Induced Synesthesia

The Ontological Mathematical Truth Of Reality

“Reality does not comprise real, unintelligible matter and unreal, intelligible mathematics, as science claims. It comprises mathematics alone, and ‘matter’ is entirely mathematical. Ontological mathematics has both a syntax and semantics.

“The thing that science most refuses to accept is the intelligibility of reality. Reality is intelligible because it’s a language and all languages are intelligible. Reality is made of the most intelligible language of them all, the quintessence of intelligibility: ontological mathematics.

“Because reality is a language, it’s mental. Languages entail mind. That’s why scientists refuse to accept that reality is mathematical. It automatically means that reality is immaterial (mental), contrary to the materialist faith that all scientists share.”–From the book Lucid Waking: The Answer to the Problem of Consciousness by Jack Tanner, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Lucid Waking: The Answer to the Problem of Consciousness is the last book in the Pythagorean Illuminati’s Jack Tanner book series, and, like all of the Illuminati’s books, it is fucking incredible. In case you don’t know, Jack Tanner is one of the many pseudonyms used by the Pythagorean Illuminati. Over the last few years, the Illuminati have delivered the most unique, amazing, profound, sacred, intelligent, wise, logical, mathematical, scientific, philosophical, and rational books to humanity using the Jack Tanner author name, and this newest book–Lucid Waking–is a perfect send off for this great pseudonym.

The Pythagorean Illuminati don’t play around. Their books deal with one thing and one thing only: THE ONTOLOGICAL MATHEMATICAL TRUTH OF EXISTENCE. Everything else is propaganda. The books written by the Illuminati blow ALL other books out of the water. There is absolutely nobody else on the planet capable of writing books like the Pythagorean Illuminati because nobody else on the planet has a clue about the Truth of reality.

The Truth of reality is that it is a Collective Mind comprised of countless individual minds. All minds, both Collective and individual, are of course comprised of 100% thoughts. The Universe is nothing else but minds and the thoughts that they contain. Minds, thoughts, and the Universe they create are all pure mathematics. They are how and why mathematics actually exists. They are ontological mathematics. The study of the Universe, existence and reality = the study of ontological mathematics = the study of MIND.

An individual mind is mathematically defined by Euler’s Formula. Euler’s formula is the mathematical formula of the perfect circle and the dynamic flowing point. It mathematically shows us how points flow in perfect and eternal circular motion. As these points trace out their perfect and eternal circles, they simultaneously generate perfect and eternal basis sinusoidal waves. Basis sinusoidal waves are perfect and eternal sine and cosine waves (which can together form tangent waves). Basis sinusoidal waves have amplitudes equal to one and come in every possible frequency and period.

These basis sinusoidal waves are none other than thoughts. A complete set of basis sinusoidal waves constitutes a complete set of thoughts, and a complete set of thoughts is the definition of an individual mind. To put it another way, an individual mind is entirely comprised of sine and cosine waves of every possible frequency, but with matching amplitudes of one. This is because an individual mind is defined by Euler’s Formula, and Euler’s Formula defines a complex numbered unit circle (i.e. a circle of radius one, balanced equally by both real and imaginary numbers).

Individual minds are dimensionless singularities (i.e. they exist outside of space and time) that are capable of generating dimensionality via phase shifting their internal sinusoidal thoughts. When an individual mind’s thoughts are situated at anything other than a ninety degree (or pi/2 radians) angle, they create individual dimensionality. When an individual mind’s thoughts are situated at ninety degree angles, they are individually dimensionless thoughts. This situation also applies to Collective Minds.

Collective Minds are entirely defined by individual minds. The collection of ALL minds is The Collective Mind and it is defined by every individual mind in the Universe. Similar to how an individual mind is made up of dynamic flowing points which generate eternal thoughts = sinusoidal waves, the Collective Mind is made up of every individual mind in existence.

Just like with individual minds, when the thoughts of the Collective Mind are totally in phase with each other (i.e. at ninety degree angles to each other), the Collective Mind is dimensionless, and when the thoughts of the Collective Mind break phase with each other, Collective Dimensionality is created. What scientific materialism calls spacetime is actually the Collective Dimensionality of the Universe’s Collective Mind. It is the Universe’s Collective Mind expressed dimensionally.

The great mathematician Joseph Fourier showed humanity that basis sinusoidal waves can be combined together to create extremely complicated waves that look nothing like the elegant sine and cosine basis waves that form them. This wave = thought combining is the foundation of reality. Absolutely everything we experience is due to sinusoidal thoughts and their amazing ability to combine together with each other in infinite ways.

Indeed, the dimensional domain of spacetime is 100% a product of combining together out of phase and lower frequency individual basis sinusoidal waves. You see, each of the individual minds that comprise the Universe are capable of releasing some of their contained, lower frequency, and out of phase sinusoidal thoughts. When all of the individual minds in the Universe release their shareable, lower frequency thoughts, the dimensional domain of space, time, and matter is created within the Collection of All Minds.

This is the Truth of the Big Bang that scientific materialism likes to speculate about. The Big Bang Singularity is actually the Collective Singularity = the Collective Mind. The Big Bang, like everything else in this 100% mental Universe, was a 100% mental event (and it’s ongoing!). The Big Bang was when all of the individual minds in the Universe had all of their individual thoughts rotated to angles not equal to ninety degrees. The Big Bang was when each and every single one of us got our minds scrambled by the Universe. The purpose of existence is to get all of our out of phase, disorganized, and scrambled thoughts back to the way they were before the Big Bang knocked us stupid.

