The New Jacobins

The New Jacobins = The True Left-Wing

“Jacobins are the true left-wingers, and they were anything but liberal. We desperately need to escape from the regressive Left of liberalism, political correctness, multiculturalism, and negative liberty, and embrace hard, tough, illiberal Jacobinism, championing positive liberty and the wholesale transformation of the human race.”

The Liberty Wars: The Trump Time Bomb by Joe Dixon, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati

What the fuck has happened to the left-wing today? It has almost totally degenerated into a bunch of pathetic, weak, identity obsessed, self obsessed, new age, predatory capitalist right-wingers, i.e. it has almost totally degenerated into a bunch of shit sucking liberals–all begging for attention and money on social media, and all totally apathetic and oblivious to the masses of impoverished human beings starving, dying, and rotting in the streets. Enough of these liberal shit heads and their hijacking of the left-wing! It’s time for the left-wing to rediscover its origins. It’s time for the left-wing to return to JACOBINISM.

The left-wing is supposed to be synonymous with the Jacobins and Jacobinsm. What is Jacobinism and who were the Jacobins? Well, Jacobinism is radical left-wing thinking. This means that Jacobinism is True Left-Wing thinking. Jacobinism is the highest level of radical left-wing thinking, i.e. it is radical left-wing thinking taken to its Omega Point. The Jacobins themselves were the radical left-wing revolutionaries directly responsible for the French and Haitian Revolutions, and they also played a significant yet low profile role in the Russian Revolution.

Jacobinism = radical left-wing thinking = True Left-Wing thinking has existed throughout history within all human societies to a greater or lesser degree. Jacobinism as a formal system of thought originated with the great Pythagoras and his enlightened commune of ontological mathematicians around 2500 years ago, though it wasn’t called Jacobinism at that time (it acquired its notorious name during the French Revolution, and has maintained that title ever since).

The radical left-wing thinking of Pythagoras is what inspired the genius Plato to write his groundbreaking book The Republic. In this book, Plato uses the knowledge he acquired during his time as a Pythagorean to precisely describe how society should be structured if it is to benefit (i.e. optimize) all human beings equally. To this day, Plato’s Republic remains one of the most important texts on Jacobin philosophy, and it continues to be studied by all 21st Century Jacobins.

Jacobinism became very famous when it inspired the poor to rise up against their rich oppressors and begin the great French, Haitian, and Russian Revolutions. These glorious revolutions of the working class poor successfully exterminated a whole shit load of right-wing vermin, and thus made the world a MUCH better place. This is why all the rich elite are terrified of a resurgence of Jacobin thinking among their working class slaves, and why they do everything that they possibly can to keep the poor from EVER learning about Jacobinism. The rich know that all of their heads will literally roll if the people who they impoverish, oppress, and enslave on a daily basis ever again start to study Jacobin philosophy.

The New Jacobins

“Where do your sympathies lie? How many of the left wingers that you encounter are Jacobins, and how many are left wing liberals? Most people on the so-called Left don’t mix with any Jacobins. Most are firmly in the camp of Bernie Sanders’ social democracy and Jill Stein’s Green Party. To use the old jargon, Jacobins are Gnostics seeking to ‘immanentize the eschaton’. Sanders, Stein and their kind would definitely oppose the Jacobin Left.”

The Liberty Wars: The Trump Time Bomb by Joe Dixon, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati

Jacobinism still exists to this very day, although almost nobody is aware of it because the rich elite do everything in their power to keep it hidden from their slaves. Today’s Jacobinism is better than ever. It has been completely updated, streamlined, and modernized with the most cutting edge knowledge available to humanity. This new and improved, state of the art version of Jacobinism is called New Jacobinism or 21st Century Jacobinism, and it can be studied in all of the life changing books and articles written by the Pythagorean Illuminati. These books and articles contain everything that a radical left-wing revolutionary needs to begin fighting back against the rich rulers of our world. They contain all the knowledge and all the fire necessary to ignite the worldwide Jacobin Revolution, and they will set this Revolution off once the working class poor are able to begin discovering them en masse.

This is why it must be the absolute number one objective of all the New, 21st Century Jacobins to make everyone who is not rich aware of these ideas, books, and articles. We must shout this knowledge out to the world. Not only must we make people aware of the books of Pythagorean Illuminism, we must also make people want to study them. We must make people burn with the desire to create the world described within them.

Once we individual Jacobins begin to find people who are interested in our ideas, we must start to organize those people into actual groups of Jacobin activists, and then we must start to make real things happen in the real world. We must attract more people to our cause and make our numbers grow exponentially through leading the people by example. We must do tangible things that actually help our communities and that inspire the poor to once again begin thinking like Jacobins.

