A Call to Action: Jacobins Needed

Alright, now we have the pedophile Biden in office, something most of the pathetic liberals/progressives (the libgressives if you will) promoted as what needed to happen in order for progress to happen. Well, you got what you wanted and now it is time to put up or shut up. I am thoroughly sick of seeing the wimpy libgressives going back to sleep once they have their safety blanket of a democrat in the oval office. As if massive inequality and injustice magically stops once a democrat takes office, when what really happens is business as usual delivered by a more palatable visage and a scattering of symbolic scraps thrown from their table. It’s much harder to disappear into your first world privilege when you have a disgusting fat orange fuck tard making you constantly feel uncomfortable.

Hush now libgressives, Uncle Biden and his symbolic black woman VEEP are here now to make you feel better. See, the system is fine, you now have a black woman as vice president, that must mean the system works. Just ignore all of the oppressive policies Harris implemented and supports because she is a pleasant looking black woman. Go back to sleep and let us continue raping you and the natural world for our own selfish gains. We just use lube, so it seems less painful.

It is more crucial now then ever for a new party to emerge and take over the corrupt OWO system of servitude and greed, i.e., predatory capitalism. We need to rally under a Jacobin Meritocracy, lead by the most intelligent and meritorious individuals. So let’s start a dialogue about ways in which we can accomplish this very large task. What are the steps we need to take in order to take down this deleterious empire of ultra selfishness and greed?

Step One
Attacking Free Market Capitalism, aka, predatory capitalism at every turn. It is crucial that we are constantly attacking and reminding people of the true reason for the unprecedented levels of inequality we see in the world. The biggest mistake most political organizations and activist groups make is that they all inevitability work within the system that directly oppresses them. They will focus on a particular problem, for example, the unaccountable violence rampant throughout the ameriKKKan pig force (oops, I mean police force), or the unacceptable Prussian model mandarin education system. These are certainly all problems that need to be addressed, and the best way to address them, is to attack the root of the problem: Predatory Capitalism.

We need to constantly remind people of the root of the problem, while demonstrating that there are many viable alternatives currently available and ready to implement if given attention and funding. I will discuss these alternatives in following articles in this series. We must never relent on this most important issue, that being the overthrow of the predatory capitalist elite and the system that maintains their strangle hold on the world. The devastation of predatory capitalism must be pointed out at all times.

In ameriKKKa, it is expertly brainwashed into our impressionable young minds during our Mandarin educations to blindly accept predatory capitalism as the best and only choice for societal economic organization. In fact, it is presented in conjunction with democracy, indicating that these two ideologies are in complete accord with one another. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Predatory capitalism and democracy are complete opposites of the spectrum making them completely incompatible. So by this diabolically brilliant impossible equation, the ameriKKKan public believes to their core that when predatory capitalism is attacked, so to is their precious democracy ( that doesn’t even exist in the first place), the heart of the “ameriKKKan dream”.

We need to sever this deep seeded connection, demonstrating why democracy is impossible under a predatory capitalist structure. The bottom line is that while we may figuratively “vote” in a new face every 4 to 8 years, we get absolutely no input as to the actual economic structure that directly effects our lives. You vote in puppets, not change. The puppeteers who actually rule the world are subject to absolutely no accountability to the people whose lives they affect every day. There in lies the root of the problems plaguing society. Clearly this must be the first and most important step towards creating lasting change in the world.

So often you hear the rhetoric of “voting with your dollar.” You can change the minds of the predatory capitalist elites by showing them who is boss and only buying from “good” predatory capitalists. Well, first off, let’s establish that there are no “good” predatory capitalists, in the sense of morals and societal organization. Predatory capitalism’s defining characteristic is to optimize the amount of capital income received, so you can only be a good capitalist if your only goal is to optimize your capital. If this is indeed your only goal, practices of sustainability and morals will only come into play if they help increase the bottom line. It really is that simple.

Predatory capitalism is the promotion of constant accumulation or infinite growth and when you live on a finite planet, this will inevitably lead to disaster. This basis mindset will never lead to practices of equitable distribution and sustainability, because that does not serve to increase capital, the only goal of predatory capitalism. It is also important to remember that if you are indeed getting behind this concept, you must realize that someone with billions of dollars, is going to have more influence when “voting” then the $30,000/year citizen, who spends the vast majority of their “capital” on fundamental survival needs like food and shelter.

The system is designed to keep the elite happily at the top of the structure, callously waddling over the billions of corpses (human and non-human alike) created while maintaining their status. There is a reason why they constantly rail against a universal basic income (UBI). If they took away the constant day to day struggle the masses are forced to deal with, the population might actually have time to pay attention and see the extent of their plight, who is perpetrating it, and fight to change it. Most people are so enveloped by their own struggle to survive, that they often don’t have time to look into why their lives are the way they are. If this very real struggle for survival is alleviated, the people at the top reaping all of the benefits are in real trouble, and they know it. This is why you will not see any real support for a UBI from the ruling elite. So it is reasonable to prioritize the implementation of a Universal Basic Income as a viable step towards the overthrow of the Free Market system.

Step Two
Overthrow the predatory capitalist elites and their supporters. These privileged “elites” are not going to step down quietly without a fight. They will need to be removed by force. Whether or not the force is a violent Jacobin revolution (guillotine anyone?), or a less violent implementation of policies designed to reduce or eliminate the types of outcomes we are currently combating. If we would like to explore the ultimately less violent policies route, our number one policy that needs to be implemented is 100% inheritance tax. Stopping the dynastic accumulation of wealth via inheritance is crucial towards bringing down this system of vast inequality.

