Left-Wing Cowards

“Citizens, did you want a revolution without revolution?”

Maximilian Robespierre, leader of the Jacobins during the French Revolution and true left-wing hero

Vote For The Rapist Biden If You Want The Left-Wing To Fail

“In the 2016 American Presidential Election, there was only one revolutionary candidate: the imbecile Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton was simply a liberal, status quo, establishment figure who, had she won, would have achieved nothing. Any revolutionary of the Left was duty bound to support Trump. Not, of course, because they were endorsing Trump personally, but because they were supporting the revolutionary chaos that this maniac will surely generate from the White House.”

The Liberty Wars: The Trump Time Bomb by Joe Dixon, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati

The terms “left-wing” and “right-wing” were coined during the French Revolution when the supporters of the poor sat on the left side of parliament (this is where the Jacobins sat) and the supporters of the rich sat on the right side. The left-wing has always equated to the heroic poor and their supporters while the right-wing has always equated to the vile rich and their supporters.

The sole purpose of the left-wing (i.e. the poor and their supporters) is and has always been to fight and totally defeat the right-wing (i.e. the rich and their supporters). The left-wing needs to remember its sacred origin and purpose at all times. We left-wingers must remember that our sworn enemy is the right-wing and the right-wing = the rich and anyone who supports the rich (including the legions of brainwashed poor who worship the rich), period.

As we approach the 2020 Presidential election to see which evil old rich white man gets to be the King of predatory capitalism for the next four years, I’m seeing more and more cowardly left-wing morons forgetting their origins and saying that the most important thing that the AmeriKKKan left can do is vote the rapist, Donald “grab them by the pussy” Trump, off of the throne. Wrong assholes! The most important thing that the AmeriKKKan left-wing can do is wage total Revolution against the right-wing rich and all of their braindead supporters until the right-wing, in its entirety, is completely overthrown and neutralized.

Just as they do every four fucking years, these chicken shit left-wingers are telling the AmeriKKKan left that they must vote for the “lesser evil” of two evil old rich white men. These lethargic left-wing turds keep claiming, without any evidence, that the left will not be able to make any progress as long as Trump is in control of the country. They claim, again without any evidence, that the creepy rapist Joe Biden is somehow the lesser evil in this election. They claim that if only we could get this nasty old kid toucher seated on the golden throne of predatory capitalism, then AmeriKKKa will magically become more open minded and the left-wing will be able to once again start making all kinds of progress.

This insanely wishful thinking of the left gets more fucking hilarious every time I hear it. Are the left-wingers who spout this idiotic shit actually on the side of predatory capitalism and Abrahamism, or are they just stupid cowards who are afraid of actually having to stand up and fight their right-wing terrorist overlords? Do the shit head left-wingers who are waving the flag of Joe “The Mummy” Biden have no knowledge nor memory of recent history? Well then, let me give them a little fucking refresher.

Liberals Are Total Enemies Of The Left-Wing Revolution

“A Clinton victory would have done nothing for the Revolution. She was anti-Revolution. Four years of Trump will bring America to the brink of Revolution. Every authentic left winger who wants real change regards Trump as a gift from “God”. The radical Left did everything in its power to facilitate Trump’s victory. Sadly, it was more or less impossible to imagine left wing negative libertarian liberals doing the sane, rational thing and voting for Trump. That’s the whole problem with the Left. Even when the ideal opportunity arises, their sanctimonious liberalism stops them from doing the clever, strategic thing. They are moralizers who never want to get their hands dirty, which is why they hate the Jacobins so much.”

The Liberty Wars: The Trump Time Bomb by Joe Dixon, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati

During the 2008 presidential election that brought the predatory capitalist liberal dream team of Barrack Obama and Joe Biden into power, all of the left-wing cowards were saying the exact same thing that today’s left-wing cowards are saying. The chicken shit left-wingers of 2008 said that the drooling simpleton George W. Bush had ruined the tremendous progress that the left-wing poor had made under Slick Willy. They said that out of Obama and McCain, Obama was by far the lesser of the two evils. They said that if the left-wing could get the multi-millionaire Barrack Obama placed on the throne of predatory capitalism, then the left-wing poor would be able to start making “progress” once again. Oh how wrong these fuck sticks were. Let me explain.

Throughout the reign of Barrack Obama, Alicia and I were members of a militant, Colorado based social justice and anti-capitalist activism group called Recreate 68. We taught self-defense to this group of dedicated left-wing activists, and we worked security for them whenever they ran public events. We also worked to teach self-defense to other interested left-wing activist groups in Colorado, as well as to Denver’s impoverished inner city school children.