I’m talking about community programs similar to what the Black Panthers did back in the sixties and seventies. I’m talking about designing educational programs for the poor. I’m talking about implementing food programs for the poor. I’m talking about growing community permaculture gardens for the use of everyone. I’m talking about creating community self-defense programs for the people. I’m talking about sheltering the homeless. I’m talking about providing adequate clothing for everyone. I’m talking about health care for the impoverished.

I’m talking about starting Jacobin clubs, political movements, and activist groups that will hit the streets in support of all Jacobin political policies; policies such as the immediate implementation of 100% inheritance tax and the immediate replacement of predatory capitalism with social capitalism. I’m talking about aggressively and militantly protesting for the implementation of all the ideas of Jacobinism until they all become a reality.

I’m talking about going out and showing the entire working class and all the brave, left-wing protesters that we have a viable plan to fix the horrid mess the rich have made of our world. I’m talking about meritoriously inspiring the entire working class and all left-wing protesters to unite with us under the banner of New Jacobinism. Once the working class is fully united by the philosophy of New Jacobinism, we must lead this unstoppable force to the complete overthrow of the rich elite in every country around the world. After that monumental task is accomplished, we can then get to work on designing our New World Order of equal opportunity and human optimization for ALL.

Once again, because it simply can’t be said enough: We New Jacobins must lead the working class left by meritorious example. We must unite them through our merit and our commitment to the cause of Jacobinism. We must be up on the frontline of the battle. We must be side by side with the soldiers in the trenches. We must lead the People in bashing down the doors of the Bastille. We must be the drivers of the True Left-Wing Revolution.

The Goal Of The New Jacobins

“What we Jacobins seek is a powerful, wise, enlightened State that is constitutionally obliged to use its power in the service of the Commonwealth, and not of privileged, private elites, banks, and corporations.”

The Liberty Wars: The Trump Time Bomb by Joe Dixon, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati

The goal of the New Jacobins is to totally empower the working class poor via the principles of Jacobinsm, and thus bring about total, worldwide Revolution against the ownership class rich (i.e. the slavers) so that a New World Order of human optimization for ALL and equal opportunity for ALL can at last be constructed. New Jacobinism is True Left-Wing thinking and the New Jacobins are the True Left-Wing.

What Is Jacobinsm Synonymous With?

“It’s often difficult to spot the difference between left and right wing anti-State negative liberty proponents because they often use exactly the same rhetoric. ‘Occupy’ was a joke for exactly this reason. When left wingers find themselves in the same camp as an-cap, Alt-Right libertarians, something has gone horrifically wrong. The most famous left wingers–indeed the original left wingers (in the modern sense)–were the French Revolutionary Jacobins led by Robespierre and Saint-Just. No an-cap libertarian would ever sound like a Jacobin, but an-caps, when they are attacking ‘crony capitalism’, can easily sound like left wing anarcho liberals.”

The Liberty Wars: The Trump Time Bomb by Joe Dixon, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati

Jacobinism has always been synonymous with the radical (i.e. True) left-wing. It has always been synonymous with radical left-wing Revolution. It has always been synonymous with the working class poor winning the class war against the ownership class rich. It has always been synonymous with the total empowerment of the working class poor. It has always been synonymous with the complete destruction of the ownership class rich. It has always been synonymous with cutting the fat fucking heads off of the rich and religious elite so that a New World Order of human optimization and equal opportunity for ALL people–regardless of gender, skin color, sexual orientation, age, or background–can be built on top of their greasy corpses.

Jacobinism has always been synonymous with the General Will working for the benefit of ALL humans. It has always been synonymous with individual human optimization. It has always been synonymous with Collective Human Optimization. It has always been synonymous with enlightened meritocracy, i.e. Jacobin Meritocracy. It has always been synonymous with ontological mathematics: the mathematics that defines reality because it is reality.

What A Jacobin World Means For Humanity

“Jacobinism offers a comprehensive new vision of the world, replacing democracy by meritocracy, getting rid of the rich, privileged class via 100% inheritance tax, replacing free-market (predatory) capitalism with social (productive) capitalism, replacing private power with public power, replacing the particular will with the General Will, replacing science with ontological mathematics, replacing religion with esotericism (Gnosticism), replacing negative liberty with positive liberty, and so on.”

The Liberty Wars: The Trump Time Bomb by Joe Dixon, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati


Jacobin thinking revolves around the General Will of humanity. The General Will works for the benefit of all humans equally. It wants the entire human species to thrive as a united whole. It seeks, above all else, to assist every individual human being on the planet with the divine and cosmic project of human self-optimization. The best way that the General Will can accomplish its sacred objective is to provide each individual human with everything they require to become their optimized selves, living their optimized lives, and thinking optimized thoughts. This is what Jacobinsm has always been about. This is what the True Left-Wing has always been about.