If the concept of 100% inheritance tax puckers your butt hole, take a second to really look at who benefits from inheritance. Sure, the financially strapped average citizen may sigh with relief when they receive a paltry sum from a deceased relative, seeing it as a way to perhaps get their head above the water long enough to grab a gulp of air before being dragged back down into this rigged system of inequality. So when 100% inheritance tax is suggested, most people balk at the notion because they look at it through the limited lens of their own daily struggle to survive. It is often dismissed outright with no further exploration of the vast societal benefits it would produce. 100% inheritance tax will help reduce the ever widening income gap that devastates the vast majority of the human species. A UBI would go a long way towards helping citizens understand and support the necessity of 100% inheritance tax, which is why it is introduced as a crucial part of step one.

The true benefactors of inheritance are the dynastic families that have been allowed to pass society saving wealth down generation after generation. You see, the elite would like us all to believe that they have put in the hard work and elbow grease to get to where they are. They have simply utilized their skill and merit to achieve the “American Dream” and if you just pull yourself up by your boot straps, you too can achieve this dream. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. eloquently shattered this disgusting myth, speaking specifically about black men, however, it is relative to any exploited proletariate being peddled this bullshit, stating:

“It’s all right to tell a man to lift himself by his own bootstraps, but it is a cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps.”

These selfish shit bags will regularly flaunt their excessive collection of “boots”, all the while telling the “bootless man” to pull himself up by his bootstraps. They know exactly what they are doing and they don’t care. They suffer from empathy deficits, as has been shown by sociological studies.

Detached from the plight of the lower class, the rich begin to think the padded world they experience is the world everyone else experiences. In other words, people in the lower classes are more attuned to the common suffering and hence more compassionate. Some call this the empathy gap, embracing both the lack of exposure the rich have to the plight of common folk and the psychological changes that reinforce social indifference.”

The New Human Right Movement: Reinventing the Economy to End Oppression by Peter Joseph

The truth is, they were born into their wealth, and have never had to worry about a roof over their head or where their next meal is going to come from. This creates an unfair race in which some of the competitors start 5 meters away from the finish line, while the vast majority of the competitors start 20 meters behind the starting line. The system is rigged, and one of the most effective facilitators of this inequality is inheritance. 100% inheritance tax IS the solution.

I would also like to point out the un-meritocratic nature of inheritance. Inheritance is the most anti-meritocratic activity you can engage in. Taking something that was built and earned by someone else, simply because you know them, is disgusting and counter to any true meritocratic principles. If you consider yourself a meritocrat, then you MUST support 100% inheritance tax. If you do not, then continue prostrating yourself as a slave to your rich elite masters dynastically passing down society solving wealth, generation after generation.

When the “elite” inevitably fight against this policy, and they will, the spirit of the French and Haitian Jacobin Revolutions need to be channeled. These ultra selfish criminals need to be executed for the war crimes they have all committed, along with ANY supporters or sympathizers. It is time for a GREAT PURGE. We will know who to purge based on reactions to the solutions presented above as well as other necessary changes that will be made, and those on the purge list will not simply include rich elites. Understand that to truly rid the world of these problems, we need to dispose of anyone supporting the problems, even if they are at the same time being oppressed by the problems they support. Our first goal will be to educate and inform, but if you choose to continue to support this system of selfish greed and inequality out of some misguided belief that the ameriKKKan dream is real, well then your place in line for the guillotine is all but assured.

This article is the beginning of a series of articles discussing direct action ideas and organizational structures which may be utilized to realize the change needed in our world. This article is meant to outline the major goals we need to prioritize in order to create a Jacobin Meritocratic future, devoid of these ultra-selfish predatory capitalists. It is important to create a resistance structure, with our main goals clearly stated, followed by several direct action activities that may help us achieve those goals. In following articles, I will provide suggestions for direct action activities that may help us achieve our main goals. I would like this series to turn into a dialogue with anyone interested in helping contribute ideas for change. If you have any additional suggestions for direct action activities, please add them in the comments below.

It is time for us to get out from behind our computer screens, and into the world spreading the amazing knowledge provided by the Pythagorean Illuminati. These authors have spent so much time and energy providing the world with the answer to existence, as well as providing viable solutions to our current problems. It is time for those of us who understand and appreciate this wealth of knowledge, to help spread the word and begin forming local chapters of support groups designed to spread this information as well as work within their communities to build our citizen army. Unrest is brewing in ameriKKKa, and the sooner we band together and build our support network, the better off our futures will be. If you truly understand the content being presented by the Pythagorean Illuminati, then it is your sacred duty to help spread this information to as many people as possible.

I cannot stress enough, however, that the bulk of this action must be in person, and away from the impotence of social media. Surely utilize social media to organize in-person activities, but do not think for a moment that the revolution is going to happen digitally. You must remove yourself from the comfort blanket of the unaccountability of sitting behind a computer screen. Get out and organize. The future of the planet earth is literally in the hands of humanity. Right now, we are failing disastrously because we have allowed the most selfish people to take complete control. It is time for the most meritorious and intelligent individuals to let their lights shine. Do not allow the dark nature of this world to dampen your light for it may be the light that leads humanity to their rightful divinity. Let’s become the next world historic figures that pull humanity out of the darkness and into the light. We need to Illuminate our future, who will join me in this Sacred Cause?

Per Aspera Ad Astra