Nutrition and the Future of Humanity

The above video includes some excellent statistics concerning our planet and the positive changes that could occur if the population were to adopt a whole-food plant-based diet, also known as a Vegan diet. However, the video is lacking in some viable solutions as to how we could get to the point where the entire human species could adopt this diet.

Columbia University has been researching the potential of vertical farm systems and the amount of people that can be fed coupled with the amount of land required shows amazing potential for the future of our planet and our very real climate change problem.

“Students at Columbia University working on vertical farm systems determined that in order to feed 50,000 people, a thirty-story building the size of a “New York City” block would be needed.  A New York City block is about 6.4 acres.  If we extrapolate this into the context of the city of Los Angeles, with a population of about 3.9 million and a total acreage of about 318,912, it would take roughly seventy-eight such thirty-story structures to feed the local residents, for a total of 499 acres.  This amounts to about 0.1 percent of the total land areas of Los Angeles to feed the population.  The Earth, consisting of about 29 percent land, has roughly 36,794,240,000 acres and a human population of 7.2 billion as of late 2013.  If we extrapolate the same basis of a thirty-story vertical farm covering 6.4 acres to feed 50,000 people, we end up needing 144,000 vertical farms, in theory, to feed the world.  This amounts to 921,600 acres.  Given that roughly 38 percent of all the Earth’s land is currently being used for traditional agriculture (13,981,811,200 acres), we find that we need only 0.006 percent of the Earth’s existing farmland to meet production requirements.” 

The New Human Rights Movement: Reinventing the Economy to End Oppression by Peter Joseph

I highly recommend this book as it is shares an excellent breakdown of the major problems facing humanity as well as several solutions that could be implemented, if given opportunity and financing.

Coupled with vertical food systems, the implementation of Permaculture education would go a long way towards helping to solve our climate crisis.  We have become so separated and stratified from our food, which has allowed a small group of people to control a very important part of our lives.  We need better nutrition education in our schools, really we need better education in general.  There is so much misinformation presented to children during their time in the Mandarin “education” system, which is of course by design.  Our educational system is STILL based on the antiquated Prussian Model of Education, which was explicitly designed to create a docile and easily manipulated population.

“The idea was not to produce independent thinkers, but to churn out loyal and tractable citizens who would learn the value of submitting to the authority of parents, teachers, church, and ultimately, king.  The Prussian philosopher and political theorist Johann Gottlieb Fichte, a key figure in the development of the system, was perfectly explicit about its aims.  ‘If you want to influence a person,’ he wrote, ‘you must do more than merely talk to him; you must fashion him, and fashion him in such a way that he simply cannot will otherwise than what you wish him to will.’” 

The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined, by Salman Khan founder of the free online learning site, The Khan Academy.

This is another excellent book that I highly recommend reading if you want to understand the climate of our education system, as well as achievable educational reform solutions.

Who benefits from the mass population being confused about proper nutrition?  The food industries.  The fact that we have chosen the anti-economic system of Predatory Capitalism, more commonly known as Free Market Capitalism, as our “economic” system of organization is the biggest problem facing humanity.  We are not going to get anywhere as long as the vast number of major decisions facing humanity are held in the hands of a few greedy predatory capitalists.  The system is the problem, and unless we address the root of the problem, we will simply continue to put bandaids on huge gaping holes in the sinking boat.  Attack the root of the problem, not the symptoms of the problem. 

“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.” 

~Maximilien Robespierre

In addition to the concepts of vertical food systems and permaculture, the amazing people at the Venus Project have come up with some fascinating alternatives to economic design, namely implementing a resource-based economy, which would go a long way towards fixing the problems that have been created by predatory capitalism and their greedy capitalist benefactors.  We need to usher in a new system of positive liberty social capitalism, which will eventually lead to a Jacobin Meritocracy, in which the benefit of the mass majority of the population is taken into consideration, instead of the current system, in which only 1% of the world population is taken into consideration.