21st Century Jacobinism

Jacobinism Will Overthrow The Rich And Save The World

This section of our site contains articles that are focused on Jacobinism. What is Jacobinism? Jacobinism is True left-wing thinking. What is True left-wing thinking? True left-wing thinking is purely rational (i.e. mathematical) thought, and it is totally focused on ending the rich’s oppression, exploitation, and enslavement of the poor.

In other words, Jacobinism = True left-wing thinking is all about putting a permanent end to the class terrorism that the rich have been perpetrating against the poor ever since the invention of fucking wealth. It is totally focused on the class war that the rich masters incessantly wage against the poor slaves. It is totally focused on figuring out how that class war can be decisively won by the poor slaves. It is totally focused on igniting the spirit of revolutionary fire within the poor slaves so that they can at long last rise up and destroy the disgusting old world order of the rich, and then construct a New World Order of the People on top of the smoldering rubble–a New World Order specifically designed to ensure that the rich can never again come into existence to enslave and brutalize the poor.

Jacobinism = True left-wing thinking is all about putting a permanent end to the putrid rich and anyone who supports and protects them. It is all about overthrowing the rich by any means necessary so that humanity’s most intelligent, wise, rational, logical, meritorious, altruistic, artistic, and creative members can take control of society, and lead it into a sane and healthy future where humans can at long last begin the divine project to truly optimize themselves.

Jacobinism is a totally radical and totally progressive way of thinking about and organizing human society. It is the societal system that the poor and working class of humanity have been waiting forever for. It is the ONLY system that will liberate the poor and working class from their enslavement to the rich masters, i.e. the ownership class.

Jacobinism was started in the late 18th century by the brave, iron willed heroes Maximilien Robespierre and Louis Antoine de Saint-Just. It was responsible for the great French Revolution of the poor against the rich. It was responsible for the glorious elimination of France’s wealthiest psychopaths along with a shitload of their dirty bootlicking allies.

After the tragic murders of Robespierre and Saint-Just at the hands of their evil enemies, the Jacobin mantle was taken up by the almost super-heroic Toussaint Louverture; a black man born into slavery within the old world order’s hellish slave system of colonial Haiti. This enslaved man took the virtuous principles of Jacobinism and almost single handedly used them to bring about another great revolution of the poor versus the rich, i.e. the Haitian Revolution. The Haitian Revolution was when the enslaved black people of Haiti, led by Louverture, valiantly rose up and overthrew their evil, filthy rich slave masters.

So, Jacobinism has been directly responsible for two past revolutions where the poor at last rose up and successfully fought back against their rich slave masters, and it will likewise be responsible for the greatest revolution yet to come in human history. This greatest of all revolutions will be the worldwide revolution to end all revolutions. It will be the upcoming planetary revolution of the poor against the rich. It will be the global revolution where the poor slaves put a permanent end to their rich = evil oppressors, exploiters, slavers, and masters.

Alicia and I know that Jacobinism (which is fully derived from the overarching system of reality called ontological mathematics) is the only way of thinking that can save humanity from the rich, their mentally and physically enslaving mythos (i.e. story time) religions of faith and karma, and their planet destroying mythos anti-economic slave system of predatory = “free market” capitalism. Alicia and I know that if humanity is going to survive and thrive into the future, then we as a species are going to have to embrace Jacobinism and ontological mathematics en masse. If we don’t, we are finished.

This is why you will find that the articles in this section are all about the core political, sociological, and economic aspects of the hyperrational system of governance called Jacobin Meritocracy. In this section of our site, Alicia and I post our articles that are focused on 100% inheritance tax, social capitalism, diverse monoculture, positive liberty, self-optimization, meritocracy, dynamic and evolving constitutions, resource based economics, human based economics, revolutionized pubic education, revolutionized public banking, Logos religion (i.e. religion based on reason, logic, and ontological mathematics), the health of humanity, the health of the environment and the planet, equal opportunity for all, and all of the other crucial aspects of Jacobin Meritocracy.

You will also find articles here that attack anything preventing the Jacobin New World Order from coming about. Everything stopping the advent of the poor people’s New World Order of reason, logic, merit, unity, self-optimization, and health comes directly from the psychopathic rich’s old world order of selfishness, greed, division, exploitation, oppression, and slavery.

In this section of our website, Alicia and I write articles that attack the enemies of Jacobinism, i.e. we attack the rich and their old world order. We attack the poisonous faith based mythos religions of the old world order (religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). We equally attack the old world order’s sinister karma based mythos religions (religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism) along with their brand new mythos religion of control: New Ageism. We also heavily attack the old world order’s slavery based mythos anti-economic system of predatory capitalism and its greatest and most deadly employee: empirical scientific materialism. Predatory capitalism and empirical scientific materialism go together like peanut butter and jelly.

All of these false religions and ideologies are extremely damaging and deadly to humanity and the planet. They are all tools of control invented and utilized by the rich 1% ownership class to keep their legions of slaves in line. They are the exact weapons that the rich masters deploy to keep their poor slaves frightened, brain dead, weak, mentally and physically unhealthy, and totally incapable of rising up against them.

We hope that you enjoy these articles and that they inspire you to begin studying and championing Jacobinism and ontological mathematics so that the rest of the world can finally learn of this most beautiful of all systems. Once enough people take up the flag of Jacobinism, it will just be a matter of time before the evil old world order of the rich is burned to the goddamn ground and the virtuous New World Order of the PEOPLE is built on top of its ashes.