What Is Jacobinism? (Part 1: The Pythagorean Illuminati)


“The Jacobin Revolution must be completed. The Jacobins sought the abolition of mainstream religion, the abolition of rule by monarchs and aristocrats, and the abolition of rule by rich elites. They sought to revalue all values and base everything on reason and universal rights, values and opportunities. Nepotism, cronyism, privilege and inheritance were all to be obliterated. The Jacobins were the first true rational meritocrats, the vanguard of the New Age, the New World Order.”–From the book Castalia: The Citadel of Reason (The Truth Series Book 7) by Dr. Thomas Stark, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati.

This is the first in a series of articles detailing the revolutionary, radical, militant, and hyperrational left-wing political philosophy of New Jacobinism. This series of articles is meant for radical left-wing revolutionaries. It will explain and detail the main principles and ideas of New Jacobinism for them.

The purpose of this article series is to unite all left-wing revolutionaries upon a common foundation of Jacobin radicalism. The left-wing has been irrational, idiotic, fractured, divided, disorganized, confused, weak, selfish, pathetic, cowardly, and completely fucking ineffective for far too long now. It’s time for us to get organized, get united, get rational, toughen the fuck up, and fight back against the fucking rich and their legions of brainwashed ass lickers before they kill us all.

This article series is being written so that all left-wing radicals can get on the exact same page as to what needs to be done to stop the rich, their world destroying economic system of predatory capitalism, their weapons of mass destruction building system of empirical scientific materialism, and their soul destroying story time religions of pure insanity. It is being written so that all of us left-wing revolutionaries can begin coordinating actions with each other around the world. It is being written so that together we can finally begin creating positive, rational, tangible, and curative change within our currently very sick (thanks entirely to the diseased systems and minds of the rich) human society.

So, if you’re a left-wing radical interested in becoming a New Jacobin and saving the world, then welcome. If, on the other hand, you’re any type of rich worshiping right-winger (and all Biden voting liberals are of course rich worshiping right-wingers in denial), you can go ahead and fuck right off. You are the problem that needs to be solved, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the New Jacobins will solve you.

The Universe Is Left-Wing By Nature

“The cosmic war of all against all doesn’t end until all of the cell minds have learned to perfectly cooperate. It’s only long, hard, bitter experience, over eons of war, violence, horror and terror, that eventually causes the individualistic minds to see and learn the need to cooperate.

“Minds must go from libertarian and hyper-individualistic to collectivist and communitarian. Altruism must replace selfishness. Good must replace evil. Unity must replace division. Togetherness must replace separation. Wholeness must replace parts. Integration must replace disconnection. The Id must surrender to the Superego.”–From the book God Is a Hive Mind: The Cellular Divinity by Harry Knox, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Jacobinism is the revolutionary and radical left-wing political system based entirely on the true nature of existence. What is the True nature of existence? Well, we’ll get into that in the next article in this series, but for now just know that the True nature of existence is called Pythagorean Illuminism and ontological mathematics. Pythagorean Illuminism and ontological mathematics prove to humanity that the Universe is a mathematical monism precisely defined by Euler’s Formula and Fourier mathematics.

Ontological mathematics proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that reality is comprised of two intimately linked and 100% mathematical domains. The first of these domains is the eternal, necessary, and dimensionless domain of pure (orthogonal) frequency = mathematics = syntax = form = being = mind = no space nor time. The second domain is the temporary, contingent, and dimensional domain of phase shifted (non-orthogonal) frequency = mathematics = semantics = content = becoming = matter = spacetime.

The first domain is the primary, originating domain of the two. The second domain is totally controlled by and dependent on the first domain and could not exist without it. This is equivalent to saying that all matter is completely controlled by and derived from mind, and couldn’t exist without mind. This means that we live in a 100% mental Universe, i.e. a Universe of 100% idealism and 0% materialism. Matter is solidified mind and mind is ontological Fourier mathematics. This means that we all inhabit a Cosmic and Collective Mind comprised of pure wave mathematics.

This Collective Mind that we all call home has a singular purpose: to unite all of the infinite parts that comprise it into the most mathematically pristine, perfect, and symmetric Universal structure possible. The infinite parts that make up the Collective Mind are called monads = individual minds = all of us. In other words, reality is all about uniting all of our individual minds into the perfect Collective Mind.