Thanks to our heavy involvement with Recreate 68, Alicia and I were able to participate in quite a few protests, rallies, and events during the wondrous time of Obama. These protests, rallies, and events ran the gamut of contemporary left-wing causes: they revolved around predatory capitalism, police brutality, the health and well being of humanity, the rights of women, the rights of animals, the rights of poor people, the rights of indigenous people, the rights of minority people, the rights of homosexuals, the health and well being of the planet and the environment, and so on. And you know what? Almost nobody attended any of these protests, rallies, or events, nor did any but the most dedicated left-wing activists regularly attend any of our self-defense seminars. You could hear crickets anytime any left-wing organizers tried to rally the left to do anything during Obama’s time in power. And do you know why the left was so indolent at this period in time? It was precisely because the super liberal, Barrack Obama, was President of the good old US of A.

The fake left-wing assholes were as wrong in 2008 as they are in 2020. The left-wing poor had eight fucking years of the Obama/Biden dream team and absolutely zero progress was made by them during this time (just like zero progress was made by them during Slick Willy’s time in power). The VAST majority of left-wing people became lethargic and complacent during the Obama kingship. They all sat on their asses, smoking weed and waiting for their chosen ARCHCAPITALIST Obama to “change” things because they themselves never had any intentions of changing jack shit.

The left-wing did fuck all while Obama was running this shit show with his creepy old kiddy diddling and woman raping Veep. So why would anyone say that the left-wing poor will be able to start making progress when the diddling rapist is fully in charge of predatory capitalism? News flash assholes: ABSOLUTELY ZERO PROGRESS WILL BE MADE BY THE LEFT-WING POOR UNTIL THE RIGHT-WING RICH AND ALL OF THEIR BRAINDEAD SUPPORTERS ARE COMPLETELY DEFEATED.

The right-wing became stronger than it ever has before thanks to Obama and Biden. These liberal shit stains did nothing for the working class and the poor during their eight year run because they are fucking PREDATORY CAPITALISTS. These two multi-millionaire liberal fuck heads paved the way to power for the wannabe billionaire and notorious pussy grabbing rapist Donald Trump.

But luckily for the left-wing poor, this gluttonous orange sex offender and extreme supporter of rich privilege is the unintentional hero that they have always been waiting for. Trump’s particular brand of extreme right-wing mania is showing itself to be the only thing capable of rousing the mighty left-wing from its slumber. Trump, or someone just as psychotic as him, will sooner or later cause the left-wing poor to go into full revolt mode, and once that happens, it’s game over for the evil right-wing.

The White Supremacist Trump Will Cause Total Left-Wing Revolution In Due Course

“Everyone who believes in the Revolution and the triumph of the Left Wing and the Commonwealth had to vote for Donald Trump in order to create the polarized, toxic, divisive environment in which Revolution becomes possible.”

The Liberty Wars: The Trump Time Bomb by Joe Dixon, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati

Donald “grab them by the pussy” Trump has been in charge of the great AmeriKKKan slave plantation for going on four years now, and I’ve never seen the People this close to righteous revolution. Thanks to this rich, bloated fuck, every single day Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and many other heroic left-wing groups are bravely taking to the streets of every city and every town across this shit hole country. Thanks to this rapist moron, these courageous left-wing people are protesting much more aggressively than they have in a LONG time. Thanks to this steaming pile of horse shit called Donald Trump, more and more people are waking up to the deadly truth of predatory capitalism, and figuring out that it is a completely rigged game designed by and for the rich with the express purpose of making the rich richer and the poor poorer. These honorable left-wing people haven’t yet organized themselves into a cohesive, militant, left-wing army, but they’re slowly inching in that direction, and four more years of Trump might be just what it takes to bring about this world saving left-wing army.

As is to be totally expected, due to the rediscovered aggression of the left and the fact that a blatant white supremacist has been placed on the throne of predatory capitalism, many of these brave left-wing hero and heroine protesters are once again being straight up lynched and murdered by the scum bag reactionaries. But the hyper-violence of the evil right-wing doesn’t seem to be scaring the left-wing off. No, not this time. This time an amazing and beautiful MILITANCY seems to have been reignited within the left-wing. This time the left isn’t being nearly as passive as they have been in the recent past. This time, some of the left have even started to shoot back at the right-wing terrorists.

It is indisputable that this spark of left-wing militancy has been relit by the rapist cult leader Donald Trump, his army of terrorist Trumpanzee cultists, and the sadistic pigs whose only purpose is to serve and protect predatory capitalism by brutalizing and terrorizing all of its impoverished slaves. As long as Trump or somebody equally as deplorable as him stays in the slave built WHITE house, it will only be a matter of time before the left-wing is completely backed into a corner and forced to fight back and truly defend itself. The extreme insanity, brutality, and destructiveness of Trump and his evil Trumpanzee goon squad will inevitably force the entire left-wing to take up arms and wage TRUE REVOLUTION against predatory capitalism and the AmeriKKKan right-wing in its entirety.