You see, Jacobinsim = True Left-Wing thinking is all about society AND the individual. It understands that individuals are the building blocks of a society, hence to have the strongest society possible, you must have the strongest building blocks = individual human beings possible populating your society. Jacobinism knows that a society can only be as optimized as its least optimized individual, hence to have a truly optimized society, you must truly optimize 100% of the individuals in society. Jacobinism is all about creating this strongest possible society by creating the strongest possible individuals.

The primary goal of Jacobinism is to provide every human being on the planet with absolutely everything they need for total psychological and physical health and well being. This means Jacobinism seeks to provide ALL humans–regardless of gender, skin color, sexual orientation, age, or background–with the highest quality education, the highest quality environment, the highest quality food, the highest quality clothes, the highest quality shelter, the highest quality healthcare, the highest quality work, the highest quality play, and the highest quality of whatever else is required for human optimization. A Jacobin world means optimization for motherfucking ALL. It means equal opportunity for motherfucking ALL.

A Jacobin world means a permanent and total end of the rich elite and the entire putrid old world order that they have created in their image; this of course includes a permanent and total end to their anti-economic system of free market = predatory capitalism, a permanent and total end to their evil story driven religions, a permanent and total end to their irrational and nihilistic sensory driven science, a permanent and total end to their nepotism, a permanent and total end to their cronyism, a permanent and total end to their privilege, a permanent and total end to their wealth, and a permanent and total end to their power.

A Jacobin world means 100% inheritance tax for motherfucking ALL so that no rich, dynastic families can ever again rise up to enslave us. It means social capitalism for motherfucking ALL (Note: social capitalism is a form of capitalism that is 100% focused on bringing about the optimization of humanity as a United Whole; social capitalism is completely opposed to predatory capitalism which is 100% focused on creating a master-slave society, where a minority is made rich, optimized, and turned into masters while a majority is simultaneously made poor, degraded, and turned into the prey and slaves of the rich masters).

A Jacobin world means positive liberty for motherfucking ALL (Note: positive liberty is the liberty of a fair and just society, where government actually works to optimize all of its citizens equally; positive liberty is completely opposed to negative liberty which is the liberty of an unfair and unjust society, where government only works to optimize the rich minority while it shits all over the masses of impoverished and degraded workers).

A Jacobin world means a diverse monoculture for motherfucking ALL (Note: a diverse monoculture is the strongest type of society possible–it is a society comprised of a diverse mix of genders, skin colors, sexual orientations, ages, and backgrounds, all united and working in harmony under a single culture of human optimization; a diverse monoculture is completely opposed to a multicultural society which is a society made up of multiple uncooperative cultures, all fighting with each other and stalling out all societal progress).

Ultimately, a Jacobin world is the Star Trek mythos come to life. No, scratch that. A Jacobin world will surpass everything depicted in Star Trek. It will be a world of ultimate human adventure and discovery. It will be a world where humanity finally learns the Truth of the Photonic Soul. It will be a world where humanity finally learns the Truth of the vast and dimensionless domain of pure Soul that contains within itself all of dimensional space, time, and matter. It will be a world where humanity harnesses the infinite power of its Collective Soul to turn the planet Earth into a paradise for all human beings. It will be a world of both individual and collective human gnosis. It will be a divine world populated by human Goddesses and Gods. This is the world that Jacobinism will deliver to humanity.

The Degenerate Left-Wing = Liberals = Right-Wing Assholes

“Many of the people who oppose us are left wing negative liberty liberals who despise the State, and would be appalled by 100% inheritance tax, and by the State taking direct action against mainstream religious faiths and the brainwashing to which religious parents subject their innocent, vulnerable, impressionable children. The Left Wing must now have its civil war. The radical Left of positive liberty must defeat the liberal Left of negative liberty before it can take on the Right Wing.”

The Liberty Wars: The Trump Time Bomb by Joe Dixon, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati

Yes, left-wing thinking used to be totally equivalent to Jacobinism, but sadly this is no longer the case. Nowadays, the word left-wing is associated with a bunch of pathetic, pacifist, love and light new age liberals, all of them supportive of the rich and many of them quite rich themselves. This makes them all full blown right-wingers. You heard me right: people who worship the rich and don’t want a fully optimized humanity are called right-wingers, and liberals–being enthusiastic worshippers of the rich and the putrid world the rich have created in their own diseased image–are just another brand of right-wing asshole.