Ultimate reality is all about unity. It is all about the Collective. It is all about cooperation. It is all about harmony. It is all about altruism. It is all about society. It is all about culture. It is all about mind. It is all about thought. It is all about Light. It is all about knowledge. It is all about intelligence. It is all about wisdom. It is all about order. It is all about organization. It is all about the Whole. It is all about the Absolute. It is all about reason. It is all about logic. It is all about clarity. It is all about individual minds not only optimizing themselves, but also helping other minds with their own self-optimization projects so that we can all unite together to form an optimized Whole, i.e. a Collective Mind of pure ontological mathematical perfection.

Do you see what all of this means? It means that the Universe is all about the left-wing. It means that existence = reality = the Universe is left-wing in nature. Twisted, psychopathic, and avaricious right-wing “thinking” is precisely what the Universe must overcome before mathematical perfection can be reached.

The selfish, right-wing elements of the Universe come into being entirely through individual monadic ignorance. The brutal right-wing is created as all of the individual monadic minds struggle to understand themselves and their Universe. Until all monads work out the True nature of themselves and reality, until they all understand the ontological mathematical Truth of existence, they will all continuously generate evil right-wing elements within themselves and hence their societies.

The Cosmic task is for all individual minds to completely understand the True, ontological mathematical nature of themselves and existence so that they can finally stop behaving like right-wing assholes. The purpose of existence is for all the monads in the Universe to overcome their own internal selfishness, ignorance, confusion, and insanity so that they can at long last unite together to build their Cosmic left-wing paradise of pure ontological mathematics.

Jacobinism revolves around helping the Universe accomplish its Cosmic goal, its Universal task. Jacobinism is left-wing precisely because the purpose of ultimate reality is left-wing. The insane right-wing is the sworn enemy of ultimate reality’s purpose, hence they are the sworn enemy of Jacobinism and the New Jacobins. Neutralizing the entire right-wing and building the Cosmic left-wing paradise here on Earth is the Sacred Cause of all Jacobins.

The Pythagorean Illuminati’s Connection To The Jacobins

The Social Contract was the ‘Bible’ of the two leading Illuminists and Jacobins: Robespierre and Saint-Just. They attempted to put Rousseau’s ideas into practice, but they were given no time and space. In the aftermath of the Revolution, France was plunged into war against the great royalist powers of Europe: the Holy Roman Empire, Prussia, Spain, Portugal and Great Britain. Counter-revolutionary forces were everywhere. There were uprisings inside France against the Revolutionary government. The Catholic Church was opposed to the Revolution. France was in chaos.

“In other circumstances, the Jacobins might have created the radical new society they desired. Instead, they were locked into conflict, horror and terror and failed to bring their vision to fruition. That is the world’s great tragedy. Now, more than ever, we need a social contract between the governors and the governed, one that prevents the governors from doing what they always do: governing in their own interests rather than those of the people and then lying through their teeth that they are doing their best for everyone. Democracy is dumbocracy. You’d need to be supremely dumb to buy it.”–From the book The Illuminati (The Illuminati Series Book 1) by Adam Weishaupt, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Jacobinism is and has always been synonymous with Pythagorean Illuminism and ontological mathematics. Pythagorean Illuminism is another, more colorful name for ontological mathematics. Ontological mathematics was discovered by the secret society of the People, i.e. The Pythagorean Illuminati, hence it is often referred to as Pythagorean Illuminism.

Jacobinism is 100% based on Pythagorean Illuminism, ontological mathematics, and the left-wing thinking of the Universe. The original Jacobins (i.e. the courageous and heroic Jacobins of the great French and Haitian Revolutions) were a revolutionary political organization born directly from the humanity freeing philosophy of Pythagorean Illuminism and ontological mathematics, and today’s New Jacobins are no different.

New Jacobinism is a contemporary and updated version of original Jacobinism. New Jacobinism is entirely based on all of the world saving books written and released by the Pythagorean Illuminati over the past decade. These amazing books are still being written and published at an incredible pace to this very day, and New Jacobinism is being fine tuned by each and every book.

