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Welcome to Self-Defense Resources where we are working to create a training resource for all serious social justice activists, aka, The New Jacobins.  The goal is to create a comprehensive database of self-defense training techniques utilizing a variety of martial arts including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, and combat wrestling.  This is a work in progress and will take a good amount of time.  We want to get this information out as quickly as possible, so will release content as soon as possible.  Below, you will find links to a variety of videos and articles for the various training arts we offer.

“Everything becomes more and more polarized.  People’s positions become entrenched, and soon enough cast in stone.  No one converts to the other side. This can only end in one way–violence.  Every country will be consumed by Civil War. The war always begins as a “Culture War”, which can go on for decades, making government impossible.  And when government breaks down, the age of the Caesars begins. Physical war erupts, just as it did in Caesar’s time. The Age of the Strong Man begins.  Are you ready for the real Game of Thrones? That TV show is not entertainment, it’s prophecy. Who’s laughing now?”

~ The Cosmic Jest: The Joke’s On Us, by Mark Romel, aka The Pythagorean Illuminati

Brad Gumm vs Eric Davilla

We want to win this war, and  want to win it decisively.  We want to put a permanent and complete end to exploitation, oppression, slavery, poverty, inequality, intolerance, classism, racism, sexism, and homophobia.  We want to destroy the vicious patriarchy that has ruled humanity throughout our entire history, and want to replace those murderers with the most intelligent, altruistic, and compassionate members of the human race. It is the most intelligent, altruistic, and compassionate of us who should be in total charge of government, the economy, and society in general. This means our Sacred Cause is all about putting an end to the wealthy 1% rulers of our world, their anti-economic system euphemistically called free market capitalism, their lunatic religions of extreme intolerance, hatred, and brutality (i.e. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.), their inept kakistocracies, their false sciences of materialism and empiricism, and anyone who supports any of this evil bullshit.  In short, our Sacred Cause is to play our part in the war for human freedom, i.e. the war against the right-wing slavers. Our Sacred Cause is to contribute to this war in the best way that we can.

Alicia Gumm vs Tammie Schnider

We have found that, at this time, the best way we can contribute to the war against the 1% is with our expertise in martial arts.  In 2008, seeing the need to build some sort of militancy in the overwhelmingly passive left-wing, we began teaching free self-defense classes for any progressive social justice activists in our community.  We love teaching self-defense to our community members in “real life”, but of course we can only reach a very limited number of people in this way. Using the internet, we can reach many more activist around the world.

Brad Gumm vs Eric Davilla

The goal is to one day build an unstoppable force of militant and trained social justice activists who will no longer take any form of shit from the right-wing.  This force will be the worldwide resurgence of the Jacobin revolutionary spirit, you know, the spirit that fucking GUILLOTINES those who would do humanity and the planet harm.  This worldwide force of revolution will be the New Jacobins, and it will be their Sacred Cause to topple the 1% and all the garbage that goes along with it, once and for fucking all.  So, along with actually going out and teaching seminars to progressives in our community, weare also going to build up a nice library of self-defense videos for progressives around the world to utilize.

Alicia Gumm vs Michelle Waterson

The New Jacobins are steadfast in their dedication to training not only their minds, but also their bodies.  These guides are developed to help you build a strong body, able to not only defend yourself, but also able to defend the doves when necessary.  Remember, we are those strong and intelligent enough to understand the need for retaliation in the face of the hawks.  This can only be true if you are willing to put forth the effort to train seriously.  This does not simply mean that you sit on your ass and watch these videos.  You must take the initiative and actually train these techniques on a regular basis.

Prerequisite:  A moderate amount of physical fitness.  If you are not in shape at all, fear not, we can help.  Make sure to visit our fitness section where you may source a variety of exercises including calisthenics, flexibility training, weight training, plyometric training, and cardiovascular training to help you improve your overall physical health.  It will require not only a dedication to physical fitness, but also a dedication towards proper nutrition.  Make sure to visit our nutrition and health section where you will find videos covering the most up-to-date scientific research concerning nutrition available today.

To practice these techniques, all you will need is a partner and a mat of some sort.  It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just something soft.  Grass can work for many of the techniques, however, make sure to wear clothing you don’t mind getting grass stains on. You can find cool instructions on the internet for how to create your own mats using inexpensive and easily found materials as well, so get creative with your training.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below and we will answer them asap.

bradupcorrectWe are also available for free self-defense seminars.  If you have a group of progressive activists who would like more training than what is available in our videos, we would be happy to come teach your group self-defense, free of charge.  We live in Colorado but have no problem traveling to wherever your group is. We would just ask that our travel expenses are paid, other than that, it would be no cost to you or your group.

DSC_6978BOur world is running out of time.  Humanity is sinking into the final stages of its deleterious right-wing insanity, and death is now not far off.  If the left-wing doesn’t rediscover the fearless, heroic, and militant revolutionary attitude of the great Jacobins, then it is game over for the human race and planet Earth.  FUCK THAT!  Let’s all train our minds and bodies hard and become the New Jacobins. Let’s unite together as sisters and brothers of positive liberty, and let’s at long last put a PERMANENT end to the wealthy 1% who rule us and our world for their own selfish gain at the expense of everything.  

Until next time, study hard, train smart, and keep fighting the right-wing slavers in any way that you can.

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