News flash to all of you liberal motherfuckers: True Left-Wing people despise the rich and the old world order they have built in their own image. True Left-Wing people want to burn the old world order of the rich to the goddamn ground. True Left-Wing people want to build a New World Order where all human beings are provided by their government with equal opportunities and all of the resources they need to live their best lives.

These rich worshiping liberal scum bags have zero intentions of putting a permanent end to the rich elite or to any of the decrepit institutions of the rich. Liberals have zero intention of putting a permanent end to the rich’s anti-economic system of free market = predatory capitalism, or their evil and false story based religions of control, or their nihilistic and false sciences of materialism and empiricism. Liberals have zero intentions of doing anything to stop the rich psychopaths who rule our world precisely because liberals are right-wing shit stains who benefit heavily from this psychopathic system constructed by and for the rich.

The left has degenerated into a bunch of liberal social media influencers and their obsequious followers. The influencers are on the internet seemingly 24/7, arguing with each other about their beloved and precious little identities, begging for subscriptions, likes, and money from anyone unlucky enough to click on their videos, and demanding that their worshippers vote for Biden, or Clinton, or Obama, or Sanders, or AOC, or whichever other rich, liberal, predatory capitalist piece of trash they are currently in love with. FUCK ALL OF THESE PEOPLE!

Humanity will never know freedom if they continue to listen to any of these liberal apologists for the rich slave masters. Humanity will always consist of a vast number of poor slaves subjugated to a tiny number of rich masters as long as these fake ass left-wingers and their pathetic wills to power are allowed any kind of control or influence over the left-wing.

The left-wing must turn away from all of these charlatans. It must rediscover its origins and return to the philosophy of Jacobinism; the philosophy that was the catalyst to the French, Haitian, and Russian Revolutions; the philosophy that specializes in putting a permanent end to all slave masters and bullies. Jacobinism is True Left-Wing thinking and it is totally against ALL right-wingers. This means that the New Jacobins are equally against ALL of the right-wingers slithering around the planet today. The New Jacobins are equally against both the hoard of conservative Trumpanzees AND the hoard of new age, love and light liberals. The New Jacobins stand against ALL right-wingers, no matter what putrid branch of the diseased right-wing tree they happen to fall off of.

The left must return to the thinking of Pythagoras, Plato, Hegel, Rousseau, the Gracchi brothers, Weishaupt, Robespierre, Saint-Just, Marat, Marx, Luxemburg, Emma Goldman, Toussaint Louverture, Cochise, Crazy Horse, Geronimo, Lenin, Spartacus, Guevara, Fred Hampton, Corky Gonzalez, Huey P. Newton, Russell Means, Dennis Banks, John Brown, Cesar Chavez, Bobby Seale, Jose Cha Cha Jimenez, Kathleen Cleaver, the Black Panthers, the Young Lords, the American Indian Movement, and all other serious and militant left-wing people and groups.

The left must become Nietzschean and harness its will to power so that it can at last crush the slave masters and oppressors of humanity. It must become uncompromising and totally militant towards the rich slavers. It must be as brutal to the slavers as the slavers are to the poor. It must put a permanent end to any and all who want a world of countless impoverished human beings, all locked in chains and put in servitude to a small group of rich slave masters.

In short, the left must become JACOBIN.

To become Jacobin, the left must do one thing above all else: it must study the works of the Pythagorean Illuminati, the secret society that created the Jacobins, and which the Jacobins were a public branch of during the great French Revolution. The Pythagorean Illuminati still exist to this day, and they write the foremost books about Jacobinism, ontological mathematics, and the total liberation of the entire human race. Their books are THE books of New Jacobinism. They contain the entire blueprint for a New World Order of reason, logic, ontological mathematics, human optimization, and equal opportunity for ALL, regardless of gender, skin color, sexual orientation, age, or background.

If the left-wing would stop mindlessly listening to liberal social media turds, and instead study the books written by the secret society who has been struggling to liberate the working class poor ever since the days of Pythagoras, then the worldwide cabal of predatory capitalist slave masters would be overthrown in every country around the globe in a matter of days. That’s how powerful these books are. That’s how powerful the philosophy of New Jacobinism is. I’ve left links to the amazing works of the Pythagorean Illuminati at the bottom of this blog post for the convenience of any True Left-Wingers out there who happen to stumble across it.

Never forget, Jacobinism is about empowering the working class poor all around the world. It is about waking the poor up to the fact that they are and have always been more powerful than their rich slavers. It is about reigniting the revolutionary spirit of the poor so that they rise up and crush the rich. It is about building a New World Order of human health, vibrancy, and vitality on top of the ashes of the rich’s old world order of sickness, enslavement, and death.

Victory to the New Jacobin Revolution! Victory to the New World Order!


Some Important Links For The New Jacobins:


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