Fitness Resources

Fitness is an exceptionally important aspect of life. If you want to be able to change the world, you had better be ready to face the world, mind and body. If you are physically unfit, it will be more difficult for you to engage in any type of action, let alone a revolution. You are of absolutely no use to any revolutionary group if you are unable to engage with planned actions. So get off your asses and start training for the REVOLUTION.

Below, you may source a variety of exercises including calisthenics, flexibility training, weight training, plyometrics training, and cardiovascular training to help you improve your overall physical health.  Here we will be providing tutorials for a variety of fitness activities.  Our goal is to provide our own exercises and tutorials, however, until we are able to create that content we will provide links to fitness activities provided by other fitness experts in order to provide immediate access to content.

The following list provides a variety of links to fitness activities:

  1. Small Space Workouts
    • These workouts are designed to be completed in a very small space with little to no equipment.