Book Review For “One Right Answer, Infinite Wrong Answers: Why Humanity Is Addicted To Being Wrong” By David Sinclair

Ontological Mathematics Is Truth, Everything Else Is Lies

“Humanity has committed the cardinal sin. It has believed its own propaganda. Humanity, as a generality, has been unable to furnish the answer to existence because it hasn’t even understood the question. You can’t understand existence unless you know one thing: what it is made of. That tells you everything else.”–From the book One Right Answer, Infinite Wrong Answers: Why Humanity Is Addicted To Being Wrong by David Sinclair, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati.

This book is a book written by the Pythagorean Illuminati, and, like all of their amazing books, it is one of the most important books ever written. It is one of the most important books ever written precisely because it is a book about ontological mathematics. Ontological mathematics, not to put too fine a point on it, is the Absolute Truth of existence. Every other religion, philosophy, ideology, science, and belief system that purports to “explain” reality is completely FALSE. Ontological mathematics = Truth. Everything else = lies.

Using the two most powerful tools in rationalism, namely the Principle of Sufficient Reason and Occam’s Razor, the Pythagorean Illuminati prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that reality is a VAST and PERFECT system of ontological mathematics and nothing else. In other words, in this book the Pythagorean Illuminati rigorously demonstrate to us that the Universe and everything in it is made out of 100% ontological mathematics.

Ontological mathematics is the mathematics of ontological waves. It is the highest form of Fourier mathematics. It is all about how a myriad of ontological basis sine and cosine waves continuously and eternally assemble and disassemble to create the total Universe of our thoughts and experiences.

There is nothing within reality that isn’t completely made out of basis sine and cosine waves. There is nothing within reality that isn’t either a basis sine or cosine wave, or a collection of basis sine and cosine waves. And there is absolutely nothing (static nothing to be exact) that exists outside of reality. Reality is ontological mathematics and ontological mathematics is the plenum–the totality–of existence.

The Pythagorean Illuminati prove to us that reality is the eternal interplay of sinusoidal waves, and nothing else. They prove to us that the Universe is a humongous OCEAN of eternal mathematical waves, and nothing else. They prove to us that existence is analytic waves flowing together for eternity, and nothing else. This is the Absolute Truth of the Cosmos, and you can learn everything that you ever wanted to know about it within the many life enhancing books written by the Illuminati.

But the Pythagorean Illuminati don’t simply prove to us that reality is pure sine and cosine waves and then call it a day. No, that’s not how these geniuses roll. These master ontological mathematicians go MUCH further into the definition of reality than that.

After demonstrating the ontological mathematical Truth of reality, namely that reality is completely comprised of sine and cosine waves, the Pythagorean Illuminati then show us the True identity of these myriad sine and cosine wave. They show us that these ontological waves of pure mathematics are none other than the True identity of thoughts. Yes, you read that last sentence right: basis sine and cosine waves are equivalent to basis thoughts. The Universe is one giant, Collective Mind, and your mind is an infinitesimally small yet integral part of it.

What is a mind? The Illuminati show us that a mind is simply a complete and consistent set of basis thoughts, hence a mind is a complete and consistent set of basis sine and cosine waves. Minds are pure mathematics. They are dimensionless, and they are eternal. They are at all times located outside of space and time. They form the dimensionless basis–the mathematical foundation–of space and time. Minds do one thing and one thing only for all eternity: THINK (which equates to performing individual and Collective ontological Fourier mathematics).

Your mind is a dimensionless and eternal Fourier frequency domain, totally comprised of a complete and consistent set of basis thoughts= ontological sinusoids, and so is mine. Every individual mind in the Universe is a dimensionless and eternal Fourier frequency domain, totally comprised of complete and consistent sets of basis thoughts = ontological sinusoids.

The Pythagorean Illuminati show us that our shared spacetime domain is a Collective, six-dimensional Mind, and it is built upon a dimensionless Grid of ontological mathematical points. The dimensionless Grid is a complex numbered ontological mathematical grid, made up of three real space (i.e. space) dimensions and three imaginary space (i.e. time) dimensions.

Each point on the ontological Grid of spacetime is a dimensionless, individual mind. Each dimensionless, individual point mind that forms the Collective spacetime Mind came from the Origin of the Grid, which is located at the Grid’s dead center. The Origin, exactly like the myriad of individual minds that comprise it, is dimensionless. It is where all the Grid creating individual point minds originate from, and it is where they all return to once they have obtained Absolute knowledge of ontological mathematics.

The Collective and dimensional spacetime domain of our Universe is entirely made up of cyclical sine and cosine waves, hence the spacetime Collective domain is also cyclical. At the beginning of a Universal cycle, each dimensionless point mind mathematically “moves” out of the Origin, and helps create the dimensionless foundations of a six-dimensional ontological Grid. The creation of the Collective Grid of reality from the Origin of reality is what Truly happens at the Big Bang.

All of the countless point minds that form the dimensionless, ontological mathematical Grid of space and time then begin pumping out low frequency ontological thoughts into the Collective, spacetime Mind. It is these low frequency thoughts which then become dimensional via an ontological mathematical phase shift. Individual point minds can begin arranging the now dimensional Collective sine and cosine wave-thoughts into more and more useful and novel combinations. Eventually, the individual point minds succeed in using the low frequency Collective thoughts to create dimensional, spacetime avatars (i.e. biological bodies) so that they can then experience, explore, and learn from Collective (i.e. Objective) reality.

Once an individual mind knows absolutely EVERYTHING there is to know about the Universe, existence, and reality, i.e. after it knows absolutely EVERYTHING there is to know about ontological mathematics, it has ipso facto attained gnosis = enlightenment, and it can then return to its home at the Origin of the ontological grid of existence as a perfected mind. Gnosis is the end goal of all minds.

At the Big Bang, an individual point mind departs its home in the Origin at an extremely low level of ontological mathematical knowledge. It then uses existence within the Collective Grid to learn absolutely everything there is to know about itself and the Universe of which it is an eternal part. Once it knows ALL, it then returns to its home in the Origin at the absolute highest level of existence.

Once all individual point minds in the Universe have attained full knowledge of ontological mathematics, there is no more ontological Grid for spacetime (hence there is no space and time dimensionality) because all of the individual point minds are back home in the Origin. We can call this total reunion of all the individual point minds with the Origin the “Big Crunch” if we’d like. The Big Crunch simultaneously constitutes the end of one Universal cycle and the beginning of a new one. The Big Crunch immediately turns into another Big Bang, and the Universe begins its newest cycle. This beautiful operation of ontological Fourier mathematics goes on for all eternity because it is eternity.

You are an eternal mind within an eternal system of MIND. You, as an individual mind, will never perish, only your biological body will. Thanks to the amazing properties of ontological Fourier mathematics, you can have as many spacetime bodies as you need to accomplish your sacred and Universal goal of Absolute Knowledge = Gnosis = Enlightenment. This is the Truth of existence that the Pythagorean Illuminati teach to us in all of their wondrous books.

Ontological mathematics is the ONLY Truth; everything else is motherfucking propaganda.


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