A Short Thank You To The Pythagorean Illuminati

To The Pythagorean Illuminati Authors:

I’m writing this to let you know that the New Jacobins stand with you to the end. We exist because of your incredible work and we will always fight to defend it and you. Your books have saved our souls and shown us the way to the Light, and we are forever grateful to you.

We have recently noticed that the great Armageddon Conspiracy site has been emptied of content and your Facebook page has been removed. We saw the last article you posted on Facebook about yet another cretinous troll brazenly and blatantly stealing from you. I want to write “unfuckingbelievable”, but sadly the theft of your work is totally fucking believable in this fallen world. I can’t even keep track of how many fucked up trolls have come your way over the years. In our own small way, Alicia and I can understand your frustrations. We closed down the comment section of this site because of the horrendous messages we regularly received from conservative, liberal, and new age shit stains. Fuck all of those motherfuckers.

Your work is vital to the literal survival of humanity. For this reason, any troll who threatens it (like this worthless thief who recently robbed you) is committing the most grievous crime possible, and anyone who steals from you is a pathetic and pointless piece of dog shit who should be executed for their crimes against humanity. If we New Jacobins were in charge of the world, executed they would be.

We are amazed and extremely grateful at the patience and perseverance you have demonstrated throughout the years. The amount of trolling that you and ontological mathematics have endured is sickening, and lesser souls would have packed up and gotten the hell out of Dodge a long time ago. It is entirely thanks to your iron clad courage, merit, talent, and commitment to teaching ontological mathematics and improving the world that the general public has access to well over a hundred of the most profound, intelligent, wise, rational, logical, life changing, and world saving books imaginable. The New Jacobins will always read, study, and promote every single one of these sacred books.

Alicia and I of course hope that this isn’t the end of your amazing work. As I said, your books have saved our souls and we truly owe you everything. We will keep our eyes open for any new work from you and we will gladly purchase anything you create. We will also continuously spread Pythagorean Illuminism, ontological mathematics, and Jacobin revolution in our own small way via this site and any other avenues we can think of.

Thank you guys one more time for everything you have given us and the world!


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