Jacobins and help us usher in a new enlightenment of Jacobin Meritocracy and Pythagorean Illuminism.