TOTAL REVOLUTION AGAINST THE RIGHT-WING BY THE LEFT-WING IS THE ONLY HOPE LEFT FOR HUMANITY AND THE PLANET. It is now quite obvious that Trump and the people of his ilk are the only ones horrid enough to wake the left-wing up out of its weed induced stupor. This disgusting Christian and predatory capitalist devil Trump, along with his army of brainwashed cultists, is the only group of people evil enough to bring about the TOTAL LEFT-WING REVOLUTION.

If the rapist Biden is elected to the throne, he will put Band-Aids all over the decrepit and terminally ill body of predatory capitalism, and the righteous uprisings that are taking place all over this fucked up country will be rapidly quelled as a result. Seeing as Earth won’t be a viable home for humanity for much longer due to poisonous predatory capitalism and the extreme pollution that comes INBUILT with it, ridiculous Trump might be humanity’s last hope for survival because he is the only right-winger stupid enough to force the left-wing into a corner during this critical juncture in human history. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY THIS BILLIONAIRE PIECE OF SHIT MUST STAY IN POWER.

A fighter is most dangerous when they get caught in the corner of the ring because they know they are in extreme danger of getting knocked unconscious at that point in the fight–so they come out fucking firing. This is what is currently happening to the AmeriKKKan left with Trump and his Trumpanzees. The left-wing poor are being cornered by the right-wing terrorists and they are now being FORCED to fight back or die. This is true left-wing progress like we haven’t seen in a long while. And some fake ass left-wingers want to put an end to this TRUE LEFT-WING PROGRESS by voting fucking Joe “Skeletor” Biden into the White house? FUCK THAT SHIT!

Revolution Has Come, It’s Now Time To Pick Up The Gun

“The liberal Left will the ends but not the means, and that’s simply pathetic. The Left will win when it is extremely illiberal, when it no longer takes any shit, and doesn’t spend all of its time bending over backwards so as not to offend anyone. The only people who change the world are extremists and radicals, not liberals and “multiculturalists” who always want to be liked. The people who make a difference are those who know they are going to be actively disliked.”

The Liberty Wars: The Trump Time Bomb by Joe Dixon, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati

Fuck these fake left-wingers. I’m sick of them and their “lesser of two evils” bullshit. Total left-wing Revolution = Good. Anything that prevents the advent of total left-wing Revolution = Evil, hence all of these shitheads saying “vote Biden” = Evil.

Why are so many people on the left pathetic pacifists incapable of making hard, strategic, and militant decisions? Why do so many of them have zero killer instinct? Why do so many of them have such a pathetically low will to power? Why do so many of them always chicken out anytime they even get a whiff of true Revolution? Why do so many of them insist on sabotaging the revolutionary momentum of the left-wing with their fraudulent and childish cries of: “Vote Biden, then the left will be able to make real progress.”? Fucking liars. Fucking lethargic devils. Trump is the one causing the left-wing to make true revolutionary progress, not Biden and certainly not any of Biden’s cowardly “left-wing” supporters. Why don’t all of these people just fuck off so the true revolutionaries can do their jobs in peace.

Here’s an idea for all the pacifist left-wingers who are telling people to vote for Biden: Why don’t you read the books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati and enlighten yourselves for once. I’ve left quotes from the Illuminati all over this blog post that succinctly explain why fucking predatory capitalist liberals like Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barrack Obama, and Bernie Sanders are total enemies of the left-wing Revolution.

In 2015, the Pythagorean Illuminati predicted the exact situation we are seeing today in 2020. They said that if the left-wing wants to see true Revolution, then they should help vote the rapist Donald Trump into power. They said in 2015 that if Trump were to win the 2016 election, his extreme right-wing insanity would have a much higher probability of forcing the left-wing into a full blown Revolution against the right-wing in its entirety. And, as usual, the Pythagorean Illuminati were spot on in their logical predictions. A Trump induced left-wing Revolution is exactly what we are seeing the beginnings of here in AmeriKKKa. It is the sacred duty of all TRUE left-wingers to make sure that this newly reborn militant revolutionary spirit within the left grows and grows until it is an unstoppable collective force. This means that we need the pussy grabber Trump to stay on the throne for another four years.

And if the left-wing hasn’t initiated total revolution within the next four years of Trump, then in 2024, if humanity still exists, we vote in whoever is most like Trump. The left-wing must continue to be punished by the worst right-wing tyrants until the left-wing wakes the fuck up and crushes their right-wing tormentors. There can be no more of this “we’ll make change when a Democrat is in office” bullshit. No motherfucker, revolution is happening right fucking now as I type this. It is growing BECAUSE of the rapist Trump. It will shrink and disappear again if the rapist Biden is put in Trump’s place. We true left-wingers CANNOT allow this to happen.

If you want total left-wing Revolution, then VOTE TRUMP motherfuckers.


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