So who are the Pythagorean Illuminati? Well, you can learn all about them and their history simply by reading their books, but I’ll give you a short explanation here. The Pythagorean Illuminati were officially founded by the wondrous and practically divine Pythagoras of Samos around 2500 years ago, though their history stretches even further back into the past than that. Pythagoras was a genius polymath. He was the first Illuminist, the first ontological mathematician, and the first Jacobin. He wanted to help the entire human race reach divinity via the study of the harmonious mathematical nature of the Cosmos.

Pythagoras despised the sadistic rich and their enslavement of humanity. He despised how the rich took pleasure in exploiting and degrading human beings. He despised how they did everything in their power to keep themselves wealthy and powerful and the rest of humanity poor and weak. Pythagoras strove to free the people of his day from the slave camps and prisons of the rich. He is the prototype and inspiration for all Illuminists and Jacobins fighting for positive liberty for all. For his efforts, Pythagoras was murdered by the rich elite of his time and their brainwashed worshippers. Sadly, he was far from the last revolutionary Jacobin to be slaughtered by the forces of corruption, wealth, and slavery.

Pythagoras was dedicated to using the Truth of reality to free humanity from the shackles of their rich slavers, and the secret society he founded was built for exactly this purpose. The Pythagorean Illuminati is the ancient secret society founded by Pythagoras and it exists to this day. Its purpose remains the same as it has always been: to completely free humanity from the slavery of the ownership class, i.e. the psychopathic slavers who have exploited, degraded, and enslaved the human species for millennia.

Over the past 2500 years, the Illuminati have made attempts to overthrow the psychopathic rich whenever the time was ripe. The French Revolution was one of those times that was ripe, hence the Pythagorean Illuminati created the Jacobins at that time in an attempt to bring down evil King Louis XVI, an attempt that was quite successful I might add.

The brave and heroic founders of the Jacobins during the French Revolution were Robespierre and Saint-Just. The revolutionary voice of the Jacobins during the Revolution was Marat. All three of these heroes were members of the Pythagorean Illuminati. These three great Jacobins and Illuminists were incorruptible. They were 100% focused on ending the brutal poverty crushing the French people. This deadly impoverishment of the people was the fault of the wealthy, decadent, and psychopathic monarchy that ruled France with an iron fist at that time. This meant that the insanely greedy monarchy had to go so the French people could simply eat. This meant REVOLUTION.

To create a revolution against the crown, Robespierre and Saint-Just brought the enlightened and liberating philosophy of Pythagorean Illuminism to the poor people of late 18th century France. Once the knowledge of Illuminism entered the minds of the poor, revolution was inevitable and the monarchy’s days were numbered.

It didn’t take long for Pythagorean Illuminism to light the fire of revolution within the souls of France’s poor. Illuminism radicalized the poor of that time and turned them into a revolutionary force so powerful it strikes fear into the black hearts of the evil rich to this very day. The goal of the New Jacobins is to rebuild this revolutionary Jacobin spirit within the souls of today’s working class poor all over the planet, and thereby set off a worldwide revolution against the rich ownership class, the likes of which has never been seen before. The New Jacobins will be a planetary force of revolution so strong that it completely overthrows the rich parasites who have been sucking us dry for far too long.

So, as you can see, Jacobinism is intimately connected to ontological mathematics, Pythagorean Illuminism, and the Pythagorean Illuminati. This website and these articles will introduce radical left-wing people to Jacobinism, but to get a full understanding of it you must read all of the incredible books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati. Absolutely everything that is written on this website I learned from the Illuminati’s work, and I’m learning more and more from it every single day.

The Pythagorean Illuminati have released over one hundred books to the public. These amazing books describe Pythagorean Illuminism, ontological mathematics, and Jacobinism down to the tiniest detail. They are all must reads for you New Jacobins out there. Each book will bring you one step closer to individual gnosis. Each book will enlighten you further than you thought possible. Each book will improve your knowledge of reality = ontological mathematics. Each book will further strengthen your mind. And each book will give you the knowledge and courage you need to fight back against the sick rich and save the world. We still have time.

New Jacobins Unite!!!


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