Ontological Mathematics Is The Supreme Debunker

The Sword Of Reason Will Slay The Rich

“The Jacobin ambition — their illuminated ambition — is to find the means to optimize everyone on earth and that goes hand in hand with destroying the forces — whether conservative, liberal or libertarian — that are actively sabotaging people and destroying their chances in life.”–From the book Extra Scientiam Nulla Salus: How Science Undermines Reason (The Truth Series Book 8) by Dr. Thomas Stark, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati.

Happy Bastille Day to any Jacobins out there who may be reading this website. If any of you are unaware, the Illuminati have started writing on the AC site again, so head on over there and check it out if you haven’t yet.

I hope all of you New Jacobins are reading the books written by the Pythagorean Illuminati, studying ontological mathematics, and training your body and mind for war on a daily basis because Bastille Day part two could happen at any time. The New Jacobins must be as prepared as possible, both mentally and physically, for when it does.

We New Jacobins must strive to wake the rest of the People up to the harsh and glaring fact that we have already been awoken to: namely that our one true enemy is the rich elite. We must be ready to unite and focus the People once this great awakening has occurred within their minds, and we must be prepared to lead them to total victory over the wealthy ownership class. When the time comes, the People’s righteous rage and wrath must be fully unleashed upon the evil rich.

The New Jacobins must raise the sword of reason and give it to the People so that they can use it to completely and permanently annihilate the rich elite (i.e. the slave masters) and any of their evil lap dog and pig lackeys. Fuck the rich, fuck the police, fuck the military, fuck the politicians, fuck the lawyers, fuck the bankers, fuck the media, fuck the priests, fuck the rabbis, fuck the imams, fuck the business owners, fuck the conservatives, fuck the liberals, fuck the democrats, fuck the republicans, fuck the religious believers (including the fucking atheists), fuck the materialists, fuck the empiricists, and fuck anyone who is down with any of these right-wing shit bags. You know what?–FUCK THE ENTIRE EVIL SYSTEM OF PREDATORY CAPITALISM AND EVERYTHING THAT REVOLVES AROUND IT!!! The entire rotten system needs to be brought down and replaced with Jacobin Meritocracy.

One thing that fucking amazes and disgusts Alicia and I is that we often get right-wing assholes bumbling onto our site. It is for this reason that I would like to take a moment to address the readers of this post. Let me make this crystal clear to all of you: if you are not a Jacobin, then fuck you. Non-Jacobins are not welcome here. If you are a non-Jacobin, then you are ipso facto irrational, and this site is not meant for idiotic irrationalists like you. On the contrary, it is meant to make you, and the legions of irrational people just like you, fully extinct. You are the exact obstacle that humanity must overcome and the precise problem that it must solve if it would like to take its next step up the evolutionary staircase.

A common search term that leads many of you irrational dipshits to our site is “ontological mathematics debunked” or “debunking ontological mathematics” or something similarly stupid. Now this is really fucking hilarious. If you right-wing morons could think, you would realize that ontological mathematics is synonymous with existence. It is synonymous with pure reason. It is synonymous with pure life, mind, thought, light, frequency and language. It is synonymous with the Universe. In other words, if you irrationalists could think at all, you would understand that ontological mathematics does ALL of the debunking, and can never itself be debunked.

Ontological mathematics is the debunker supreme. It quickly and easily debunks anything and everything that isn’t ontological mathematics = pure reason. It debunks every irrational religion, every irrational political system, every irrational philosophy, every irrational science, every irrational economic system, and every irrational ideology. Ontological mathematics totally debunks EVERYTHING that is right-wing.

What kind of sick, sorry, sad, desperate piece of decrepit shit frantically searches the internet, hoping beyond hope to find somebody, anybody, who has debunked pure reason? Only an irrationalist (and remember that irrationalists are always right-wingers of some sort) could be so idiotic and insane. Ontological mathematics = True mathematics = pure reason = pure existence = pure life = pure mind = pure thought = pure light = pure frequency = pure language = pure information is the thing that frightens the defective and stunted little minds of right-wingers more than anything else.

Only a right-wing irrationalist could be so hilariously stupid as to “think” it’s possible for ontological mathematics to be debunked. Do you right-wing fuckers think 1 + 1 = 2 can be debunked?–because that’s exactly what you’re thinking when you think ontological mathematics can be debunked. What the fuck am I saying, of course you think 1 + 1 = 2 can be debunked because you are totally irrational and hence totally fucked in the head.


Existence can’t ever be “debunked”. Reality can’t ever be debunked. Life can’t ever be debunked. Mind can’t ever be debunked. Light can’t ever be debunked. Frequency can’t ever be debunked. The Universe can’t ever be debunked. And ontological mathematics–which precisely defines existence, reality, life, mind, light, frequency, and the Universe because it IS existence, reality, life, mind, light, frequency, and the Universe–likewise can’t ever be debunked. The quicker you irrational motherfuckers understand this simple Truth of reality, the better things will be for all of us.

Holy fuck, what a world.


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