The New Jacobins Are The Vanguard Of The Pythagorean Illuminati

The Army Of Reason

“The model for the true left is the radical Jacobin movement of the French Revolution. The Jacobins were committed to “positive liberty”, meaning that they wanted to transform society in every way and create a new, superior human race. They despised the conservative Old Order, and also the idea of the modern liberal–a person who just wants to be nice to everyone and who supports “negative liberty” (opposing the strong, transformative, aggressively reforming State, which forces people to be free, to quote Rousseau)–would have been repulsive to them.”–From the book Superheroes and Presidents: How Absurd Stories Have Poisoned the American Mind by David Sinclair, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati.

We New Jacobins are the Vanguard for the burgeoning and advancing army of the Pythagorean Illuminati. This means that we are the Vanguard of the People. The Pythagorean Illuminati have worked tirelessly for centuries to free humanity from the planetary slave prison created by the old world order. The old world order are today known as the rich 1%. These psychopaths are humanity’s rulers. They are our perpetual slave masters. They are the ultimate enemy of the People. The New Jacobins are here to free the People from the old world order. We will accomplish this monumental task by leading the human species into the light of reason = the light of Truth = the light of the Universe = the light of ontological mathematics = the light of Pythagorean Illuminism.

The Pythagorean Illuminati Army is the People’s army. It is the planetary force that is being built as I type this. Each person who is awakened by the light of Pythagorean Illuminism ipso facto becomes a member of the New Jacobins and the Pythagorean Illuminati Army. This means that as Jacobins, our number one political goal is to lead all of humanity into the light of Pythagorean Illuminism so that the invincible Jacobin Army can finally be completed, and total revolution against our psychopathic slaver masters can at long last commence.

It is the Sacred Cause of the New Jacobins to bring about the complete, world-wide overthrow of the rich elite (i.e. the slave masters who have ruled us and our planet since time immemorial); their fascist, master-slave economic system of “free-market” = predatory capitalism; their nihilistic, poisonous, and highly destructive scientific system (i.e. scientific materialism and empiricism); and last but certainly not least: their insanely creepy, deadly, terroristic, and evil master-slave story time religions of abject human degradation and slavery (i.e. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and so on). Zero progress can be made by humanity until ALL of the rich’s diseased thinking is eradicated from human culture. The New Jacobin Army must bring down the rich’s ENTIRE stinking system so that the beautiful system of the Pythagorean Illuminati can be constructed upon its smoldering rubble.

Once the rich and their twisted culture are totally deposed, the next sacred task of The New Jacobins will be to fully implement the Pythagorean Illuminati’s enlightened New World Order of ontological mathematics = the Truth of the Universe. We New Jacobins will help the Pythagorean Illuminati build a new world, a new society, a new culture of human self-optimization and health where the most meritorious, intelligent, talented, wise, and altruistic human beings among us are put fully in charge of government and society.

The End Of The Rich

“If you like ontological mathematics, but you detest Jacobinism, positive liberty, the Big State endorsed by Pythagoras, Plato, Rousseau, and Hegel, rational government by the most rational and meritocratic individuals in the State, and you are profoundly attracted to a wide range of right wing positions concerning the selfish, self-serving, narcissistic individual and family then Illuminism is not for you, and that means you will not be a good advocate for ontological mathematics either.

“Since ontological mathematics is predicated on a collective journey towards the perfect collective and perfect structure and symmetry, then right wing ideology — which is inherently based on asymmetry and individualism (anti-collectivism) — is contrary to ontological mathematical teleology. To be exact, right wingers are the Satanic, asymmetric, dialectical antithesis of the exact purpose of ontological mathematics, mainly to produce zero entropy, zero asymmetry. They are the resistance that must be overcome. They are the opposite of clear, rational thinking.

“Ontological mathematics — because it is based on creating a united whole (“The truth is the whole.” — Hegel) — is inherently political. It is left wing in its essence and what it must defeat is the right wing elements that it necessarily generates as it makes its way to its dialectical conclusion. Right wingers, as we have seen over the years, are always trying to sabotage our work. They are trolls, pure and simple. They despise the collective. They despise unity. They despise the whole. They despise the Truth.”–From the book The Book of Thought: Mind Matters (The Truth Series, Book 6) by Dr. Thomas Stark, aka the Pythagorean Illuminati.

We New Jacobins are The Illuminati Army. We are the army of pure reason and we are the only force on Earth capable of overthrowing the rich parasites who totally control and totally degrade our world. We are the only force capable of crushing this cesspool of a system and society that the rich have created in their own shit stained image, and, just as importantly, we are the only force on Earth capable of replacing the rich’s evil system with a brand new society and system based exclusively on the ontological mathematical Truth of the Universe.

It is the job of the New Jacobins to pave the way for the Pythagorean Illuminati and their world saving ideas. We must spread the Pythagorean Illuminati’s system of rational meritocracy and ontological mathematics to the entire planet so that every single member of the working class poor can learn of it, study its elegance and beauty, and then join the ever growing Illuminati Army that marches under its banner of total Truth: a banner emblazoned with Euler’s Formula = The Divinity Equation.

It is our job as Jacobins to get enough of humanity radicalized and on board with meritocracy, ontological mathematics, and Pythagorean Illuminism that an irreversible tipping point toward revolution is created within the collective human mind. Once this tipping point is reached, the Illuminati Army will be unstoppable and ready to march on the disgusting rich and their equally disgusting culture.

At that point the rich will have to make a tough decision: unconditionally surrender to the New Jacobins or get crushed completely by the People. We all know the choice that the rich elite will make. They will do every devious and evil thing that they can think of to hold onto their ill-gotten power, their ill-gotten wealth, and their ill-gotten privilege. They will choose war. They will command whatever supporters they have left to fight the Pythagorean Illuminati’s New World Order to the death. And when they do, the New Jacobins will be fully prepared.

The Jacobins (both new and old) are warriors. We are absolutely not afraid of a fight. We are not afraid of WAR. When and if the rich choose war, they will be met with the full might of the New Jacobin Army = the army of the Pythagorean Illuminati = the People’s army, and they will be completely annihilated on the field of battle. That fateful day can’t arrive soon enough.

New Jacobins Unite!!!


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