We don’t live in a materialist Universe, we live in an idealist Universe. We don’t live in an empirical Universe, we live in a rational Universe. We don’t live in a scientific Universe, we live in a mathematical Universe. We don’t live in a physical Universe, we live in a mental Universe. We don’t live in a purposeless Universe, we live in a 100% purposeful Universe. We don’t live in a random Universe, we live in a teleological Universe. We don’t live in a meaningless Universe, we live in a 100% meaningful Universe.

We aren’t random collections of mindless, lifeless, and pointless atoms, we are eternal minds defined by the greatest mathematical equation possible and our purpose is to become both individually and Collectively DIVINE. Individual divinity is the individual mental state that exists once an individual mind gets all of its individual thoughts unscrambled. Collective Divinity is the Collective Mental State that exists once all of the individual minds in the Universe attain individual divinity. This is the Truth and purpose of existence.

The Origin Of Consciousness

“Just as consciousness is impossible without language to create a space (the language space) separate from normal space (the given world), so free will is also impossible without language. Animals have no language hence their behavior is all about instinct. They have no freedom. Consciousness and free will are more or less synonymous. Both rely on language. It’s in the language space–not in the given world–that we formulate different possible courses of action, and it’s in the language space that we choose one of these options (i.e. we exercise free will), and then enact that choice in the physical world.” –From the book Lucid Waking: The Answer to the Problem of Consciousness by Jack Tanner, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati.

The Pythagorean Illuminati’s books are like no others precisely because the Illuminati understand the ontological mathematical Truth of the Universe and nobody else does. This is why the Pythagorean Illuminati are able to answer every question. This is why they can figure out every mystery. This is why they can solve every problem. As the Illuminati demonstrate over and over again, mathematics, when understood properly, makes everything in the Universe crystal clear.

So, take this newest book by Jack Tanner titled Lucid Waking. It is a perfect example of the Illuminati’s complete dominance over all other writers. It is a perfect example of the Illuminati’s uncanny ability to solve seemingly impossible problems. And it is a perfect example of the Illuminati’s amazing ability to convey the very complicated answers to these seemingly impossible problems in a way that is completely understandable to the average person. This book is a perfect example of why the Pythagorean Illuminati are the only writers who can give you the Truth of your soul.

In Lucid Waking: The Answer to the Problem of Consciousness the Pythagorean Illuminati delve further into the mysteries of consciousness than they have in any book so far. In so doing, they give the reader profound knowledge about the True nature, origin, and purpose of language, consciousness, and free will. They show once and for all how sentience definitely does not equate to consciousness. Sentience isn’t consciousness, it is a prerequisite for consciousness.

Sentience comes first for an individual mind. If that sentient individual mind is part of a species that develops a complex language that can be both spoken and written, then that individual mind will be able to develop consciousness on top of its sentience. Sentience is the foundation for consciousness, it emphatically isn’t consciousness.

The Pythagorean Illuminati show us in this book that consciousness couldn’t exist without language. This means that human beings were unconscious or bicameral until the day that they developed languages that could be spoken, written, and read. As the Illuminati say in Lucid Waking, language is a form of invented and induced synesthesia.

Innate synesthesia is a condition that some people have. It causes unusual linkage of senses. For example, a person with innate or involuntary synesthesia might experience numbers as colors or sounds as feelings.

Spoken language is just like innate synesthesia except that, as a species, we purposely cause it to happen to each individual member of the species. For this reason, we can think of language as a form of induced synesthesia. Like the condition of innate synesthesia, language allows us to link together senses that normally wouldn’t be linked together. Both written and spoken language are forms of induced synesthesia. Spoken language allows us to link invented sounds (words) with real sights in the Collective Mind (e.g. a tree), while written language allows us to link invented sights (letters) with invented sounds (words) for real sights in the Collective Mind (e.g. a tree).

Advanced language gave individual humans the ability to create individual mind spaces separate from physical reality. These individual mind spaces allowed humans to reflect on physical reality and come up with novel solutions to problems within physical reality. In other words, the individual mind space created by the development of complex language is what allowed humans to break out of their simple instincts. It allowed them to reflect on and think about themselves and the physical reality they were stuck in. This ability to generate, think about, reflect upon, and choose from different options about what to do in physical reality is the basis of consciousness and free will.

Individual mind space, consciousness, and free will are the foundation of a mind’s individual divinity. Individual mind space, consciousness, free will, and divinity are the most important aspects of a soul and they are entirely based on the Collective development of language. In other words, consciousness, free will, and divinity are Collective endeavors, not individual endeavors. This is why humanity must become a rationally unified Whole if it ever wishes to achieve divinity = enlightenment = gnosis. If we as a species continue down this insane road of extreme narcissism, selfishness, and division that we have chosen, then it will be just a matter of time before we destroy ourselves, our planet, and our chances at divinity.

Lucid Waking, like all of the Pythagorean Illuminati’s books, is a book that will profoundly change the world one day. It is a book that every human being on the planet should be reading at this very moment. It is a book that every mainstream scientist, mathematician, and philosopher should be forced to read so that they can finally understand the Truth of reality and stop talking so much shit.

The bottom line is that you must read this final book by Jack Tanner if you are at all interested in the Truth of reality and the fate of humanity (and what does it say about you if you aren’t interested in these sacred things?). The human species is running out of time because of its own stupidity. The books by the Pythagorean Illuminati are the cure to that stupidity. Don’t be fucking stupid. Be fucking smart and read all of the Illuminati’s books as soon as you can. Once you’re done, join the New Jacobins and get to work saving the world!

Victory to the New Jacobin Revolution! Victory to the New World Order!


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