Important Jacobin Resources

Important Links For Ontological Mathematicians, New Jacobins, Hyperians, Progressive Left-Wingers, Rationalists, Pythagorean Illuminists, And Anyone Else Fighting For Human Rights, Social Justice, And A Better Future For All Of Humanity.

The Pythagorean Illuminati Website
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This profound site introduced humanity to the Truth of the universe.

The Pythagorean Illuminati Facebook Page
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The Locust Party

Books by the Pythagorean Illuminati

These books extensively cover all of Hyperrationalism, Pythagorean Illuminism, Ontological Mathematics, Social Capitalism, 100% Inheritance Tax, Left Wing Meritocracy, Jacobinism, and SO much more. These are the books that contain the blueprint for a New World Order based on the ontological mathematical Truth of existence.  They are Truly the only books that the True/radical/hard/progressive/rational/Jacobin left need to read:

Pythagorean Illuminati Author Links
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Hyperianism is a system of thought inspired by the Pythagorean Illuminati and based on ontological mathematics. 

Authors and Organizations not associated with the Pythagorean Illuminati
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Khan Academy will take you from elementary mathematics all the way through calculus and beyond.  I can’t say enough about this site.  If you are a burgeoning ontological mathematician like we are, then this is the site for you. In addition to mathematics, Khan Academy also offers courses for the Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Reading and Language Arts, Computing, Economics, and Life Skills. Crucially, all courses are completely free with the only requirement for use is access to a computer and internet service.

Links to the amazing work of Peter Joseph, Jacque Fresco, The Zeitgeist Movement, and The Venus Project.  The world that these great people are working to create is the same kind of world ontological mathematics and Jacobinism is working to create:

Peter Joseph

Jacque Fresco

Per Aspera Ad Astra